Vika. First experience2. (Apocryphs of the Frau Dort establishment) – Erotic and sex stories for adults

(In the first part of our story, the main character, Vika Semenova, known to the reader in the story “I got (notes of a prostitute)” does this for the first time).

Vika woke up one around noon and the first thing she was horrified that she walked in the morning lectures, then immediately calmed down, remembering that today there was no lesson and classes, and then remembered everything that was happening at night … Memories reinforced the treacherous red spot on the sheet, wrinkled lumps, wrinkled lumpsused condoms in the garbage basket and light carriage in the vagina.

Vika was a deeply decent home girl and dreamed of sex with her loved one only after the wedding. What happened far went beyond her usual ideas about the world. But she honestly admitted to herself that she terribly wants to repeat everything, and not necessarily with a narrowed,. But so far there was no time for repetitions. She briefly took a shower and steamed a stain on the sheet, had breakfast and went to the library. But, even working in the reading room on the Bible of Ulfila on Starogotsky, which she had long dreamed of, the girl again and again mentally returned to the events of the last night and her feelings. Returning to the hostel in the evening, she did not find the neighbors, and sinful thoughts captured her entirely. But it was so unusual and indecent … neither an attempt to argue the abstracts, nor the exciting detective helped … A quiet home girl was lying on the bed and dreamed that a man would enter her again about how gloriously it would be to play his tongue and lips with her lips and lips with her lips.his member. She recalled with a completely new feeling films and photographs seen by Olya and her friends … The hand itself entered the panties and began to caress the crotch, and then penetrated where the member of Samir ordered some half a day ago. And there everything was already wet with lubrication … She caressed herself more and more fiercely and, finally, with a weak groan bent in a long -awaited bunch of bliss.

And yet it was not that. Obviously not enough partner. But timidity did not let the girl easily go out into the corridor and find a desire to have sex. All her former education rebelled against this.

– Fool, whore, gave the first to I meet and still want! She whispered to herself. In this state, she fell asleep, but in a dream she was not left by her previous desires.

Sunday morning was sunny and affectionate. Olga, who returned while our heroine rested in sweet dreams, snapped in the next bunk. Throwing a terry robe on a naked body, I will go to the shower. In the corridors of the hostel on Sunday morning there was a dead silence: the hostel was resting after a working week and a Saturday disco. Returning from the shower, all the refreshed, in pearl droplets of water, Vika almost flew his forehead on the open door of the corner room, in which usually no one lived.

– Vika-jan, hello, beauty! – Face to face with her stood Jayhun. The aroma of fresh coffee broke out of the room triumphantly.

– You want coffee?

– Hello, of course, I will be! – the girl blurted out in an instant.

Jayhun politely let her into the room. It was more encouraging than in the Vikino room. There were no monstrous cabinets, but there was a pair of cozy sofas, on one of which in a dressing gown that revived the memory of the forgotten word “slag”, soft trousers and slopes sat Samir, a small table, decorated with a laptop and a vase with fruits, a pair of bedside tables and a horned hanger. The source of the fragrance was a voluminous jazzwe, standing on one of the nightstands.

Samir shone at the sight of the girl and immediately got up.

– Hello, my good, sit down, now we will drink coffee!

From a jazzwe, a stream of fragrant drink rushed into a cup, which Jaykhun immediately won cognac. Vika did not even have time to ask her to be not added alcohol. Especially so she is not loved. However, coffee with cognac was excellent, and Vika was given almond cookies and some oriental sweets … As they say, life is getting better!

Cognac, who acted on Vika is worse than the atomic bomb, and the presence of Samir is very close, and they sat nearby, side by side, with renewed vigor aroused all the memories of the day off by the day and pushed the actions crazy from the point of view of her former education and experience. Unnoticed for herself, she rubbed her foot on his leg, stroked his knee. It seemed to her that it was from coffee in the room that it became hot, and she straightened the dressing gown on her chest so that there was too much. However, even more demonstrated by the waist of the robe of the robe that dispersed below. But Vika didn’t notice this. She froze from the extreme proximity of her first man. From below the abdomen, a persistent drunken tension rose, forced to strain thighs, squeeze and spread legs.

When Jahun went out to wash the dishes, Vika could no longer restrain himself. As soon as the door slammed shut, the girl began to caress his face and chest.

– Wait, wait, now!

Samir rose from the sofa, went to the laptop, clung to the mouse. A pleasant relaxing music began to play, and some kind of light caught fire on top. At this time, Vika unleashed a belt, threw off her robe and introduced before Samir all her charms.

– Let me see you again, Jan! True, beauty! You yourself have no idea what!

His hands slipped over her cheeks, neck, bulk breasts, and then even lower – on the stomach, where the desire pierced sharply.

– Oh girl, you’re completely wet!

– Yes, I probably won from the shower!

– No, you wiped well ..

Samira’s palm was rampant in the Vikina Schobochka area, and the girl was already frankly trying to put this slice on a wonderful palm. But then she remembered that Samir had something much better. Remembering her first experience, she knelt before her first teacher in the art of love, and quite dexterously released a wonderful dark cock with a brilliant dark-beard head from the bowels of his sports pants, from infancy, like all Muslims, who did not know the protection of the extreme flesh. Vika kissed this wonderful head, covered with kisses the whole member and eggs of Samira, and then, taking the marvelous Caucasian Torchun into a fist, grabbed his lips and began to please him almost with knowledge of the matter. The first experience was not in vain, samirov eggplant began to grow rapidly in her mouth. With her free hand, she continued that she had done Samira’s palm before. Excitement grew, Vika felt the approach of the coveted orgasm, but then she was imperiously interrupted. The overgrown and hardened member was removed from the captivity of sponges and fists, and the girl was picked up by the armpits.

– Come here!

Now she was placed on all fours on the sofa, and in her dwarfing the hole, the same member that Vika sucked gently. Our heroine literally howled with delight. She dreamed about this for the second day!

– Quiet, quiet, Jan, we’ll wake the neighbors … Now you will fly away!

The words came to her from somewhere from afar, from the depths of the cosmos, and the main thing for our neophytics at that moment was how to get deeper as possible to all his being on this wonderful, this wonderful, this only magical member in the world. Nevertheless, loud “a-a-ah-ah!”Changed by intermittent sighs of pleasure. Vika diligently waved to her partner, and he, possessing incomparably great experience in the art of sex, could not help but appreciate her efforts.

– Ah clever, ah well done! You tried with me the day before yesterday?

– Yeah-ah-ah!

– Yes, you are almost a whole, and you smear so well!

– Yeah-ah-ah!

And again the pleasure became immense and large, like the universe, and the affection lasted. Perhaps that is why Vika did not notice and did not realize anything around herself. And she was not at all surprised to see a member in front of her. His mouth automatically accepted it into his senses and began to gently process it. Only a little later the girl realized that she had not sucked this lollip. After all, Samir calmly continued to use her grateful hole. But where? Ah, this is Jayhun! But his pussy is no worse than samirova!

Our recent modesty surprisingly calmly accepted the idea that it was immediately given to two, and completely unfamiliar guys. And this is no wonder, on the powerful bitch of her first man, she finished over and over again, and this condition was more than suited.

Finally, Samir jerked frantically, his hands were almost rudely squeezed by the hips of Vicki, and something warm and sticky sprayed on his back and ass. A limp cock slipped out of a wet hole. But the whole Vikino creature was strongly against!

– Still, dear, please!

– You want more? Please!

Vika did not even really make some kind of movement around him in his mind. It’s just that a member appeared in the face of it again, on which a yellowish-white seed glued, and her hips again clasped strong hands, and the second member moved again into its suffering mink. The girl automatically took the first cock in her hand and gently grabbed it with a ring of lips. With the second member, however, it was not so easy. He resolutely moved to storm the Vikins of the bowels, but slipped out on the way back, and then again. The girl blurred protestingly and was bent, trying to sit down on how to rack her and treacherously running away Jayhun’s bitch.

– Wah, what a wet! Do not be afraid, now it will be very good!

Vika felt dexterous fingers in her hole, who knew very well what and where she was, and how to make her good. Then these fingers became smaller, but they mysteriously found around her neighboring hole. The girl suspected something was amiss, but Samir, not ceasing to enjoy her diligent mouth, hastened to reassure:

– Do not be afraid, now everything will be fine.

And she believed.

And the insidious fingers, wet from the discharge of Vicki and Samira deftly penetrated one of the anus, causing not unpleasant sensations at all. It was not painful, but a familiar wave of pleasure, rolling from the depths of the abdomen to the nipples, became much more significant, rough and visible. And then his fingers were replaced by a member of Jahun, who, at first timidly, and then more and more persistently began to invade that saints of the Holy of Holy, which, according to the previous thoughts of Vika, was not intended for sex at all. And even with your beloved. And even after the wedding.

But now there was no reasoning about the permitted and unreasonable. Vika, continuing to make a blowjob samir and helping Jayhun’s fingers with his hand, caressing her clitoris and something else devilishly sensitive there, there began to feel the weak pain in the anus. Now she all leaned forward, trying to flee from the saboteur, penetrating the last stronghold of her virginity. But the saboteur reacted with lightning speed. He tightly wrapped his hips of his victim and continued the inexorable progressive movement in her bowels.

– A-ah-ah!

Vika choked with a screech when she felt her ass of a stolen tempter, which was completely strung on a spit of an insidious.

– B-in-in v-ah!

The insidious temptation barked triumphantly and began a retreat to pre -prepared positions.

But these positions still turned out inside Vicki, and not abroad, as she had already hidden. And again, the piston of Jahun moved forward. And it was no longer so unpleasant. And why does he come out again? Oh, thank God, not quite, again went inside. Yes, this is not only not disgusting, it’s great! Vika was increasingly imbued with the charms of anal sex, in which our swarthy friends from the fraternal Transcaucasia were so sophisticated! And Jaykhun not only loved the butt (and I will tell you a secret, all kinds – both girls and boys), he treated them very talentedly. And the retreating, there was, pleasure rolled with renewed vigor. Vika already tried to wave the lord of her second hole, and he voluptuously sniffed with pleasure. His strong hands no longer squeezed the Vikin’s hips. One or the other hand, the Caucasian periodically shaved the partner with ringing slaps in the buttocks, and she increased the pace. A free palm now caressed the girl’s appropriate chest, giving additional pleasure.

At the same time, Vika did not forget about her first man. Her sponge and tongue so fruitfully and gently cleansed Torchun Samira from the consequences of the first penetration of today’s penetration, which he soon again perked up and was revived in all his trimmed splendor.

– WHH-X-X! Jaihun, wait, come on like this!

So it meant that the member was removed from Vika’s mouth, Samir sat on the sofa and hoisted the girl on his bitch sticking out the national treasure, and Jahun again took possession of her anus.

Now the girl physically felt how little she separates her hole from another. Two penits at once went in her, rubbed against each other, threatening to break this almost conditional border, and at the same time delivering the girl completely indescribable pleasure. It seems he moaned or growled ..

Vika suddenly realized that it would happen now … and it happened. With all of the trinity at the same time. Two frantic cucumbers who touched her synchronously shot, Vika tightly squeezed the tense bodies of partners on both sides, and she froze in the strongest of all the pleasure of pleasure before this. Three hearts pounded frantically in unison, all three of the breasts walked with a wheel from frequent and deep sighs. And then Jaykhun somehow awkwardly slipped out of Vika and somehow fell off on the sofa next to Samir. Immediately, the second spine with a half -crawled condom fell out of the Vikin cave, hands clenched that squeezed her sides, and the girl with difficulty (her legs did not bother and did not want to converge), sank right onto the rug by the sofa. Her eyes were blurred, her chest continued to rise often, a whitish stream of seed flowed out of the anus.

– B-a-ah-x-x-x, what a girl! What a clever man!

One of the guys gently ran a palm on her cheek, the palm of the other also gently slid along the broken hair, smoothing them.

Gradually, the world gained clearness and paint. And it so happened that the first thing Vika saw in this revived world were two wonderful cute members, who had just delivered her such indescribable pleasure, and now lonely hanging and fermented, wet, unclean and unhappy. And it was dishonest and unfair.

Already habitually, she cleaned the first one at first, and then the second baby, caressing the one on which there were not enough lips and tongue. The babies in the process of cleaning began to be like babies, but on something more significant and significant. More precisely, not significant, but in waking up. How much more minutes of work with handles and lips – and the result is evident. They woke up!

The happy owners of these wonderful phalluses woke up. For a long time, Samir and Jehun simply stupidly enjoyed their caresses, but as they were accepted by members of the starting position, their views and movements became more and more meaningful and determined. Finally, Jayhun reached the desired condition, grabbed Vika with his palms under his chest and, caressing them, planted the girl on his torpedo with a hole with which before that was familiar only visually and tactile. Immediately after him, Samir, who had now defended Vikin’s ass, revived after him. The benefit of it was developed and lubricated with the predecessor. And again this crazy jump on two members began. Vicki’s partners were already tired, but she tried to extract all the possible benefits from her position, and by the time when the guys shuddered in orgasm one by one, ending in her mouth and, on her face and chest, she managed to finish twice already twice.

That’s it, she was completely exhausted, although, now offer her to continue this crazy jump, she would probably agree. But it was time for the guys to gather. Yes, and she “lingered somewhat” on the way from the shower. Where, however, it was strongly required to return to repeat water procedures. Wipe with a kindly proposed cloth, Vika, accompanied by both gentlemen, returned to the shower, and from there to her room. All the way she prayed to God only about one thing, so that they were not met by any of the acquaintances. Especially on the way there and in the very soul. But, it seems, no one saw the treacherous traces of the first gangbang in the Vikina life on her sweet face and luxurious elastic body.

And after three hours, she was called to the commandant ..

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