Love with crime. Part 1 – sex story

Author: Alex Meatyedov
Description of sex stories: sex stories and stories of indefinite topics

One thought does not leave me, in which it was reflected in the mirror all the diversity and inconsistency of the life phenomena of our daily life. Perhaps my story will be able to think about the respected reader about what we see around us and accept it sometimes without sufficient understanding, as an axiom.

In one county city n, a modest and nothing outstanding person lived. His name was Alexander, and he was twenty -eight years old. He worked in a small commercial bank as a system administrator. He would have worked in it even if such a story had not happened to him.
There was late spring outside, and all nature blossomed in its entire life force. Sasha once again restored the performance of an old computer dying in the operating room. The working day came to an end, and he did not want to work at all. The head of the operationalist, the head of the department of Iraid Antonovna, a fat woman of pre -retirement age in horny glasses, approached the place of the operator, on which this unfortunate computer. Well, like Sasha, the patient is more dead than alive, – she turned to him with cheerful notes in her voice. I told Vasilich (the head of the IT department) that this old man would not last long, and he answered me, they say, the chef did not give me money to buy a new one in this quarter, so you need to find all possible reserves and maintain it in working condition, – fell into Answer Alexander. Sasha meet, this is my new employee Natasha, ”said Iraida Antonovna, pointing to a beautiful and slender blonde standing behind her. Sasha disconnected under the table all the cables connected to the system unit and crawled out into the light of God, grunting and sniffing. As it turned out, Natasha was distributed just for this workplace, which in turn indicated that Sasha Bank called himself in the office, so they did not refuse to plant newcomers for the oldest and decrepit equipment. Sasha, embarrassed, extended his hand to Natasha, and she, overcoming awkwardness, gently on the female, shook her.

This is our fighter of the invisible front Sisadin Shurik, – Iraid Antonovna continued cheerfully, if you have a phone, computer, printer or even a boiler, boldly call him and he, like a knight without fear and reproach, will come to your aid.

Sasha did not come out tall, and his face, too, wore his glasses and his figure was far from sports. To himself, Sasha believed that this in conjunction prevented him from being successful with a person of the opposite sex. But this external flaw more than was compensated by his professional, speed of ingenuity and a wide outlook. Iraid Antonovna loved him as a son, and by hook or by crook she wanted to make him with the employees of her department with the prospect of establishing a serious relationship. And although young ladies rejected his candidacy, Iraid Antonovna, like a compassionate woman, did not leave attempts to make Sasha at all costs.

Natasha sat down at her desktop and began to slowly sort through the documents, laying them out on the right folders. Even Shurik’s short -sighted gaze, the girl’s natural beauty did not slip away. Her blond hair with gentle curls fell on her shoulders, a slender figure was coquettishly tightened into a strict business suit. Sasha crawled on the opposite side, to pull the system system from under the table for its further repair. While below, Shurik could not resist and looked at Natasha’s legs, tightened in a transparent nylon tightness, emphasizing their harmony. He was sure that the girl would remove them from under the table, but oddly enough, Natasha did not hide her legs, but on the contrary, as if by chance, she bred and brought her rounded knees, opening and closing the view of her white lace panties, crossed out of the floor with a seam sexy tights. Slowing down later, in sweet languor, Sasha struggled to go up to his butt legs, holding the dusty box of the computer in front of him.

Shurik never expected such a frank behavior of a new employee.

Sasha, when my computer comes to life? – He heard the affectionate calm Natashin’s voice. The young man felt his face flashed, and jeans in his causal place began to fit inexorably. Natasha noticed the awkwardness of the position in which Shurik fell, but unlike other girls who, with mockery and sarcasm, pointed to the place of unlucky Romeo, she only smiled affectionately in response. Tomorrow, all tomorrow, ”Alexander said with a braided tongue, quickly moving to the door of the official entrance. The server room smelled in the face of Sasha with a cool breeze of air conditioners. The young man gently put the computer on the rack and closed his eyes. How beautiful she is, Sasha thought to herself. Lord, thank you that you finally heard my prayers and sent this unearthly creation in my life. You probably decided to reward me for all my failures and humiliations on the cordial front, which I endured, and nobody except myself, did not reproach your whole conscious life for this.

Aleksashka was afraid to destroy with his activity, that thin bridge of mutual understanding, which pushed between him and Natasha. On Sashino, happiness of his beloved girl herself showed the initiative and often during dinner she went to him in server. All lunch break, they chatted about anything, enjoying simple and open communication. After work, Sasha escorted his beloved to the bus stop. Their path passed along the beautiful shady alley of the park. All nature seemed to welcome them with the rapid flowering of May colors, filling their souls with warmth and love. Sasha spoke with inspiration about the extraterrestrial worlds, galaxies and the universe, he enthusiastically shared with her his extensive knowledge in the field of astronomy and philosophy. And now the time has come for the first kiss. He happened, as it seemed to Sasha unexpectedly when he did not wait for this, although he internally understood that this was in the end to happen between them. Natasha attracted Shurik, carried away by the next story of Shurik, with her tender hands. Her hot lips intercepted his mouth, stopping Sasha half. The tenderness and warmth of her breath made Sashkino’s heart with double rhythm clog. In these seconds of close communication, he lost a sense of time, space, his head was spinning in the frantic, passionate rotation of a multi -colored fantastic kaleidoscope. Sasha, let’s go to you, – Natasha muttered in a gentle unearthly voice, pulling away from him for a moment. Yes, yes, of course, – Sasha answered with difficulty restoring his breath. I will show you my library, which I collected for more than one year. If you want, I will let you read any books you like. They have a lot of interesting things and I’m sure you will like them.

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