The story of my feminization. Part 3. A wonderful neighbor. – Erotic and sex stories for adults

– Ta-A-Ak! What faculty have you entered with us? Ah, yes … on and whe te. I gave everything perfectly? – Oksana Nikitichna gazed at me intently, and I was even a little embarrassed by the gaze of this elderly woman, who worked as the commandant of the hostel, probably for more than a dozen years. “Well, yes …” I mumbled, serving. -Youth-e-saz! The faculty is heavy, and you are over … Look like, briskly … So, I will set you, my darling, with Ryumin and Penkov. Ryumin – a five -year student from an economy faculty, Penkov studies at the third on and. The guys are good, calm … You are also like a quiet guy … but there is who knows you? In our hostel with discipline strictly! The charter of the hostel hangs on each floor in the corridor, you will read it later … but just look, and! – the commandant threatened me with a finger, – you will be hooligan or there is a charter there – we will evict the seventh to the Eraren -Fen! So more?.. Look like that’s it! Fourteenth floor, room 1426. There will be questions – come in, but for now go to Zinaida Danilovna, this is the second door to the left, and get a mattress. Then upstairs and … settled! – Yeah!… Thank you, goodbye, ”I blurted out with a tongue twister and left the commental cabinet ..

– The fourteenth … – I thought, rising in the elevator with a large heavy mattress in an embrace, – High! Probably a cool view from the window … and from the university two minutes on foot … In general, be that as it may, thanks to the mehmat.

By the way, I never entered the Mehmat University of Moscow. It’s hard to believe, but having handed over both mathematicians (oral and written) to the five, I got the parach. Moreover, with spelling and punctuation, there was generally complete chocolate, but I never disclosed the topic. It is not surprising, in the 11th grade I specifically called all humanitarian disciplines, and especially … Damn it ..! Who generally came up with an introductory essay on a mechmat? There would be a dictation … Then I would have a calmly studying in a high -rise at the Sparrow … Well, nothing! The next summer I will definitely reinforce! In the meantime, I’m rushing about a year. And what? Rather prestigious technical university! In addition, there was no tense at all with admission. In the admissions of the commission, finding out where I passed the mathematics to the five, they invited me to go to the faculty of computer science and computing equipment without introductory, which I, in fact, did it. Moreover, he himself chose the department of applied mathematics, where the tower alone was divided into fifteen different objects and all five courses were read. Plus physics, plus computer science to the ass … In general, the study promised to be interesting ..

Having dragged the mattress to my future room, I leaned it on the wall and froze in front of the door. – I wonder how the neighbors accept? Still, senior students … – I thought. Male and female moans were heard from somewhere. Without attaching importance to this, I quietly knocked on the door. No reaction. I tapped louder. The groans stopped. – Who the hell brought? – I heard an irritated male voice from the room. – Sorry … I … your new neighbor. I came to settled, – I answered timidly. There was a cursing and shuffling slippers. The door opened, and a young man of athletic physique in jeans and a hastily fastened shirt appeared on the threshold. – Hey, neighbor! I’m very busy now, so … Come on, take a couple of hours somewhere, and then come in … Everything, happily! – And the man closed the door in front of my nose.

In confusion, I trodden in front of the door for a few more minutes. Groans from behind the door resumed. I, considering that it was ugly to eavesdrop, grabbed the mattress and went to wander along the floor. Having quickly read the charter of the hostel hanging in the corridor, I went to the viewing window, which was at the entrance to the stairs. The view was really amazing. Somewhere far below was a small square with benches, flower beds and a fountain, then a busy street, a huge supermarket and a sleeping area. And after him one more … and yet … and yet … huge, fussy, promising Moscow! The capital of our Motherland! The largest city in Europe!.. But actually, they say, this is the best hostel of the university-there should be large blocks-blocks with a toilet and shower. I got here only because I was equated to the guys who surrendered the entrance to one five. All my other classmates were settled in the seventh dormitory – an old, dilapidated corridor type with three kitchens and three smelly common toilets on each floor. (I lived there on the abyss, and I was not enthusiastic). Here, basically lived older students and physical faces, and a physical education facilities, and even on the last, fifteenth floor – graduate students. And finally, this fifth hostel is located on the territory of the student town, and until the seventh, seven bus stops must be shocked. So there was no reason to be sad ..

After wandering along the curved floor of the floor, I decided to go and knock on the door again. This time the door opened quickly, and on the threshold appeared a shaggy middle -aged man with a huge hands of a beard and good blue eyes, dressed in leather pants and a Harley Davidson T -shirt. – Hello! I am your new neighbor. Here, I came to sit down, – and I nodded at the mattress. – Well, then pass! What stood up? -the uncle said cordially with some Vologda reprimand and moved to miss me. I went into a small hallway, where there was a cabinet for clothes, a kitchen table and an electric stove. There was also a small door in the hallway, which, apparently, was leading to the bathroom. Having taken off, I dragged the mattress further, to the room itself.(Nothing, spacious! And the view from the window is amazing-on the square and the main building of the university, only for some reason two beds). – And where is my bed? – I asked in confusion. – It is necessary to collect! Let’s help! -the uncle grinned in response, and pulled out the base and sidewalls of the bed from the cabinet. Having collected the bed, he helped me drag her into the free corner of the room. I laid out the mattress and spread my laundry. – You are such a hairy such? Hippan, stall? – all the same amid, asked the man.(My thick black hair was collected in a tail that reached me almost to the middle of the back, and only a small strand was picked up behind my ear) – no, mostly I love heavy music, ”I answered modestly. – Me too! Here, I want to learn from the guitar. You can? – the uncle asked cheerfully, nodding at the guitar standing in the corner, similar to the one that was at my house. “A little,” I answered modestly and picked up the instrument. The mediator was next to Kolki, clamped between the strings. I pulled it out, and my fingers briskly ran around the grip (after all, Kolyan pushed me great in this matter). A man shook his head in surprise. – Slayer, stall? Youth-e-saz! – he said approvingly, – to call you like? “Yura,” I answered, “and you? – Come on “you”! – the man laughed, – Alexey! – he introduced himself and held out his hand. I shook my hand and we talked.

It turns out that Lyokha was “only” twenty -four, he studied in the third year of IVT, only at another department. He entered the university after serving in the army, and his parents lived in some bear corner of the Arkhangelsk region (in short, in his native village the guy visited six months). Lyokhina’s passion was motorcycles, he was a real biker. He kept his bike in a removable garage, where sometimes he just came with his friend to drink a beer. Also earned as a sales consultant at the Automotor store store. Having finished listening to his story, I told everything about myself, and then asked what for the person I opened the door for the first time. Lyokha said that the person’s name is Anton, he is a fifth-year student from an economy faculty, lives in Samara, where his father works as the director of some large enterprise. Anton is constantly hanging with Vika, a beautiful second-year student from her faculty, who lives in our hostel on the seventh floor.

Suddenly I remembered that I had left Baul with his things in the storage room of the station, and, apologizing, rushed after him. Returning after a couple of hours, I found both my neighbors in the room. “This is Anton, this is Yura, our new neighbor,” Lyokha introduced us to each other. “Yeah,” Anton muttered in response, not even looking in my direction (he concentratedly dialing some number on his cell phone). – Hello again, Vikul! Yes … ten minutes later at the entrance … I kiss, Zay, ”he said in the phone. “So, a new neighbor,” Anton began, now turning to me, “I don’t know how you have a personal life there … But we are adults here, and sometimes we give girls … especially me. So, if you see that the guest came to me, be a good guy, disappear for a couple of hours. OK? – And he looked intently into my eyes. I nodded my head back. “Well, well done,” Anton said with satisfaction and left the room, patting me on the shoulder ..

Two days later the academic year began. Learning was not at all stressful: Matan – cool, analytical – super, higher algebra – in general the song. Computer science and numerical methods are also nothing. True, another physical and a couple of humanitarian disciplines … Well, okay, somehow I will survive. Teachers, as a rule, praised me and called me to the board with those tasks that my classmates did not work out. By the way, my classmates turned out to be normal guys (on the whole stream of a couple of girls of everything, and even then not in our group). A couple of boys were fond of, like me, with heavy music and playing guitars, they even played something on two electric shoes. Having once come to them to a rehearsal in the seventh hostel, I listened to their game and played something myself. They were satisfied, and even wanted me to join them, but the trouble – they did not have the third guitar. (True, after a couple of months, putting down a stipkhu and asking a little from my mother, I bought a simple electric grip with a lotion and became a full member of their team)

There was also nothing with the neighbors around the room, especially with Lyokha-I often showed him some kind of reefs on the guitar, and then he clumsily tried to repeat them. A couple of times he invited me to his garage, look at the motorcycle. Honestly, a car-star! When Lyokha said that he had gathered him from several broken, I did not even believe it … Still, the guy’s hands were growing from that place! Once he even drove me … It was scary, to the checks! Lyokha is a big dashing, and at a speed of one hundred and fifty, I felt between life and death even behind his broad back … In short, then I responded to his proposals with a modest refusal.

Anton at first ignored me – did not greet me by the hand, did not turn to me. Once I sat at a desk in our room, made a homework on a matan (and a teacher on a matan often gave me personal tasks, with a star), and heard the front door slammed. Steps were heard, then fell silent. – And where is Anton? – asked an excited female voice. Absorbed in the solution of the problem, I did not even turn around. Steps were heard again, and someone’s hand lay on my shoulder, painfully digging into it with my nails. – Hey, girlfriend, but who are you and what are you doing here? – the same voice came over my ear. I turned around and saw a beautiful girl-spacket tall somewhere 180 cm. – Oh! – the girl said bewildered, removing her hand from my shoulder, – I’m sorry, please! You are probably Anton’s neighbor? She asked peacefully. “Yes, I’m Yura,” I said calmly. – I am Vika, the girl Anton … I’m sorry that I … but you just have chic hair like a girl, and I … almost saw a rival in you. And where is Ryumin? – And she carefully looked at me. “In my soul, wait a bit – he will come out now,” I answered, and again delved into the solution of the problem. – Yur, what are you doing? – asked Vika, sitting on the bed of Anton. “Matan homework,” I answered, not taking my eyes off the notebook. The shower door opened, and Anton wrapped in a towel entered the room. Approaching Vika, he silently kissed him and coughed deliberately. I turned around.

Anton looked at me with a gaze, hugging his handsome girl. Realizing everything without words, I silently closed the notebook and the task, and, hastily dressed, went into the seventh hostel to the comrades in the rock band.

Arriving late in the evening and not finding a soul in the room, I washed and fell asleep to sleep. The next morning, Anton looked preoccupied. – Hey, Newton! – He turned to me – how many pairs today? “Four,” I answered. – Then do not stay after studying, there is a conversation! He said, taking a sip of hot coffee ..

After studying, I immediately went to the hostel. – In short, neighbor, you need your help! – Anton said thoughtfully, as soon as I appeared on the threshold. “I’m ready,” I said hesitantly, not understanding how I can help this adult independent guy. – Still would! – my neighbor struck strictly, – in general, my Vika strained with a control on matstatics. She’s far from my fool, of course … only acute in my tongue. She said something wrong, so he is oppressed. In short, in the home control, all three tasks she came across awesomely difficult. One with a sin in half was able to make an excellent student from her group, and the other two … no one knows how to decide! So you need an order – see, figure out and decide … In two days, the maximum should already be passed. Here they are, – and Anton handed me a leaflet with the conditions of the tasks. “But we have not read matstatics yet,” I tried to object. “Well, what,” Anton said calmly, “turn around, a textbook on the subject lies on the table, and Vikin’s notebook with lectures. She is neat, all lectures write to one … so good luck! Tomorrow evening, she will come to take the fruits of your intellectual work – with these words Anton left the room ..

– Yeees! I got it, so I got it! I thought. But there was nothing to do, and I began to read the conditions of the tasks. Realizing that I don’t know this material at all, I began to give a lecture first, then the textbook … Well, I cleared up a little, although … I don’t understand where this formula came from. So, here they take such a strange unacceptable integral … I’ll look in the three -volume of the Fichtenholtz (along the way, this is already a second -year material on Matan) … Yes, for sure! Now I’m starting to get silently … Stop! They are not to plus infinity to him!.. Here is the priest … although, if the values of this integral are not tabulated? -I look at the application tables at the end of the textbook ..! Well, now everything is clear like God’s day! The second task … is even easier, here even without tables! Although, the integrated painfully clumsy … well, Fichtengolts, help again!… Yeah, clarifiedly … taking the pen, I quickly, but chaoticly recorded detailed solutions, and after fifteen minutes I issued them as a clearing. Having finished, I, as if nothing had happened, sat down at home according to numerical methods ..

An hour later Anton entered the room. – Uh, associate professor! How are your successes? He asked cheerfully. – In terms of? – I turned on the fool. – Come on? You are going to watch the tasks for Vika? – Anton’s indignation knew no bounds. “The tasks for Vika have long been ready,” I answered calmly and looked around. Anton’s face had to be seen. – Come on? He asked quietly, staring his eyes and smiling stupidly. In response, I silently handed him the decisions. – Well, tomorrow she will give up, see … although, listen! And if he will ask her orally on these tasks? – Anton looked at me alarmed. “Let me explain to her how I decided, and she will tell him tomorrow,” I suggested. – Okay … Let’s go to her room! – my neighbor said and invited me to follow myself.

We went down the elevator to the seventh floor and knocked on the door of the Vikin room. – Come in! – There were several girlfriends. We entered. In addition to Vika, there were two of her neighbors in the room, quite pretty girls.

– Well, what, Yurok? – Vika asked me impatiently, inviting me to sit down to a desk. – I decided your tasks, Vic! – I proudly said. – Well?! Come on, tell me, ”said Vika, and I began to explain. I noticed that during the explanation, a neighbor Vika, a slender miniature brunette with a piercing in the eyebrows, stood nearby, and, without taking her eyes off me, listened. Tired of saying, I coughed, and the brunette immediately brought me a glass of juice. – Thank you! – I said, gratefully looking at her, and again plunged headlong into the task. Looking into the eyes of Vicki, for some reason I immediately understood what moments she understood, and which did not really, and those that were not very, explained again, more understandable phrases ..

– You even understand him? – Anton asked the girl when I finished. “Yes, yes, everything is clear,” Vika assured hastily. “Well, okay … go for now,” the neighbor told me, and I went to our room … The next day the happy Anton burst into the room and rushed to me. – Well done, Newton! – he shouted, patted me through her disheveled hair, – Come on five, – and he held out his hand for the first time. – Well? – I asked carefully. – Yes, normal! Four points, figure out! – Anton’s face shone with happiness. – Why four? – I was upset. – Yes!.. Do not worry! In general, there was still the third task that was not done by you, but one nerd from her group … So he joked with the decision. And with those that you decided, everything is in order! – Happy, like a baby, Anton shook my hand again and again … After this incident, Antokha and I became just wonderful relations. He often helped me with advice, reckoned with my opinion, and even when Vika came to visit, he did not look at me silently with contempt, but approached and quietly spoke to my ear, handle his hand on my shoulder: “Yurik, be a friend …A couple of hours, please “

A few days after I helped Vika, she came to our room when Anton was not. – Hello! – She threw me. – Hi, Vic! Come, however, there is no Antokhi, – I answered. “And it’s good that there is no … I’m to you,” she said hesitantly. “Well, I’m listening to you,” I said, looking at her in surprise. – Yur! And you have a girl? – She began in a quiet voice. – Not a fig to have a question! – I laughed, – why do you need it? – My voice suddenly became serious. – You really like one girl, and … she asked me to know this. “Well, how can I tell you,” I said thoughtfully, “and yes, and no …” “That is,? – Vika was surprised. – “Yes” – because I really love one girl with whom we were once together, but “no” – because she went far, and … probably forever, ”I said and looked intently at Vika. “Well, okay … I’m sorry, I’ll go,” she said, pausing and leaving the room ..

I was left alone with my thoughts. Yes, I still loved Aina tightly. Arriving in Moscow, the next day I rushed to the Internet cafe and wrote a touching letter to the email address already memorized by heart, in which I talked about myself and how I love it and how I miss it. After that, I came to this cafe for almost every day in the hope of getting an answer … But there was no answer. I gradually reconciled with the idea that I had lost this girl forever. On the other hand, Aina did not come out of my head, and I did not want to get a new girlfriend – any other girl was ugly, brutal and stupid compared to her.

Meanwhile, the young organism demanded its own, and sometimes sexual excitement grew to the limit … only now I removed this excitement not at all in the usual way for the guy. Faring in my soul, I thoroughly washed several times – with soap, with a shower gel, with a means for intimate hygiene. After that he soaped his ass once again and gently massaged a hole, which has been turned over in recent years into a powerful erogenous zone. After such a prelude, I penetrated inside my own body, and after a few minutes I was deliberately fucked with a palm folded by a boat. Sometimes I even managed to fuck myself with a fist, but the trouble is – for the whole time of my life in the hostel I never managed to bring myself to an orgasm. Probably, the lack of complete solitude affected, and I could not properly concentrate.

Once in December, Antokha told me that this weekend celebrates the day, and I, of course, was among the invited. The birthday man decided to celebrate in the Vikino room, since the girls live mostly on the seventh floor, and the commandant goes there to catch the regime violators much less often than to us for the fourteenth (and the Antokha’s regime was still going to – half a liter of vodka and a liter of wine for everyone,Including the girls) … And now, on Saturday evening, our room, along with seven hundred and two, where Vika lived, gathered in full force at the festive table. After several fun toasts, slow music began to play, and Antokha invited Vika to dance. The rest did not dance, but simply loudly laughed over the Lyokhin jokes (they were already ridiculous, and with his derive reprimand – this is generally!). I noticed that Kristina (the same brunette with a piercing in the eyebrow who lived with Vika in the same room) often sneaks at me … And now, the sludge ended, and everyone settled down at the table again. Vika and Christina quietly spread several phrases, after which Vika came up to me. – Yurk! What are you so boring and do not dance with anyone? – pouting her lips, she asked. – Reluctance! – I answered lazily. – Yura! Christine really wants to dance. Be a gentleman, invite her to a slow dance, ”she whispered in my ear and went to her place ..

A few minutes later a sheer played again. I slowly went to Christine and silently held out her hand. The girl gave me her palm and got up. Bringing my partner in the middle of the room, I put my hands on her waist. Christina hugged me by the shoulders and looked into my face with her huge beautiful brown eyes … Her lips approached my lips, and now … we are already tenderly kissing, forgetting about everything ..

– E, youth! – Anton patted me on the shoulder, – Of course, your business, but they say a toast in my honor, – and he pointed his hand at everyone else sitting at the table and with smiles looking at us. Kristina and I returned to the table, sitting together … At ten hours, Vika and Anton went to our room, Alena (another neighbor Vicki) went to the sixth floor to friends from the group, and Lyokha suddenly remembered that he had “urgent affairs in the garage”And” He will be very late today “.

When everyone left, my new girlfriend locked the front door from the inside and began to slowly undress me. I also divide her, and we, naked, scurried under the blanket. The girl really kissed cool, and after a minute my cock was non -beating. Gently perched on top, Christina began to sit at my end, which, overcoming a slight resistance, slipped into her wet cave. The girl began to move slowly, gradually accelerating the pace. She was very pleased – biting her lower lip, she moaned softly. About five minutes later I ended abundantly inside my friend … lying nearby, we absolutely silently stroked each other.

“Yes,” I thought, gently, shaking my fingers with my fingers, a tense nipple of a girlish chest, “and that’s all? This is what the guys put off all things, lose their heads, give flowers and listen to endless tantrums? It feels like the most ordinary jerk. But with Ainochka … whatever you say, with an unloved girl – this is not at all right! Anyway, with a girl … By the way, a few minutes ago I became a real man, but this thought absolutely does not warm me. Distracting me from my thoughts, Christina began to gently stroke my friend with her palm, awakening him from a short hibernation. A few more moments – and we kiss again … Gently diluting the girl’s slender legs, I settled down on top, and we started again. At the same time finishing, we froze, not letting each other out of the arms. – Honey, I’m so good with you! – my first woman whispered affectionately in my ear. I was silent.

– And you with me? She asked, standing a pause. I nodded silently. “Let’s go rinse,” I suggested quietly, and, without waiting for an answer, I led Christina’s hand into the shower … We stood under the warm streams of water and gently rubbed each other with soaped bath lips. Having soaped my hand, I began to wash the girl’s crotch, wanting to get into her ass with a finger, but she only laughed, and, referring to tickling, pulled my hand. “Yes, everything is not so simple,” I thought dull, so far without losing hope. Having thoroughly washed each other, we wiped ourselves dry and pushed back into our bed. I again dug my lips into the girl’s lips and began to stroke her gently on the tummy, pubis and hips. My kisses descended lower and lower, and now I carefully caress her small hard papillae … tummy … And now … my tongue reached the cherished mound.

Having settled between my friend’s legs spread, I affectionately played my tongue with her clitoris, forcing the girl to moan and shout a sheet with my fingers. After a few minutes of such zeal, I broke away from my “dessert” and asked Christina to stand on all fours to me in an ass. After waiting for the performance of my request, I began to carefully caress the anus with my tongue, sometimes slightly penetrating inside. Women’s moans filled the room again … tired of working with my mouth, I moved closer, and, kneeling, began to enter the penis into a hot girlish vagina. Crazy jumps began again. Heated by the heated, Christina moaned loudly, and her moans sometimes even switched to a screech. At the same time finishing literally a minute later, we collapsed onto the bed and began to take breath. – Yurochka, you are just inimitable! I have never been so good with anyone, ”said my new girl. I reached out to kiss Christina on the lips, but she turned her face away, and the kiss fell on the cheek. – What kind of kindergarten is? – I asked, mock -and -foot, – Well, set your lips! “Well … not now ah-ah, Mi-A-Ana,” the girl said in a asked voice. And suddenly … a terrible guess came to my mind. Really … is it really so?! “Listen, Zay,” I said deliberately in a sleepy voice, “hunting to horror. I’ll go brush my teeth before going to bed. There is a spare brush? – Yes, kitten! Please take on the shelf! – said Christina and showed me a hand towards the shower … Having printed a new brush, I hastily brushed my teeth and returned. Having earned in bed, I wrapped myself in a blanket. – A kiss at night? – I strictly asked, as if just remembering it. The girl in response gently hugged me and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips. “Yes, unfortunately, I was right,” I thought with sadness. Having wished Christine good night, I hugged her and closed my eyes ..

In the morning I woke up from the sound cautiously opened by the key door. I hung up in the hallway and only there I guessed that I was absolutely naked. With lightning speed covering the genitals with a grade for hot, lying on the table, I saw Anton’s door in the opening of the door. – Hello real adult men! – the neighbor smiled and held out my hand. I shook my hand and put my finger to my lips. “Hush, Toha, Christina is sleeping,” I whispered. Anton nodded in response and in a whisper asked me to bring Vikin a cosmetic bag from the table. Leaving, he showed me a kettle and a frying pan and significantly raised his finger up, making a serious face. I understood him without words. After Anton’s departure, I boldly bungered the cottage cheese casserole, made sandwiches with butter and cooked coffee. – Good morning! – I said affectionately Christine, going to the bed. – Mmm! – the girl said lazily, opening her eyes. “Kristyush, get up, breakfast,” I whispered, leaning and kissing Christina on the lips. The girl reached out. Stroking her on a naked chest, I got up and leisurely went to the door. – Where are you, baby? – a friend asked me upset. “I’ll go to my place already, otherwise Alyonka will come soon, uncomfortable …” I said evasively ..

Having risen to my floor, I knocked out of politeness into my room. – Come in! -There was a peppy female voice from behind the door. Entering, I saw Anton with Vika, and Lyokha. – Great, cowboy! Well? – Vika asked admiringly smiling. – Fine! -I said calmly and began to pour tea for myself … Having breakfast, I sat down at the books, and did not even notice how everyone went somewhere. Suddenly, suddenly gentle girlfriends on my shoulders, I turned around. – Hello,! Thanks for the breakfast, it was very tasty! – Christina looked delightfully at me with her beautiful eyes. – nothing! – I said in response to a kiss on my cheek. – What are your plans for the day? – the girl asked cheerfully. “Right now I’ll go to the seventh hostel for a rehearsal,” I replied, turning over the page of the textbook according to numerical methods. – And with you you can? Kristina asked, straightening my hair on her forehead. “It will hardly be interesting for you,” I said evasively, postponing the book and starting to get together. – So you can’t? – Well, why can’t you? If you want, let’s go!…

We went to the door of the seventh hostel. I knew very well that the drummer and the second guitarist were leaving for the weekend to parents in the suburbs, and only the bassist Vadik, who lives in Uglich, remains in the hostel. I also perfectly understood that playing together, and even without drums-a complete bark, but I still hoped to get rid of Christina until the last … it did not work out ..

– Great, Vadyukh! – I said cheerfully, bursting into a friend’s room. – ABOUT! Hello! -Vadyukha sat at the table, appetizingly stinging with a spoon of fried potatoes right from the pan, managing to solve the scanword from some stupid weekly. – Bon appetit! – I wished. – Pasib! You will, that is, you will? – Vadyukha pointed to the pan with his hand. – Not! I said, and Christina shook her head negatively. – And the seagull? – My Koresh did not let up. “No, Vadyukh, thanks … By the way, this is Christina … I came to rehearse,” I finally said about the purpose of my visit. – Relay? But Sanya and Yegor went home … if only together? Without drums? – Vadik looked at me in surprise. I winced imperceptibly for Christina. – Well, in general, let’s go … – said the bassist.

Taking the tools, we went down to the rest room. Having connected the guitar and bass to the amp, we started playing. Christina sat on a chair aside and carefully began to watch us. I began to slowly be annoyed-I do not like it when someone is present at rehearsal. Having played less than an hour, we decided that there were enough bark for today and said goodbye.

– You play so cool! – said Christina, when we, slowly, walked along the street. – Come on! I get along with now and then, – I answered dejectedly. “It seems that your friend did not even know about today’s rehearsal,” the girl said thoughtfully. “But he did not know,” I admitted. – Why did you lie to me? – Christina stopped and looked sadly at me. “I didn’t lie to you … I just wanted to play the guitar,” I answered quietly. – And so you didn’t want to take me with you? – my friend did not let up. I began to get nervous. Such a clarification of relations irritated me by order. “No, not therefore,” I began to speak in high colors, “you see, Christine, every person sometimes needs to be alone! – And what to stay alone, you went to spend time with a friend? Strange … it seems that you wanted to get rid of me. So? – the girl, smiling unkindly, squinted. – And even if so, what from this? – I asked with a mockery. – You know, for some reason I thought that we were fine together, – tears performed in front of the girl’s eyes. “Well, you may well …” I said brutally. – And you? What is wrong for you? Honestly! – She did not let her go. – Please! Frankly, if you want ..

You are a cool little man, and you and I can be good friends, the same as with Lyokha, Anton or Vadyukha, but no more … What was between us tonight, I didn’t like at all … I don’t like making love with a girl,who disdains his own body, ”I said calmly. – What are you talking about? Kristina whispered, barely restraining sobs. – I’m about anything, but about whom! About you … you refuse to kiss me after I caressed you with your mouth. A blowjob? And anal sex? For you this is something transcendent, so after all? But these are completely normal things! I am sixteen years old, and after two months you will be nineteen, but I am ready for everything for the sake of a partner, and you … you are just a walking complex! And since we have such a frank conversation, know that I am boring with you in bed! I blurted out.

Christina sobbed softly, covering her face with her hands. “Okay … Christine, I’m sorry I yelled at you, but … I told the truth,” I said softly. I was sorry for this good pretty girl who for some reason loved me. – Go to the hostel … please, and I take a little more … – I told my friend quietly and inexorably. Christina lowered her hands down and I saw her tearful face. After a moment, I received a ringing slap in the face, and the girl, looking at me for the last time, left without turning around ..

After standing a little in indecision, I dejectedly wandered where my eyes looked, and soon for some reason I went out again to the seventh hostel. Cats are hung on the soul. I howl a little on the porch, I nevertheless opened the door and resolutely went inside … – Vadyukh, there is something ou*? I asked my friend from the doorway of the room. – Ooo! – said Vadik, – Yes, you, friend, are not adequate. You swear obscenities, you want to drink. What happened? – the face of a friend expressed anxiety. “I quarreled with Christina,” I answered sadly. -This is with a girl with her own, or something? – Yes, only now it is more correct to say, with the “former girl” … I offended her, a boob, strongly … I spoke nasty things. Well, there is vodka? – I returned to the previous topic. “There is no vodka, there are moonshine grandfathers … from the village, but it is stronger than forty,” Vadyuha warned. – Let’s! – I waved my hand.

For the first time in my life I wanted to drink, and not just drink, but get to zero. Before that, in my life I drank only a couple of sips of beer, but ate a few sweets with the liqueur. Vadik fussed, and three minutes later a liter bottle appeared on the table, almost complete muddy moisture, half a blank of black bread, cut in a hurry with thick crooked slices, a large bowl of sauer cabbage cut into pieces of salty cucumber and two forks. Having rubbed two faceted glasses with a kitchen towel, my friend splashed fifty grams in each of them. – Well! So that you do not worry so hard! – smiling, said Vadyukh, and, having stared at my glass, knocked on his moonshine into his mouth. With squeamishness, looking at the contents of my glass, I closed my eyes and poured it into my mouth. ABOUT!… ABOUT!… Oh my God! – My eyes climbed from orbits. The mouth and esophagus announced the hellish flame, which inexorably descended to the stomach. – Uh, Yurok! Come on, come on, bite! – Alarm appeared on the bassist’s face. I obediently sent a piece of salty cucumber in my mouth and a little sauerkraut. – More! – I said confidently after a few seconds, abundantly bite off from a ramp of black bread. Vadik poured the same number … The second went easier, the alarm retreated to the background. But his head closed and untied the tongue … Everything became like in a fog ..

…Crap! Where I am? Why is the head so fussing? And why such a wild thirst? I rolled over to the other side. Some kind of alien room. I sat in bed. Oh-oh! My head burst so that I grabbed her with two hands. The door creaked, and a peppy smiling Vadik with a towel on the shoulder and a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush in her hand entered the room. – Hello to the alkonauts! How are you feeling? He asked joyfully. – I shook my head reproachfully in response to his mockery … After drinking two glasses of cucumber brine, I felt a little better.

– Well, you smoked yesterday! – my friend laughed. My heart fell to the very heels and there was frantically clogged. Did I really tell someone about my sexual experience on a drunken bench? Or, God forbid, he molested one of the guys? -In the sense? – stuttering, I squeezed out. – And then you don’t remember? In short, after the third you wanted to get hot hot. You take a pack of dumplings in the freezer, and, holding onto the wall, pi*blow in the kitchen to cook them. While the dumplings were cooked, Vitalik came up to you from the four hundred tenth room, he studies at a physical education, also in the first year. Well, word for word, you met, and you volunteered to help him with a home test in mechanics. Naturally, forgetting about dumplings, you go to his room. Forty minutes later, I was worried and flew to look for you to the kitchen. The gas stove is turned on for the whole, on it there is a blackened pan with dumplings tightly welded to the bottom. Stink of burning – horror! I took it off the fire and let’s yell “Yurka! Jurban!” You are absent. I began to knock on all rooms in turn, and now at four hundred tenth I find you. The control system has long been resolved, and you with the eyes of the maniac rub something in Vitalik about problems …-What are the problems? – I interrupted a friend’s story. -About this … like him, damn … some kind of hailbert! – cloaking his forehead, remembered the narrator. My heart was hungry. – So? I asked indifferently. – And then I take you and lead you under the white hands back. Here you yourself pour a hewh and burn it so fast that I do not have time to take it away from you. Well, then you suddenly remembered that someone at four hundred and tenth, you did not sign something there, and go back, but, going out into the corridor, you fall to the floor and fall asleep. And then I drag you to the bed of the bed. By the way, I couldn’t wash the pan in the morning, so you will wash it yourself … ”Vadyuha summed up. – I see … oh oh! And how much time? – I suddenly came to my senses. – The first pair has already been late, a lecture on history. The second lab in computer science, we must have time. Get ready. Come on!…

In the evening, Christina knocked on our room and asked me to come out a couple of words. – Yur, excuse me for a slap in the face! You are a very good guy and a great friend. Yesterday I thought about your words and understood everything – I, although older than you for years, did not grieve even to everything that you would like from me. But I hope we will maintain good friendships … At least, – the girl looked at me hopefully. – Of course, Kristyush! – I smiled, – and you, too, excuse me for saying nasty things to you. – We drove! – Christina smiled back and kissed me on the cheek. “Come in, we’ll cut the coffee shop,” I suggested, opening the door of the room and making an inviting gesture. “Thank you, Yurochka, but come on … Another time – I’m running away now,” the girl said guiltyly. We kissed each other on the cheek, and Christina went to the elevators, and I returned to finish the coffee.

– Yurok, and you have seen Lyokha for a long time? – Anton asked me the next morning. “Two days ago,” I answered. “Me too … It’s strange somehow,” the neighbor said thoughtfully. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. – Come in! I shouted. “Guys, urgently go down to the watchman,” said an unfamiliar girl who appeared on the threshold. -What happened? – Antokha was surprised. – I don’t know. But one of your rooms urgently require a down to the watchman! – the girl repeated persistently and left. I went down to the first floor. – Hello, Bab Mash! I’m out of fourteen to twenty or six. Called? I blurted out. “I called,” the granny sighed, hiding her glasses and taking out some kind of pimony. “Your neighbor, Penkov …” the bad pause hung, – on the motorcycle crashed last night, – the old woman shook her head woefully. I collapsed without strength on a chair next to the watch. A lump stood in the throat. – What, to death? – barely restraining tears, I whispered. – Tipun to your tongue! – the old woman threatened me with a finger, – he is alive … but in serious condition. On now, on paper I recorded the number of the hospital, the number of the chamber, the name of the doctor, – Baba Masha handed me a four -folded notebook sheet.

My heart was hungry. Alive! This adult bearded guy, with all his kindness, calm, judgment, somehow warmly warmly treated me. During these few months, I warmly, somehow in a kind of loved, loved him. And now he, a big, strong, adult man, lies somewhere in a hospital bed and groans in pain … And he probably needs care and warmth … Streeting, having flown into the room, I confusedly told Anton, showing him a leaflet. – So! How many pairs are you today? – Anton asked sternly. – Three! But I can score for the third, ”I assured hastily. – No … you will go after four, when the quiet hour ends! Buy him juice, all kinds of yogurts, good sausages in the cut, fruits … on here! – Antokha handed me a five -hundred -piece bill, – and I will go for an hour and talk to the doctor ..

So we stayed in the room together. Lyokha, although he held on to a cheerful, suffered greatly in an accident – the left lower leg was fragmented, a fracture of his right thigh, two ribs, a strong concussion. In short, doctors promised to write it out no earlier than May. We visited our friend almost every day…

A week later my first session began. Having easily surrendered the tests, I settled for books and began to seriously prepare for exams. I didn’t even go home so as not to waste time on the road. My efforts were rewarded: numerical methods, algebra, analytic, matan – perfectly (martan even automatically). The last, most difficult exam for me was the story. Having covered in books, I sat and bothered on the day the previous examination. Antokha went somewhere about his business, promising to run to Lyokha in the hospital. When something stopped climbing into the head at all, I put down the books and decided to take a break for undressing, I took a towel and went to the shower. Having soaked under warm streams, I washed myself and began to caress my hole – first with four fingers, then with my hand, and, finally, a fist. Then, taking Antokhin from the shelf a spray can with foam for shaving, I began to slowly push him into my ass. The spray can was thick-more than five centimeters in diameter, but smooth, and my mink was somehow designed by a fist. Having introduced the spray can almost completely, I stood on all fours to the bottom of the bathtub and twisted the ass from side to side, imagining myself a whore, which was just planted on the very tomatoes. Accustomed to a very rather big length of the spray can, I began to slowly move it with my hand, then introducing my toy almost the entire length, then withdrawing it almost completely. Massaging my prostate, I sailed in the waves of bliss and moaned quietly. The sensations were amazing, but did not reach the level when one could finish without touching a member. The reason was understandable-I could not relax properly, after all, there is a hostel, and every minute anyone could have been helped to visit. After a little more, I decided that enough for today, and began to get out of the bathroom.

– Crap! I forgot to lock the door to the bathroom from the inside! I thought with annoyance, wiping dry with a towel. Leaving, I saw a dull light in the room from somewhere in the room. Marvelous! I turned off the desk lamp! Looking at the doorway, I saw Anton sitting at my desk and holding his head with both hands. There was an almost empty bottle of cognac and a half -empty glass on the table. Remembering that I am absolutely naked, I returned to the bathroom and went out, wrapped in a towel. Entering a tiptoe into the room, I saw that Antokha straightened up and was staring at me with some kind of bad look. A huge bruise has stimulated on the left side of his face.

– Hello! – I said, embarrassed, – that it is with you? I asked, pointing my bruise with my hand. Anton, in response, gnawed at me with his drunken eyes. – With me what? – he asked quietly with genuine surprise, – it’s with you, a guy? – the neighbor continued to stare at me. – What is it? -I swallowed saliva, anticipating something bad. – I decided to turn on the fool? OK! – Antokha said rather and reached for his mobile phone. Pressing some buttons (his mobile phone was expensive, with a camera), he handed the phone to me. I looked and looked around with horror – a photograph in which … I … fucked myself with a spray with foam for shaving. Beautiful view of the back – my fragmented ass in all its glory. Only now I realized what a monstrous mistake I made, forgetting to lock the door to the bathroom. Anton, returning, naturally, wanted to wash and wash his hands, but opening the door to the bathroom, he saw everything that I did. And imperceptibly from me, because I stood to the door of the booty ..

– Sit down! – the neighbor sternly told me, pointing his hand to the bed. I obediently sat down. – You explain to me, yurk! – Anton began to treat me, taking another large sip of cognac, – why do you need it? After all, I know very well that girls like you, and with Christina you had everything … So what the hell?! You are a normal kid! Or I’m wrong? – A room in the room drilled me with a gaze. I was silent. – I’m shocked! Estimate if someone else finds out about it? – continued Anton, – how will you live on? – Antokha again swallowed cognac. I lowered my eyes and shrugged. I perfectly understood that I got tight. All this was like a nightmare.

– And you moan loudly! -Smiling sarcastically, the neighbor continued to finish me,-And, you know, somehow in a woman … like a whore. Are you really so pleasant? – Anton’s drunken gaze studied with interest my slender boyish body wrapped in a towel. I said nothing, blushing densely. -I’m talking to someone?!!! – my tormentor suddenly barked, – nice? – His voice became quiet again. – Yes … nice … Very, – I whispered, finally broke. A long painful pause hung. “I want to see,” Anton said calmly. I looked at him inquiringly. – I want to see how you do it again! – he said firmly, – go, take the spray can, and repeat it on your bed, – the guy pumped cognac with a glass of cognac towards my bunk. I shook my head negatively. “Well … then I’ll go to show a new photo to the guys from our floor … And tomorrow I’ll go to the seventh hostel … I got to your classmates,” Anton stood up and went to the door with an inconspicuous gait. – Wait! No … I agree, – I whispered. Anton stopped, and, thinking, returned to the place.

Discarding all shame, I took off the towel and straightened up in full growth. My neighbor, lounging in a chair, carefully studied my body with a glance … Slowly I went into the bathroom, took the can and returned to the room, silently stepping barefoot on the carpet. Having stood on my bed with my knees, I turned the ass back and put the spray can on the bed next to me. It was impossible to come up with a more humiliating situation-I, absolutely naked, in a batch, pushing his ass, kneeling in front of an adult, a serious guy who, calmly dripping cognac, leisurely waited for me to fuck myself with a spray with foam for shaving. At the same time, half an hour ago, I was already doing exactly the same, and my hole still could not close tightly. Deciding to finish myself completely, I shut up three fingers and pulled my stomach. Three lubricated with a saliva finger easily slipped into my gaping anus. A few more seconds – and my fingers are already four, another minute – and I slowly fuck myself with a boat with a palm with a palm, putting it inside the wrist. Remembering about the spray can, I, not without regret, pulled my hand out of the ass and took my new dildo into it. Licked his bottom, I put him to my cave, and in one fell swoop I introduced almost to the end. Styting and sticking out, I gradually accelerated the pace.

Forgetting everything, I began to moan, scrape and howl, closing my eyes blissfully … And suddenly … a strong but soft palm fell on my palm holding a dildo, and gently pulled it away. Without opening my eyes, I lowered my hand and felt the spray can carefully, as if afraid to hurt me, move inside me. I began to groan quietly again, and then … the spray can sharply came out of me. Instinctively stretching after him with an open hole, I suddenly felt something big, warm and very elastic begin to enter me slowly and gently. Entering completely, this was frozen, and strong male hands gently lay on my waist. A loud-long groan burst from my mouth, something began to move softly in me, and strong hands began to gently stroke my back ardent from the udows. – Antoshenka! – flashed through my head. Forgetting everything, I slowly, like a piece of butter in a heated frying pan, melted in this beautiful, strong, gentle man, slowly dissolving in his calm greatness. My feelings grew, I published several loud groans, but … The member inside me became solid as a stone, and …, entering the entire length, began to erupt the magic viscous fluid into my intestines. – My dear, Antoshenka! Another one minute, and we would finish at the same time … – flashed through my head. When the sperm fountain ended, Anton sighed heavily and slowly brought the member out of me. The ass reluctantly, with an offended champ, released her new toy. Sperm slowly began to flow out of my non -revealing hole, and I, in order to resist this, removed my elbows and lay my face on the pillow. “Forgive me,” a quiet voice was heard behind me, “I didn’t want to do it with you … I don’t know what I found on me,” Anton hardly picked up his words. I was silent. Once again, apologizing and taking a bathrobe, the guy went into the shower.

The sounds of falling water came to me. Suddenly I really wanted to taste sperm up in my rectum. Putting my palm in the ass, I squeezed it into a fist, trying to collect everything. Having pulled out and unclench my fist, I saw a puddle whitening in the palm of my palms in the dim light of a desktop lamp. Having eagerly drinking it, I repeated the procedure several more times. After that, I again wanted to see Anton, and I went to the bathroom. Gently pulling the door, I realized with annoyance that I was locked from the inside, and in anticipation of sat on a chair. Soon the noise of water stopped, and my neighbor in a bathrobe came out of the bathroom. I went close to him and knelt down in front of him. Without saying a word, I opened the floors of his bathrobe and greedily clasped his hanging cock with his lips. Anton gasped in surprise and gently put his palms on my head.

I affectionately played a tongue with his head, then gently licking it with her lips, then tickling with the lips. After half a minute, his giant was already in the combat rack, and I even grabbed it tightly. My head was frantically planted on a large handsome member of the guy, while my tongue wrote out unthinkable pirouettes along a chic direct barrel with a large crimson head.

A minute later, the guy’s tool acquired stone hardness and, more recently, tender, strong palms squeezed my head almost to pain, not allowing me to get down from the right rhythm. The fountain hit me in the palate and instantly flooded my tongue. Not wanting to lose a drop, I took a member as deep as I could, and, holding my breath, squeezed it with my lips with all my strength. A few large drops hit the throat right, everything else spilled into my mouth. Having swallowed everything to a drop, I lifted the remnants with my lips, pulled out this tasty lollipop in the world and kissed the head.

Without getting up from my knees, I raised my eyes up and saw that Anton was looking at me with some confused gaze. “I’m sorry, but … I could not resist,” I said. After that, I got up from my knees and sniffed into the bathroom, locked the door behind me. Turning on the water, I stood under warm jets, shining with happiness. – No, my dear! I will still achieve a real female orgasm from you … Where are you going to go now, after such a blowjob? – I thought triumphantly.

Washing myself thoroughly a few more times (the good of the bathroom is combined), I rinsed and went out. The room was dark, the table lamp was turned off, and only the soft light of the moon penetrated the window. Approaching Anton’s bed, I leaned over. Anton, heated alcohol, naked laying on top of the blanket with closed eyes. Pushing my head to the groin of my new lover, I gently, trying not to wake up, lifted my tongue with my tongue and wrapped it with my lips. Gently playing with the head, I persistently sucked it inside, then I released it from my mouth. The member quickly increased in size, and I, clasping the trunk with my fingers, began to tickle the base of the head with a tongue. The result was not long in coming – a minute later the member was non -beating. I raised my eyes – Anton, waking up, looked at me and smiled affectionately. -Now I will torment you! – I thought gloatingly. Diligently working with my mouth, I knocked out a groan of pleasure from the guy, and … released a member from my mouth. Anton looked imploringly at me. In response, I shook my head silently, building a playful grimace. Then, slowly, he again took up an excited member. Having achieved stone hardness, I stopped again and looked at the guy. His face expressed the sorrow of all mankind. “Please,” he whispered barely audibly. I smiled and slowly rubbed my cheeks on the head. Unobtrusively licking a member a couple more times, I shut up a finger and lubricated my ass.

Climbing to the bed, I squatted over a member of the guy, and, directing, began to slowly sit down. Having descended, I felt Anton’s pubic hair with my scrotum. He is all in me! Gently stroking my lover’s wide hairy chest with my hands, I began to rise and sink on his cock, looking intently into his eyes. In response, Anton silently fiddled with his thumbs of my smooth boyish chest. I started to moan. It was nice, but it was still very far from orgasm (not the most successful pose), and I, taking pity on the guy, decided to let him end. Standing completely, at the very end I began to give up a little back, and after a few repetitions my friend, having finished abundantly, lowered his hands on the bed.

Without getting up from him, he began to get a member, I looked in love with his eyes, barely noticeably stroking his palms with his neck. Anton, smiling a little, held out his hand and stroked my cheek. Turning my head to one side, I gently kissed a strong soft men’s palm several times. – It’s so amazing! – I heard a whisper suddenly. – What? – smiling, I whispered. -You are a party, but in you … so much from a girl! Beauty, tenderness, insatitude … – Anton continued to stroke my cheek. – I? Boy? – I asked thoughtfully, – no … I guess I’m still a girl, but only in the guy’s body. And then … this is a controversial question. Look at my slender legs … at thin hands … delicate neck, long beautiful hair … Aren’t I a beauty? – I said coquettishly, and Anton smiled. – And the face? – I continued, leaning towards my boyfriend’s face, – Big beautiful brown eyes, long eyelashes, thin nose … And my chubby lips? – I exhaled with a barely audible whisper, approaching my lips to Anton’s lips.

Anton leaned towards, and after a moment we merged in a passionate kiss. I took my breath, and I, closing my eyes, sailed somewhere high in the sky, inspired by happiness to be next to this amazing guy. – Oh! – interrupting the kiss, we suddenly said in one voice – Anton’s member, having completely gathered, fell out of my butt with a squirrel. Surption quietly, we began to kiss again. “And you know …” I said after a few minutes, looking up from my friend’s lips, “you, unlike me … a real guy … man, male … You are big, strong, decisive, hairy … And I want to caress you to horror … you can care? – I timidly asked. – Certainly! – whispered Anton. I began to slowly and affectionately kiss the guy’s prickly neck (adult … by the morning of the evening already overgrown with bristles), hairy breasts, playing with a tongue with nipples … a slender muscular stomach, and finally, who has fallen asleep heroes, stained with sperm. Having lifted a member cleanly, I spread my man’s legs with a soft movement, and settled between them. The turn of the scrotum came ..

Holding my breath, afraid to hurt my partner, I carefully took either my left or right testicle with my mouth and carefully sucked it, sometimes rolling them with my tongue. A couple of times I switched my attention to the member, but, licking the head several times, returned to the testicles again. After making sure that the guy’s penis again became firmly like a stake, I looked at him from below in love. – Antoshenka … dear! Come into me, please … I really want this! – I whispered, stroking my lover on a hairy chest. – How exactly you want, baby? – the guy answered affectionately. In response, I asked him to get out of bed, and lay on his stomach, putting a pillow under him. The ass rose up, and I gently pushed the buttocks with the palms of the buttocks, making my cave easily wet from the last time. Realizing everything without words, Anton carefully settled on top and began to carefully enter me. Entering, he began to slowly move in me. The pose was very successful, and I almost immediately began to catch high.

Gentle warmth spilled across my body from somewhere in the bottom of the abdomen to the chest, back, legs. My loud lustful moans filled the whole room, and Anton began to dial. – Not so fast, I beg! I moaned, and Anton began to move more slowly. Sweet Istoma covered me stronger and stronger. Forgetting myself and rolling my eyes, I howl loudly, squealed, groaned, opening my mouth wide … And then I was thrown into a strong trembling … Having published a lingering screech, I went limp … Anton, huddled like a stone as a stone, finished me off completely. A few more moments … Again, the pulsation in my priest … Fountain … 90-kilogram body, limp, completely pressed me into the bed ..

The trembling passed very slowly, there was a feeling that my body was made of cotton wool. Only now I noticed that I am still emitting rhythmic moans, now it is already to the beat by some internal, gradually weakening waves of pleasure. Guessing that it was hard for me, Anton got off me and lay down next. My hands still frantically clumping a sheet. – How are you? – my dear asked carefully. – Great, my dear! I feel like a real woman who … received a real female orgasm, – barely turning his tongue, I answered. Anton reached out to my lips. Pulling the pillow from under the stomach, I forced myself to turn to one side and greedily fell to his affectionate lips. Our palms gently stroked each other’s heated bodies. Soon I carefully massaged his fellow friend with my fingers, and his fingers tremble my buttocks. The thin stream of sperm reluctantly poured out of my open crowded cave, but I had neither the strength nor the desire to wipe off. Our long and passionate kiss still continued when my friend’s index finger touched my wet mink, knocking me out a dull moan. A few more moments – and the finger slid inside almost imperceptibly for me, gently massaging my rectum. Trembling with excitement, I broke away from the waking cock, and having felt for Anton’s middle finger, put him close to the index. The guy looked at me inquiringly, and I, without releasing his tongue from my mouth, barely nodded my head. For this, two fingers immediately penetrated me slowly at me, making my feelings even more pleasant.

Continuing to massage the guy’s member with his hand, I began to moan softly, aircraft in rhythmic movements in my ass. Now Anton, feeling freedom, carefully added the ring finger to the other two. Popochka, stretching to the limit, hardly accepted a new test (all the same, Anton’s fingers were not a couple of my thin boyish!). Lugglingly waveing my friend’s fingers, I finally brought his cock to the state of a hard boner. – Honey, I want you again! Please take your gentle girl again! – burning with desire, I whispered, looking up from my lover’s lips. Anton slowly pulled his fingers and looked carefully into my eyes. “I want to surrender to you in a woman … Well, that is … completely, very feminine, lying on my back and looking from the bottom up in your bottomless eyes,” I continued, slowly going crazy with excitement.

Anton stood out of bed, and I, briskly leaning the pillow under the ass, lay on my back and pushed off the legs raised and bent at the knees, in the edge of the bed. Anton, standing on the floor, crouched a little and put his hero to my supple hole. This time the member was not as hard as last time (how I still tired its owner, probably!), and, nevertheless, he easily entered my perfectly stretched mink. Sensing a member inside, I squeezed a strongly and relaxed the anus ring, as if growing a member of a lover without the help of hands. The member instantly hardened, and Anton, passing with pleasure, slowly moved in me, looking straight into my eyes and stroking my hips. Without looking away from my boyfriend’s beautiful eyes, I took his big palms with my little palms and shifted them from his hips to his heels. Anton, without ceasing to have me, began to strongly, but affectionately massage my heels, soles and fingers. At the same time, I moaned loudly and bent a arc, and my friend, noting that my fingers are most sensitive to caresses, focused on their massage. Having shutdown my fingers, I began to massage my nipples with them (I must admit that the anus, fingers and nipples are three of my most powerful erogenous zones). Without taking my eyes off the face of my beloved, I published loud cries and groans in a tall, female voice, which came regardless of my desire, from somewhere deeply from the inside, finally destroying all the male principles in me.

Pleasure was poured into my body with three powerful rivers – through the ass, fingers and nipples. Everything now portended the onset of a beautiful, monstrous in the strength of a female orgasm … And this happened … wriggling with my whole body and screaming heartily, I rolled my eyes. Anton, ending a few moments later, with beigated force and speed, Draised my rectum with firm gut, like a stone, with a stake, causing another tsuni orgasm that covered me with my head and discarded a few moments into another, excellent reality.

Having come to my senses, I saw my own, still slightly trembling legs, still raised up;fingers frantically squeezed the nipples, causing light pain. A small puddle of my sperm was white on my stomach. Anton, gently stroking my cheek, carefully pulled out his fallen cock … A stream of sperm was uncontrollably drunk from a wide open cave right on the pillow fitted down. Anton carefully brought my legs together, and taking me like a girl, to his arms, he transferred me to my bed.

While I, curled up, lay motionlessly, my dear reconstructed my crumpled bed, after which I poured the rest of the cognac from the bottle into the glass. Having moved me back in his arms, Anton sat down next to me, to the edge of the bed. – You’re tired, my good? – I asked gently, standing in bed and stroking it on his strong shoulders. – And how! – kissing my little palm, answered a neighbor, – Five sticks, oh … I’m sorry, a kitten … five times … This is the first time in all my twenty -two years, – the guy looked at me gratefully at me. “And for my sixteen,” I muttered in response, hugging my sweet from behind and stroking his hairy chest. “So good … I have never been … even with Vika,” my friend said thoughtfully. I stopped stroking and removed my hands. Frantic female jealousy suddenly swept me. – So what are you … all this time I thought about her? – almost crying from disappointment, I whispered. Anton got up and leisurely went to the desk. Taking a glass of cognac, he turned around and looked at me carefully. Absolutely naked, with a glass in his hand, he looked just great in the moonlight.

– About her? – he asked sadly, smiling wryly and shaking his head, – now there is no sense in thinking about her … A few hours ago, Vika and I parted … And we parted not friends, – he sighed heavily. – How? I asked, gaging my eyes in surprise. – It’s very simple … Vikulya found a rich “papika”, about thirty years old … In a suit for one and a half pieces of bucks, in the “Rolexes” and on “Gelik” … I accidentally saw them yesterday on the new Arbat … Imagine, this asshole comes out of “Gelik” comes out… with my Vika, kisses her gently on the lips, and she … – Anton sipped her cognac, – she takes her arm … And they go towards one entertaining institution … I go up and ask: “Vic, and who is this?”. She opens her mouth in surprise and asks what I say, I am doing here. Dude also begins to fuss and asks who I am. I roughly pull Vika by the hand to the side, so as not to interfere, and I beat him in a turnip with the right … But the “daddy” had a good reaction. He dodges, and I barely touch him with a cherkish on his chin. He was not confused, and I was in the return, – Anton pointed to his huge Fingal. I made a sympathetic face. “I am to his ear in his ear …” my neighbor continued, “this time he got – he is a small growth (below her, figure out!). This one grabbed the head and swam in pain. And then Vika … My Vika, with whom I was together for more than a year … grabbed, like a cat, in my hair and let me pull me aside, a screeching to the whole street is something that I would clean and never approach it again… Well, I left there … Then I bought cognac and in the hostel, – the guy finished his story.

I was silent. Then, getting out of bed, I went to a friend and hugged him by the shoulders. Anton in response with his free hand wrapped my thin waist. – I am very good with you, my little gentle boy … Very … You are more affectionate of any girl. I could never imagine that this can be done five times a night, and not a maximum of three, and then with an elastic band … I could not imagine that the ass is so great … that you can finish in the mouth, and it would be swallowed with love … WeTogether for almost six hours, and still not a single hysteria! – He whispered quietly to me. I, standing on tiptoe, gently touched his lips with his lips. Putting the glass on the table, Anton took me in his arms. – Let’s go to Direak! – I played playfully in his ear, wrapping his thin hands with his thin hands ..

Gently massaging each other’s soaped bodies, we thoroughly washed and returned to bed. – You don’t want to? – my friend asked me tiredly, gently stroking my hair. – A little! And you? – I answered. – And I really! – the guy confessed. My hand slipped down and stroked the soft lying member of Anton. “And you fall asleep,” I purred affectionately, “and I will lull you,” I said promisingly to my neighbor, and clasped his penis with my fingers. Anton smiled and closed his eyes, and I moved down and earned my mouth. The member stubbornly did not want to get up (it is understandable – there is a limit to any loads!), but I did not give up and continued the attack with my mouth for almost half an hour, constantly inventing new games of my tongue with the guy’s penis. Having increased slightly in size, it became barely elastic (it could still be easily folded in half), when several large drops of thick sperm still flowed into my mouth. Without releasing the end from my mouth, I looked at my boyfriend and caught his delighted look. Averting my eyes, I resumed caresses again … I soon heard a measured snag, and I, having kissed goodbye, lay my head on a strong male shoulder of the sleeping Anton. A minute later I slept tightly ..

In the morning, getting up before Anton, I quietly dressed and prepared a dense breakfast with strong coffee. After thinking, I put a glass of cognac left from yesterday in a prominent place, covering it on top of a napkin so that I would not exhale. Then he silently went into the room and sat down at the table, overlaying books and notebooks on history ..

– Good morning! – I heard a hoarse voice behind my back after a while. – Kind! Get up, we will have breakfast! – I answered affably. Anton got up and, grimacing, grabbed his head. “On the table, covered with a napkin,” I said, pointing with my hand from the side of the hallway. Anton silently went to the table and knocked over a glass in one gulp. – Wow! He breathed. Putting an empty glass on the table, he disappeared in the shower ..

At breakfast, Anton tried not to meet me. “He regrets what was at night,” I thought in frustration. After drinking coffee, the guy got up. – Thank you, cool breakfast! I will come to Lyokha myself. And you sit down let’s go! – he said sternly ..

Anton put on faithful clothes and left, and I sat down again for books. History is a humanitarian subject, and it is impossible to identify clear logical connections there, so I just stupidly crammed. And this is hard … And thoughts climbed into my head only about the events of last night. – Does he really regret what happened? My dear, gentle … How cool he kisses! And how is he affectionate, despite his heroic power! How do I want to be next to him! And he … sobering up, he probably despises himself for fucking a guy … although very feminine … Most likely, he will never want to repeat it again – thoughts rushed in my brain. Unable to concentrate on the material, I now and then got up from the table and walked around the room back and forth, indulging in the tense inner dialogue.

Having cooked a pot of borsch for lunch, I still sat down and got a few questions, although less than planning. It got dark on the street early and I turned on the table lamp. As soon as I went deep into reading, something clicked, and the lamp went out. Strong hands fell on my thin shoulders and began to massage them gently. – A little rest! All day, I suppose, taught, – velvet whisper was heard over my ear. I turned my head and reached out my lips to his soft lips ..

Absolutely naked, we lay in the dark on my bed and, gently kissing, stroking each other. – Do you want me right now? – trembling with excitement, I whispered. – Very, only everything hurts me there … After yesterday … you have such a passionate! – Anton smiled. “And now I will take your pain,” I whispered, and fell with my mouth to a firm, like a stone, an instrument. My playful tongue and delicate lips knew my job, and after a minute I, having sucked everything to the drop, eagerly licked my lips and looked inquiringly at my man. Anton’s eyes shone with happiness, and I again planted my mouth at its end. Without forcing yourself to wait long, a powerful riser came again;And the guy, gently pulled my head away from the penis, lay his back across the bed, hanging his legs, and silently beckoned me with his finger. Burning with impatience, I squatted over his stake and slowly planted over the entire length. My friend began to stand in bed, and I, afraid that I would fly to the floor of the kubarm, but my strong hands hugged me tightly behind me. – Put the legs on my shoulders, my girl! – He whispered barely audibly, and I obediently fulfilled his request. Anton carefully began to get out of bed. And so, he is already standing on the floor, and I, hugging him tightly by the neck, mounted on his powerful stake, hold on to the waist with large soft palms ..

We merged in a passionate kiss, and the guy began to move in me. This time the pose was not very convenient for Anton, and I began to “drive away” in a few minutes before him. After waiting for me to completely go limp, the neighbor, without taking me off the member, put my back on the bed, and pulled me there, ending abundantly in my rectum … catching his breath, the guy came out of me and lay down next. – I love you! – I said quietly, looking at the guy. – I love you! – answered Anton, stroking my lips and chin with his fingers … covered with a blanket, we got comfortable and began to talk quietly about all sorts of things. – You tried to change clothes for a girl? – my boyfriend asked me. – Yes! – I smiled, – and change clothes and paint … when mom is not at home. Do you want to do it somehow for you? – I looked slyly into the eyes of Anton. – Yes! He said confidently, and gently kissed me again … We again began to kiss passionately, stroking each other on the backs and buttocks. Realizing on a friend’s unbending trunk that “it’s time” again, I asked him to move and knelt on the bed, facing the wall. I rested my hands on the wall, I protruded the ass, crowning my back … Yes, it was a very depraved pose (I somehow spied it in porn, though heterosexual), and I really wanted to try it. Anton, also knelt down, settled behind and sharply entered me. I gasped in surprise, and the guy, massaging my nipples, began to slowly move in me, gradually increasing the pace. This time we could not finish for a long time, but … in the end we did it at the same time. The room was filled with the sounds of love – I shook loudly in such powerful shocks of the penis, Anton growled muffledly, squeezing my nipples with his fingers and biting me by the neck.

Exhausted, we both fell to one side. The member still frantically pulsed in my wet mink, slowly falling. Anton hugged me tightly from behind and affectionately kissed my ear and neck. We slowly calmed down. How amazing to feel your beloved man at once everywhere – outside (strong warm hugs and tender kisses), and inside (warm and large, although fallen, rod of love). – Kisya! – carefully returned me to reality Anton’s voice, – and we have something to eat? – the guy looked guiltily at me, as if apologizing for violating all the romance. – Of course, beloved! – I suddenly came to my senses, – everything is ready … I’m sorry that I didn’t offer right away, – I carefully removed from the penis, got out of the blanket and darted into the hallway ..

… Anton sits at the table, focusing on a heated borscht from a plate. – You are delicious, dear? I asked. The neighbor nodded silently, biting away from a large ramp of black bread, and sending another spoon with a piece of boiled pork in his mouth. I, not looking up, looked at him with love. When Anton finished, I went from behind and put my hands on his broad shoulders. “My dear …” he whispered, “my tender … my hostess … my smart woman … But why … Why were you born in the body of a guy?! – Anton, looking at me enthusiastically, stroked my hands on my hands. I was silent, because I did not know the answer to this question ..

Before going to bed, we again made love, this time lying on the side. Having tightened one leg bent at the knee to the stomach, I lay, and, quietly groaning, baked, while Anton moved measuredly and leisurely inside me. The guy finished before me, but I didn’t have enough. I was not upset – I was grateful to Anton for his tenderness and love … For the fact that all my morning fears turned out to be in vain … Having made a blowing my neighbor a blowjob, I fell asleep, putting my head on his broad chest ..

The next two days went about the same way: in the afternoon Anton left, and I was preparing for the exam, prepared food, put things in order;At night, we enjoyed each other with might and main, fulfilled by love and tenderness … Finally, I passed the last exam perfectly and returned to the hostel with a light heart. “Anton, I … passed all the exams, and now I will go home for the holidays,” I said quietly, making him in the room. Anton was silent. – And you? – I asked, pausing. “I have a term paper tomorrow morning … Then also home … Fifteen with a penny … from the Kazan station … compartment,” the friend answered. We fell silent again. I came up and the Molga hugged the guy. “Please stay until tomorrow,” Anton whispered in my ear, stroking me on the pope. “Yes, dear, as you say,” I spoke delightedly, kissing his unshaven cheeks ..

In the evening, forgetting everything, we passionately loved each other without saying a word. When we simultaneously finished for the third time, I turned away, and, unable to restrain myself, cried into the pillow. – What are you, dear? Anton asked me worried, hugging me and looking into my face. “You … are leaving tomorrow,” I said sobbing, smearing tears on my cheeks. “Just ten days … And I will be very bored for you, my girl,” the guy reassured me, kissing me affectionately. “Anyway … I will die without you, my good,” I did not stop, sobbing softly. Anton in response only silently stroked my hair ..

The next day we went home. The holidays of the holidays lasted for a very long time, and every hour seemed to me eternity. Meeting the former classmates, I was hardly rejoiced – so, briefly told about myself and hurried further … I wanted to see only him, and only on him I was mortally missing from the very first day of the holidays ..

Finally, on that long -awaited day, I collected things and gathered again in the hostel. This time, in the secret pocket of the road bag, there were panties donated to me Aina, and a little money set aside from the scholarship. Arriving in Moscow a day earlier than Anton, I left things in the hostel and went to the store. Having bought an inexpensive female robe of my size, lipstick, shadows, mascara, nail polish, gaskets and tampons, I went back. Passing by the Internet cafe, I decided to go – so simple to kill the time … Entering the password of my mailbox, I carefully looked at the monitor.

Oh, not a fig to yourself!… Letters two hundred, no less! And it seems, one spam … Damn that they just don’t offer – work abroad, exchange courses, acquaintances, porn, staff management trainings … After reading the first few letters, I began to delete all the others in turn without even reading … Stop! And what is this strange address? At the end point-ef-ah … it came more than two months ago. Opening the letter, I frantically swallowed saliva ..

“Hello my lovely! Thank you for writing to me, however, I purely accidentally read your letter – I almost never use that box. From now on you can write to me to this address, or one more, I will bring below. How are you, dear? At Moscow State University, as I wanted? Everything is fine with me – I graduated from school, I am studying at the University of Helsinki at the Mathematics and Statistics Department. It’s hard, of course, but very interesting. Finland is a beautiful country, similar in some ways to Latvia and Russia. We have excellent living conditions here – a double room in a hostel with all amenities. The neighbor was also lucky – a charming girl, beautiful, smart, calm and very tender in bed. I really miss you, my baby! I really want to see you, and I hope this is possible … as on a personal front, I tried with a guy? How mom is doing? Give her hello to her! In general, write, I will wait for! P.WITH. I very-very love you. So far, the sea!” – I read on the screen. Three photographs were attached to the letter – Aina against the backdrop of the Cathedral, in the university audience and in the hostel in a half -core with a beautiful brunette of oriental appearance. I paid the time on the Internet and filled in response a long touching letter, in which I told everything about myself-about studying, about the rock band, about my university and even about Anton. Having written at the end of the letter that I love and miss, I by a click of mouse sent a message to a distant Suomi (as the Finns call their homeland), after which I left the cafe, and, inspired, flew into the hostel ..

The next day, knowing that Anton’s train comes closer to the evening, I bought food, champagne, and drove a hearty romantic dinner. Having set the table right in the middle of the room, I lit candles and went to the bathroom to bring myself into a festive look. Having left already in a new look, I sat down at the table and, with nothing to do, began to read some book.

The sound of the key inserted into the keyhole was heard. I scurried into the bathroom. The door opened, after a few moments closed again. – Who is at home? – Anton asked loudly. Trembling with excitement, I left the bathroom and went to the guy. – Hello! And you … – Anton was confused. – I am your new neighbor in the room. Julia! – I answered and held out his hand. Anton timidly shook her, and then, finally guessing what was happening, gnawed me in an armful and spinned in the air. – Wow! – he said enthusiastically, looking at me all – beautifully stacked hair, skillfully applied makeup, pink robe to the knees, legs with acombless nails … We merged in a long kiss. – I’m terribly hungry! – my boyfriend said, looking up from my lips and looking into the room, where the table was breaking with obvious. – Where? – I sternly said, catching his hand, – first wash off the road, – I pointed my hand to the bathroom … standing barefoot on the tile floor, I gently soaped the large beautiful body of Anton standing in the bath. Washing the foam, I reached out to kiss my beloved, but he grabbed my waist and moved me through the side of the bath. Running his hands under the dressing gown, he felt for the elastic band of panties and pulled them off me. Two soapy fingers immediately slipped into my hole, starting to slowly move back and go.

I groaned with pleasure, stroking a wide male back with my hands. Soon, strong fingers left my mink, and I turned to Anton with my back. Having rested with my palms against the wall of the bathroom, I bent down, and, having arched my back, provided my ass at the complete disposal of the guy. Entering, Anton finally finished two minutes later, and, pulling out a member, took a breath. After washing, we left the bathroom, and, without dressing, sat down at the table. After dinner, we lay down to the bed and enjoyed each other for a long, long time ..

In the morning Anton woke up before me. I saw that for some reason he was staring at my clothes and shoes, but did not attach much importance to this … When Anton returned, I already got up and had breakfast. – This is all for you! – Smiling, the guy said, holding out two huge bags to me. Having familiarized myself with their contents, I was stunned – a set of expensive cosmetics, stockings with a belt, a skirt to the middle of the thigh, several pairs of female panties of various styles, a bra with silicone chest imitators, several blouses, a topic, a nightie with lace, sandals and homemade slate on medium -sizedheel. – Thank you, honey … But it’s all so expensive! – I whispered admiringly. Anton cautiously hugged me. – Yulenka! – he said quietly, – my girlfriend should look not only beautiful, but also expensive. And now, be kind, try on! – A neighbor showed me a pile of female things ..

Since then I have been dressed in women’s clothes every evening. A week later, I already went freely in high heels, easily managed with gaskets and tampons (without them, after morning sex, it was possible to get trousers during the lectures) and spoke quite calmly about himself in a female kind. Anton admired my reincarnation, he finally saw in me his ideal of a girl, the ideal that he had wanted to meet for so long … Gradually, we were finished completely, and a month later we did not only love each other, but considered ourselves parts of a single whole. All women’s work fell on my shoulders – cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing;But I did this work with pleasure, trying to make the life of my boyfriend as comfortable as possible ..

On the eighth of March, I received my first bouquet of flowers as a gift. These were luxurious pink roses (I never thought before that getting flowers on the eighth of March is so nice!), and besides them, there was also a fashionable female handbag and a translucent phalloimitator-realesty, seeing my admiring eyes, Anton asked me to try out the subject in action, which I immediately did. The toy was exactly the same as a member of my beloved, and from this day I sometimes threw a couple of “sticks” to myself, bored along Anton when it was not at home … Anton became extremely gentle with me-carefully caressing me for hoursWith love he licked my ass, fucking her tongue, and toes, bringing me to ecstasy. As time went…

Spring imperceptibly flew and summer has come. Lyokha was discharged from the hospital and he took the academy for health reasons, as he could not walk without the help of crutches yet. Anton defended his thesis on “excellent” and was preparing to go to graduate school. I passed my second session in my life. By the first of July, I passed all the exams on the five, except one (Matan remained, and I did not worry about him at all). In the morning of this wonderful day, I was awakened by the gentle kisses of my beloved. Opening my eyes, I saw Anton, who crouched on the edge of the bed and holding a huge bouquet of roses in his hand. – Happy birthday, Yulenka! – He smiled gently, holding out the flowers to me. Roses were seventeen, by the number of my years. – Health and good luck to you, love! He continued, holding out a large opaque package for me. Having launched, I saw a beautiful beige dress to the knee, a dildo (much larger than last time), and … a mobile phone! Super! Polyphony, and even a color display!!! – My dear! -I exhaled enthusiastically, hanging on the guy’s neck … All morning we frantically had sex, and I even tested a new toy (by the way, it turned out to be just huge-about 6.5 cm in diameter, and entered me only with a lubricant, and only with a lubricant, andthen barely!). Then Anton went to the department to collect documents for graduate school, and I, having prepared a festive dinner, ran my eyes a couple of times the material on the matan. In the evening, having made up and dressing a new dress, a bra with lining, thongs and sandals, I got my beloved. Having dinner and drinking champagne, we hugged and began to kiss. – Yulechka!… I really want you … let’s go! – Anton suddenly told me mysteriously. – Where? – I was amazed. – Surprise! – the guy answered quietly, smiling. Having taken my hand, he led me out of the room and locked me on the outside the door. We went towards the stairs. I was pounding – the first time for all the time I left the room in this form. And here … One of the doors opened, and Vlad came out of it, a four -year student from a physical.

I wanted to die in place, and even better, to fall to the very first floor, and already die there, but … – Great, Toha! – said Vlad, as if nothing had happened, extending his hand to Anton, and carefully looking at me everything – starting with a hairstyle and ending with my perfect pedicure. – Hello! – Anton shook his hand. – Hello! – said Vlad to me, and I nodded my head back. We went on, but with my back I felt that Vlad was looking after us and stripping me with my eyes ..

Climbing four spans up, we stopped at the door to the roof. Anton silently took the key from his pocket. – Antoshenka, and … where did you get the key to the roof? – I was surprised. -Once, the commandant began to show the telly badly, and she asked me to send on the roof and see what is with the antenna. Well … gave the key, of course. And I ran away in a blessing and made a duplicate – you never know, it will come in handy when … ”the guy explained, opening the door.

… it was about ten in the evening, and the sun was already hiding behind the gray distances of sleeping areas, farewell to gifting the heavens with a crimson. It was still warm, but the rare dunes of a cool breeze still reminded of the coming night, forcing me to be covered with goosebumps. We went to the edge of the roof and, holding the handrails, began to admire the evening capital from the height of the fifteen -story tower of the hostel. Anton carefully hugged me, warming me with his big body. Turning to him, I fell with my lips to his sweet lips. The guy, climbing his hands under my dress, carefully pulled thongs from me and hid them to his pocket. Then, unbuttoning the belt, he lowered his jeans to his knees with his panties, exposing a sticking member. Realizing the guy without words, I raised the hem of the dress and “jumped” on him, clasping his waist with hips. Anton carefully planted me on a stake, and we, passionately kissing, began their delicate “dance” of love … Having finished at the same time, we disinfectedly took a breath. Having removed from the penis, I, not lowering the hem, immediately took out spare panties from my purse, and, having put a gasket on them, put on (this is such a female accuracy). Letting go of the hem, I gratefully looked at Anton. Anton, hesitantly biting his lips, was clearly about to tell me something, but for some reason he could not choose a word.

– Yul! – He finally began, – You, you know, is very glad that I am graduating from university with honors and entering graduate school – I spoke with him on the phone today … Imagine, I promised to buy me closer to the autumn … Well, not Ferrari, of course, of course… but, an inexpensive foreign car some. And he also does not want me to continue to live in a hostel;He wants me to move to a rented apartment … I have already expelled even money … And I even paid for the first month. You can enter now. Here are the keys! – triumphantly showed me a bunch of keys Anton. – Well…? – I asked quietly, not understanding what he was driving at (still noisy in my head from champagne). Anton suddenly knelt before me and hugged my hips. – Beloved … please, be my wife! – He said, looking upside down. – But, dear! – I whispered enthusiastically, stroking the guy on my hair, – Our legislation … – I spat on the legislation! – Anton ardently interrupted me, – the wife is not the one with whom the stamp in the passport is connected … The wife is that beloved, only, devoted woman who is always near, both in joy and in sorrow … For me it is only you, Yulechka! He continued, covering my hands with kisses. “I agree,” I answered quietly (or rather, answered), I squatted down and kissing the guy on the lips, “only please … love me very, so, I am alone ..

Five minutes later, we were already racing in a taxi and kissed passionately. Arriving in our new love nest, we first went to the bedroom. I was amazed – a huge sexoder, on which I could even make somersaults with my small physique and not fall to the floor … by breaking my clothes, we bought under the blanket. “Our first wedding night!” – admiredly in my head … Closer to morning, bringing each other to exhaustion, we began, hugging, falling asleep. – I finished four times today! – I thought, – we now have a new, separate housing, where no one will come not on time! I will now constantly be next to him, I will only be for his sake, for my beautiful husband, – I looked with tenderness at the sleeping Anton. Hugging a powerful hairy chest with one hand, I laid my head on his shoulder and smiled. A new, bright and cloudless period of my life began … a period of real, female happiness ..

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