Natalya Anatolyevna. My favorite teacher and first woman are Erotic and sex stories for adults

Natalya Anatolyevna. Favorite teacher and first woman.

Part one.

This story happened to me many years ago, in the late 90s, when I still lived with my parents in one of the Central Asian republics. My name is Andrew. That year I graduated from school, made plans to enter the university, for a technical specialty. At school, I always liked the lessons of physics, chemistry, mathematicians than humanitarian items. Moreover, from the 4th or 5th grade I became interested in electrical engineering, collected musical amplifiers, regulators, receivers, etc., I went with pleasure to the aircraft model in the building of the district recreation center, then with friends I taught our models to fly in a wasteland or in a small school stadium, tried to take pictures, etc.D., in general, he lived for himself, like any other young man of my age. I liked our school, it was an old building, small, two -story, with large wooden windows, in the spirit of the Stalinist buildings, in it always, despite any heat, has always been cool and comfortable or something if such buildings can be cozy.

I must say that, my first acquaintance with Natalya Anatolyevna was not very pleasant. Once at the end of the summer holidays, in August, my friends and I tried to launch an aircraft model on a fishing line in a small school stadium, but the model of the model was capricious and the model, barely rising and announcing the school courtyard with a piercing buzzing, fell again. We gathered around the model, tried to reanimate her motor, choosing the proportions of the mixture from the air and gasoline and, carried away, did not notice how suddenly some unfamiliar full-time woman, with a pretty round face, with a cut, beautifully laid, dyed, came up to ushair of dark brown-brown color, in a white sundress with a deep neckline and suddenly got a scream at us, demanding that we immediately get out of the school yard. The woman began to report to us loudly, saying that our model is dangerous, supposedly, she can break from the fishing line and damage someone in the yard or windows at school.

We looked around, but there was no one in the courtyard, even the usual spectators in such cases in the form of ubiquitous fragments, and the corta of the model is very strong and is very rare. We did not find that to object to this woman, stunned by her pressure, gathered silently and went from the yard. After waiting for the woman to leave, the woman turned around and, resolutely clutching at the heels of light shoes, disappeared behind the school door. I involuntarily noted for myself that the sundress tightly and seductively fit her full body, the lush breasts covered with fabric swayed to the beat of her steps, and the halves of large, weighty, but neat, rounded tricked out the upper.

I took a look at her and asked the guys who she was. Someone muttered displeasedly that this was a new teacher, got a job at school recently. This episode began to be forgotten, but on the eve of the start of classes of middle and high school students, they asked to approach school as much as possible and help restore order in the school classrooms. We had a friendly class and we almost in full force responded to a request and gathered in the morning at the door of our class on the ground floor. We talked, chatted, told each other who, how and where he spent his vacation. Meanwhile, the time passed, but our class teacher did not appear, the office was locked. Finally, the head teacher, Evdokia Fedorovna, a harsh woman and, with her loud, commanding voice, ordered us to rise to the second floor, where a new study cabinet was allocated for us.

We all trudged onto the second floor and the head teacher showed us to the open door of the office, where the class of labor lessons, or households for the girls of primary and middle classes or something else (I don’t remember) was located). We went in the whole crowd inside, with curiosity considering what was in the office. He turned out to be large, bright, with an additional room, side wall cabinets and a backbone. There were sewing machines on the desks, some patterns, pieces of fabric lay, on a separate table there were some kind of utensils and so on. At this time, the head teacher entered the office and with her who you thought?! The very complete woman who reported me with the guys recently for the launch of the air model. The head teacher turned to us, and said that from this school year, until the end, to the release from school, this teacher, Natalya Anatolyevna, will be our new class teacher.

Then the head teacher went out, and Natalya Anatolyevna, quickly looking around us, immediately got down to business decisively. Asked everyone to sit at the desks, give their name and surname. She approached each of us and, remembering, carefully looked back from head to toe, looked into her face, in the eyes. When the turn came to me, it seemed to me that some fleeting memory flashed in her eyes, but it seemed that she did not recognize me. In turn, getting acquainted with us and, telling about herself, she is with a smile, and somewhere with a joke, she told us, now her students, who lives in our area, with her parents in a private house, not far from the school, whichShe has two children of preschool and younger-school age, which a long time ago she graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of our city pedagogical institute, she used to work at school, only in a different area of the city, she loves to cut, sew, develop new models, is fond of design, and she was fond of design, and she was fond of design.Dancing, like to cook. On the unexpected and immodest questions of our some girls and guys about her age and about her husband, she laughed and not at all a fart, she replied that she was still very young and that she was only 41 years old, and her husband was also available.

Everyone also laughed, the situation was somewhat discharged. She stood at the front desk, indeed, sexy, sexy, full of health, full of medium height, in a tight summer dress, from bluish translucent chiffon, not vulgar, but clearly, emphasizing all the charms and dignity of the body of this mature woman. I noted for myself that the fullness did not spoil her at all, but on the contrary, it was pleasant. Lush breasts pulled with a bodice with large cups and from this resembling cylinders, 3 or 4 sizes (as it turned out later, it was a natural 5 size and in the shape of her chest resembled large melons!), temptingly swayed from the movements of their mistress, the most open zone of the rectangular cut of the neckline of her dress showed the elastic, not wrinkled skin, the soft belly of the already giving birth to a woman did not stick out and did not go off, but the round hemispheres of large buttocks, full of hips, rounded hands with puffy fingers,Strong caviar and graceful feet (37 size) in light flipping on thin heels complemented the seductive picture. And her voice turned out to be pleasant, breastfeed, from the sounds of which some sweet languor swept me from the inside and below the pants began an unequivocal move.

It also turned out that Natalya Anatolyevna had not only a luxurious, seductive body, but also the enviable talent of the organizer. In a matter of minutes after our impromptu acquaintance, she found a job or lesson for each of us and this is all with jokes, humor, smile, so these labors did not strain anyone, they did everything with pleasure.

I must say that Natalya Anatolyevna quickly won the location and respect of our guys and, especially, girls. After a short time, they already whispered with her with might and main, ran to her for advice. It also turned out that, unlike the bulk of our teachers, Natalya Anatolyevna is able to appreciate humor, draws and jokes, especially teenage, and if our jokes were completely stupid, treated them with understanding and endless patience. The school also assigned the responsibilities of organizing all kinds of cultural events, supporting contacts with other schools, colleges. At the same time, none of our guys noticed that she complained about difficulties or lack of time or refuse assignments. And no matter what issue the guys or girls of our class addressed her, she tried to resolve them first, regardless of anything. It also added pluses in the eyes of our guys and we began to treat her with genuine respect and helped her in her public troubles.

In communication, she turned out to be friendly, cheerful, sociable, ingenuous, it was easily possible to talk to any topic, including a very personal or even intimate nature, which to talk about with other teachers or even to each other, sometimes none of usHe decided. She was disapproving with any manifestations of lies, insincerity and, especially, to all kinds of gossip and gossip at school, and, communicating with us, did not get tired of reminding us that to discuss someone or someone’s actions for the eyes is unworthy.

The students of our class could always look at Natalia Anatolyevna home, for advice or just like that, to visit. In her house, she always reigned order, it smelled deliciously with pastries, they came to meet heat, watered tea, coffee, treated them with sweets, fruits. She herself resembled a delicious, butter, mature puffy, at the same time graceful and light. I don’t know how the other guys, but I fell in love with my teacher, Natalya Anatolyevna, as they say, by her ears and it is not surprising that she gradually became the main and only heroine of my teenage, youthful erotic fantasies and lusts (nothing can be done, the age of puberty!). At the sight of her or the sounds of her voice, my frantic erection immediately began, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment, so I almost always had to wear swimming trunks, which at least somehow restrained my cock from indefatigable ascent.

Study and time went on as usual, we are gradually accustomed to Natalia Anatolyevna, and she to us. As for my relationship with her, I can say that she was imbued with respect for me, after she, learning about my passion for electrical engineering, turned to me with a request to fix an electric outlet that fell out of the nest in our classroom, and when I initially brought it toThe order is all the outlets, and then the ceiling lamps in the office and changed the gaskets of the leakage tap in the back room, there was no limit to its sincere joy. When I, a schoolboy, a young man, later, by her own delicate, cautious request (she was very worried that she would suddenly think that she was operating students for their own purposes!) eliminated the consequences of a short circuit in the electrical wiring at her house, which was arranged by her father Anatoly Ivanovich, a good-natured man, a fan of craft or improve the structure (laughter through tears! ), reanimated the electric wiring in the house, washing and in addition, the motor of her beloved sewing machine, from admiration, she hugged me, pressed me and kissed me from the heart! Needless to say, at that moment I was in the seventh heaven with happiness!

In addition, it turned out that we liked to walk around the spontaneous clothing market, which was located on the road that had walked past the school and our houses with her, every weekend, almost in any weather, especially in the spring and summer and summer. On this flea market, you could find anything from technology or household items, clothes, etc. And I often met her on her Natalya Anatolyevna, after which we wandered there already. The people there always crowded passages between the rows and we often made our way through the cluster of people close to each other and even sometimes holding hands so as not to get lost.

Honestly, at these moments, I no longer looked at who trades and with what, but stealthily or not hesitated examined the charms of the body of Natalia Anatolyevna, who I had longed for me, preferring to stay a little behind her, because I could enjoy it, looking at the invariably tighteneda dress or sundress her weighty ass, luxurious hips, soft folds on the sides, passing in his chest and from time to time, as if by chance, tried to touch these treasures. Natalya Anatolyevna, carried away by looking at the goods sold, did not pay any attention to my touches, especially since we have always had many people who are curious, pushing or touching each other around us.

By that time, I began to get carried away with eastern martial arts, well -strong and even grown up! I went to training in another district of the city several times a week, returned after them in the evening and often at the tram stop near the sports complex was met by Natalya Anatolyevna, who on the same days when I had training, as it turned out, returned from the district, where she was where she was, where she was where sheregularly carried some reports from school or vice versa took documents there for school. Then we were already waiting for the tram together, sat in it, drove, then went home from the stop. At the same time, we needed to cross the railway tracks along the underground pedestrian tunnel, which was never lit, thoroughly littered and I noticed that Natalya Anatolyevna looked at me every time when we went through it in the twilight and even more so when we weresome marginal, suspicious personalities came across a meeting.

Then, somehow, she admitted to me that without me, she was afraid to walk on this tunnel not only late in the evening, but even in the afternoon she had to climb the embankment, cross the rails or even crawl under the wagons when they stood on the tracks/d composition. Sometimes, without reaching the house, several stops, we left the tram so that Natalya Anatolyevna managed to run through several grocery stores before they close them. I also accompanied her at the same time, but she did not mind, especially since I then helped her carry heavy bags to the house.

On such days, we returned on foot already along the road, walking parallel to the railway tracks, walked along the narrow streets to our houses, especially since we were along the way, they were on the same line, by the road. I liked this path more, since I could be longer with Natalya Anatolyevna. At the same time, I was surprised that Natalya Anatolyevna, despite her completeness, always walked quickly and easily and how she does not get tired of running in shoes or heel sandals, and she was only
I chuckled in response and joked that without heels it would become very low and ugly.

Gradually, we have developed good, friendly relations and therefore in the house of Natalia Anatolyevna I could be more often and in these happy minutes I tried to see as much as possible or find out something from her usual, household life. So, sometimes I was happy to observe how she was doing something around the house, walks in a simple short robe or a tight-fitting knocker, barefoot or in light slap on a small heel, the backs of which were loudly slapped on her round well-groomed heels. At the same time, she was no longer very embarrassed by my presence and if she did something, leaning down at the same time, squatted down or sat at the table on a chair with her legs pushed and pulled up much above the knees of the dress or skirt, and did it in generalnot caring, that at the same time, her creamy thighs often became visible to me, or a piece of fabric of her panties or through the translucent fabrics of her robes or sundresses themselves, tightly tight -fitting buttocks, and sometimes lifting breasts without their own weight without a weight.bra.

In her room, I really liked to consider her large double bed, an invariably fresh, clean bed, sometimes I managed to look into the wardrobe separation with her underwear, and in the courtyard to look at its lace or ordinary, white or pastel flowers, panties and bras hung on a rope.After washing. But most of all I liked her bright and frank dance costumes for Latin American dances, which were also sometimes hung out in the courtyard. However, Natalya Anatolyevna, in the classroom of her dance mug, usually cost a tight, light cocoon. Showing any movements to her girls from the circle, she moved very seductively around the hall and at the same time he literally drove me crazy how her full breasts, priests, and thighs were swaying and trembling from these movements! It is easy to imagine what unbridled erotic obscene fantasies and lust at these moments flashed through my head, which I later recalled and worried at night with pleasure again and again.

I got great pleasure from close friendly communication with this beautiful woman, but at the same time I was tormented by an unbearable desire to feel at least a few minutes with his own hands, lips, the soft elasticity of her breasts, the warmth of velvet, warm, with a light tan, skin still barelya noticeable age -old “orange crust” of her fleshy thighs, hips, priests, not to mention the fact to deal with her love affection! I have repeatedly become a break to admit Natalya Anatolyevna about her love in her and that she already interests me primarily as a woman, but every time I drove this thought from myself, I didn’t know how she would react to it, could be limited to a joke, or maybe he would suit itscandal, and even before parents will disgrace!

This is how those two years flew by, while Natalya Anatolyevna was our class teacher, but the time has come for our release. And here is summer, warm, graduation evening. Natalya Anatolyevna prepared a program of the evening with us, all the children of the class and the evening was a success! We came up with a bunch of all kinds of comic competitions, quiz and even a dance marathon, which was supposed to perform our girls and several guys, of course, with the expected success, because they were prepared by Natalya Anatolyevna herself, in her dance circle. After the solemn part, graduates and teachers gathered in the assembly hall of the school, where they set up and set the tables, prepared a scene, equipment. The evening began, everything went well: the guys and teachers congratulated each other, joked, laughed, participated in competitions, no one shrugged, everyone had fun. At the tables they eaten, drank water, juices and in honor of such a solemn occasion, even allowed to drink champagne. Competitions replaced each other, participants awarded prizes and applause.

Finally came the turn to the dance marathon. Participants performed on a kind of lottery, t.e. What a ticket with the name of the dance fell out, such a dance was to perform the contestant. Natalya Anatolyevna also participated in the competition and she had one classic dance and Latin American cha-cha-cha. I was amazed at her energy, the fact that she managed to be everywhere and everywhere, because she was only a few months before the graduation, but Natalya Anatolyevna, who literally blossomed with a physiologically luxurious body and spiritual energy, looked young, in appearance not older than 38 or 40years, spectacularly and sexually attractive, noticeably standing out with their pleasant appearance among other teachers, and on the street and among other women, invariably attracting the attention of men and even guys, with undisguised pleasure looking at her lush breasts, hips and ass, clamped in narrow dresses.

I took pictures of her performances and tried not to let a single moment. The audience was noisily and joyfully applauded to the speaker. But I was tired of standing at the stage, especially since Natalya Anatolyevna, having received some prize and bouquets of flowers, already ran away from her, I wanted to drink and I sat down at one of the tables where there were drinks, fruits, sweets. And Natalya Anatolyevna, dressing in a regular light dress of cream-coffee chiffon with white patterns and a triangular neckline, was already moving rapidly somewhere around the hall from one group of guys and teachers, to another, on the move, as usual, solving somequestions. I slowly drank cool soda, looked at the camera (one of the first “soaps” Samsung with a matrix of as many as 2 megapixels, brought by my parents from a trip to the UAE!) Pictures, when suddenly, Natalya Anatolyevna came up and sat down to the set table, near me.

We were with her at the table together, since everyone had almost scattered around the hall, crowded at the stage or went out into the street. She was a little out of breath, greeted me with a smile and asked me to pour a little water or better, champagne. I handed her a glass of champagne and praised her dances, took a picture of her, sitting at the table, and said that he had made photographs and during her performances. Natalya Anatolyevna, seeing the camera in my hands perked up, moved closer to me so that I immediately felt the pleasant warmth and smell of her body, light sweet spirits and had already been drunk before champagne and noticed that she was already a little tipsy. She was happy to examine the pictures and commenting on them, chuckled, jokingly pushing me with her elbow and brushed her hair on my head.

Since Natalya Anatolyevna was sitting close to me, I easily distinguished me under the translucent fabric of the cup of a cup of creamy wound, which supported her lush breasts and even noticed that the Lif had transparent straps, one of which was somewhat shifted to the side, which is why oneFrom the breasts almost protruded from the neckline of the neckline on the dress. In a seductive hollow between her breasts, a golden cross on the chain lay down, in the ears there were rounded earrings in the form of gold hills. Her full breasts and neck were also decorated with another gold chain, larger, and on puffy fingers with good manicure, several golden rings flaunted. Deviating back, I furtively looked at her ass and through the fabric saw that narrow panties were wearing on her, the same cream -colored.

Typically, Natalya Anatolyevna wore with such translucent dresses the lower skirt, hiding her underwear, and now she was not on her and I thought that, probably, in confusion with dressings, she forgot her somewhere and that would find her and take her as a keepsake! The imagination immediately painted the wonderful picture of the charms of Natalya Anatolyevna, and the integrity of the lower part of my pants was now in question!

Meanwhile, the evening was actually ended, we gathered home, but then several teachers approached our table and Natalya Anatolyevna, having finished her champagne from Fieur, got up and without saying anything, left with them. I sighed and moved to the exit, I wanted to go to look for the lower skirt of Natalia Anatolyevna left somewhere, but changed my mind and, on the way, saying goodbye to the guys and girls of our former class, went outside. It was already dark there, in a summer stuffy, but sometimes a light breeze flew from somewhere, bringing a short time. I slowly went from the yard, when suddenly someone called to me by name. I turned around, it turned out to be Natalya Anatolyevna, who easily escaped from the steps of the school porch and, going up, asked where I was heading. I replied, I’m going home, that I was a little tired, to which she said, which was also practically without strength and, laughing, asked me to take her home, adding that she would not reach my help without my help. We slowly went on the way to her house, discussed the evening, chatted about something else, she asked me what university I would act, what I would do, while unexpectedly for me, she herself took my arm and pressed itunder the arm to breasts. We walked further, I blissfully feeling the warmth of her body, the soft elasticity of her luxurious breasts and, looking at her in the dark, felt that the member in my pants instantly took the combat rack, regardless!

So slowly we reached her house. I have already prepared to just say goodbye to her and the opportunity to ever realize my dreams about this woman, but Natalya Anatolyevna suddenly said that after the champagne was drunk, she dies of thirst, and her house has a wonderful compote and which she cooked the day before andI really want her to drink. Saying this, she, randomly with the keys, opened the castle of the entrance gate, looked at me, smiled and invited me to taste the compote. I silently nodded in agreement and carefully, trying not to make noise, followed her into the courtyard of an unlit house, but Natalya Anatolyevna, seeing this, laughed and said, I don’t need to be careful, because besides us and the courtyard dog, Nayda, who joyfully welcomed us, there is no one in the house. It turned out that yesterday Natalya Anatolyevna spent her children under the supervision of her grandmother, mother of Natalia Anatolyevna in some country sanatorium for ten days, and the father of Natalia Anatolyevna went to work that day, on duty until the morning. Hearing this, my heart clogged rapidly, and all sorts of thoughts rushed through my head that I could finally be able to stay for a short while with my beloved woman, the heroine of my erotic fantasies.

I sat in the kitchen at the table, absent -mindedly sipped the compote, painfully inventing the occasion to start with Natalia Anatolyevna a conversation on the topic that worries me. Meanwhile, she put me in the kitchen at the table and pouring my compote, managed to leave the room somewhere and return, already in a snow-white smearing bathing dressing gown with a belt. I looked around Natalya Anatolyevna with undisguised admiration and looked at her with a hoped hope.

She, catching my gaze, smiled, asked if I liked the compote. I nodded approvingly. Natalya Anatolyevna unexpectedly sat down close to me and looking into my eyes, for a few seconds I looked in them inseparably, from which I was somewhat dabbled. Finally she asked if I could make a photo shoot for her. I was surprised, but nodded in the affirmative, however, not really understanding what she had in mind and reached for the camera lying on the table.

She, without telling me, got up from the dance, pulled my hand and led me into a sparkling whiteness and cleanliness of a bathroom with a shower cabin. Approaching the wall laid out with a white, blue and yellow tile, she threw off her legs with a small heel and barefoot turned to me, suddenly slightly opening her bathing bathroom. At the same time, exposing one slightly tanned chest, a tummy, slightly hanging above the pubic, covered with dark hairs and part of the thigh, she stood on tiptoe, coquettishly vanished her cheek with her chubby pen and cheerfully with the other. I, stunned by what I saw, hastily brought a camera on it and took a few pictures. Natalya Anatolyevna, not at all embarrassed, meanwhile she took different poses, gradually opening the bathrobe and lifting his floors more and more, turned to me sideways, then rounded large buttocks, and finally threw off her bathrobe, turning her face to me and showing me and showingall of myself is naked, delightful, in front. I took pictures feverishly, but I thought almost nothing, my breath caught my breath, my tongue shook to the sky, my hands were shaking, my legs were cotton, and below shamelessly from my pants stuck a spear on a combat platoon.

Seeing the coveted body of Natalia Anatolyevna, who was not covered and not constrained by the charms of a full -time physiological forces of a forty -year -old sexy woman, I could not restrain the admiring sigh, took several steps on her stiff legs to her, standing in front of me and knowingly looking at me with condescending and at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same timeSatisfied with a smile. Approaching Natalya Anatolyevna, I just fell to her knees in front of her, the camera fell out of my hands, and I wrapped her hips with my hands, and my face buried in a fluffy pubis. Having buried in this treasured triangle with dark brown hairs, I felt and began to inhale the wonderful, incomparable smell of a purely washed groin and a mature, blooming woman and was not able to tear himself away from her body, then eagerly squeezing with both hands with both handsHalf of her priests, then pinching and stroking her magnificent, strong hips and thighs, soft stomach. Natalya Anatolyevna stood surprisingly calmly, not pushing me away from her and patiently, in my opinion, long enough, did not interrupt my pleasure with her body, only stroking and tossing my hair on my head. Finally, I, having made an effort on myself, tore my face from the groin of Natalia Anatolyevna, raised a delighted and at the same time, imploring a look at her face. She looked at me alarmed, blessed at me, leaned toward me, while the weighty breasts of Natalia Anatolyevna, reminiscent of large Central Asian melons, with dark pink nipples framed by large brown circles, swayed heavily down. Seeing this, I groaned and whispered barely audibly that I love her and really want.

Only obscene values turned in the language, what I dreamed of doing all this time with Natalya Anatolyevna, left alone with her, and I, ashamed, again, but a little louder, only squeezed out that I really want her, that I want it, that I wantedsex with her and again buried his face in her fluffy pubis. Natalya Anatolyevna slightly rejected my head from her groin in amazement at me and wanted to retreat from me, but I snuggled up to her, with both hands clung to her ass and hips, as they say, a dead grip, so she could not move off withplaces. Natalya Anatolyevna unexpectedly strict, which immediately became an unpleasant voice, condemningly said: “Ah, you are unscrupulous that you allow yourself! What do you think that I am so vulgar and depraved, that I will do this with you for no reason?! You are crazy, or what has gone, Andrey?!”.

Suddenly gaining speechlessness, I began to confusely and hastily tell her that I have long been in love with her as a woman, that she is most beautiful, most wonderful and desirable for me in the whole world and want the first woman to teach me to engagelove, it was she, Natalya Anatolyevna. “Andrey! Do not fool my head with this vulgarity, especially since we have such a difference in age! Let me go and get up right now!” – Natalya Anatolyevna continued indignantly, trying to push me away from herself. But I did not move and did not let her out of my arms and, having taken her face from her groin, did not say that I have a problem with sex, that I want her to teach me to kiss the real, according to an adult, taught me love affection and otherLock.

After listening to my incoherent chatter, Natalya Anatolyevna, with obvious doubt, looked at me and replied that I, obviously, not everything is in order with my head and what I ask her about, this is not normal and all these are my unhealthy fantasies and imaginations. In response, I silently continued to hold Natalia Anatolyevna on the spot and frantically squeeze her ass and hips with her hands and at some point, probably squeezed them too much, so Natalya Anatolyevna got out, and, painfully grimacing, said: “Yes, you are quietly you! Bruises will persuade me what I will do later?!”. There was an awkward pause and silence hung, so that our breath was heard and like behind a ventilation window, in the courtyard of the house, cries of cries.

“Maybe help you find some girl and girl for this?” – Natalya Anatolyevna violated the silence. In response, I shook my head negatively and unexpectedly blurted out decisively: “Well, they are all stupid, small and the same inexperienced!”. “And why did you decide that I have a lot of experience in such matters? I, communicating with you, gave you some reason, so think about me? And what exactly is your problem?” – already calmly, in her breast voice, Natalya Anatolyevna asked me. I did not find what to answer, I only muttered that I don’t know where to start when they make love, I am terribly shy and I’m afraid to look in the eyes of the opposite sex while inexorably and ridiculous. “Wouldn’t it be too early for you to find out about it and gain experience? Maybe you will grow up a little more and you yourself will be able to solve your problem?” – she asked somewhat tiredly.

I did not answer and only pressed tightly face to her pubis. After a pause, Natalya Anatolyevna ruined my hair on her head, sighed and said: “Well, what can you do with you, well, let’s go, try to do something with your problem”. I got up, she looked testfully into my eyes and, laughing softly, said: “Oh you, Andryushka-fantaser! Lover Hero!”, Hugged me, pressed me to me so that I came close to the elasticity of her breasts, abdomen, and my cock rested in her groin. I nervously began to stroke her on the sides and hips and press her stronger to her, but Natalya Anatolyevna stopped my impulse and, turning over her shoulders, pushed me lightly to the exit of the bathroom.

We went into her room, where we turned on the nightlight and Natalya Anatolyevna, naked, sat down on the edge of her bed, shifting and holding her legs and covering her weighty breasts with one hand. I stood in front of her, not knowing what to do now. Seeing my confusion, she smiled encouragingly and came to the rescue, unfastening her belt on her trousers. Having come to my senses, I quickly threw off all my clothes and again stood in front of her in indecision, aiming in her direction with a tense and swollen member to the limit. Seeing him, Natalya Anatolyevna was surprised, saying that she did not expect to see a member of this size by a young man. She took him in her hands, carefully examined, gently stroking, tingling and tickling his nails and hardened testicles, then carefully exposed the foreskin. From this and from extreme excitement, I barely restrained myself, frantically swallowing the saliva, sighed intermittently and almost cum on her chest and face.

Natalya Anatolyevna letting out my cock out of her hands and half -born, lifted the pillows on the bed, leaned back on their back, and, pulling my hand to her, said that I would not hurry that we would have enough time for everything for everything. I sank to the bed with her nearby and began to carefully caress her body, which had long been covered by me, stroking her full hands with both palms, lush breasts, wide, strong hips, delicate skin in the groin, strong, convex pubis. At first carefully, and then stronger, I squeezed her chest with the palms of her, they did not fit with them, they did not fit in the palms, they were simultaneously fleshy and soft, warm, measuredly swayed from shaking their hands, but did not fall to the side, but, opposite the oppositeThey kept their shape perfectly.

I started kissing and fingering large nipples in dark large circles with my tongue and the nipples kept fingering right before my eyes. Then I slipped with my palms on my stomach, soft, but not at all to the wagon, but simply age, kissed the navel’s hollow and, amusing, blew into it, from which Natalya Anatolyevna laughed, and then reached the inside. Natalya Anatolyevna, lay calmly and slightly covering her eyes, watched me with a smile, taking my affection.

She pushed her fleshy thighs a little so that I could stroke them and crotch, pubis and labia. I clung my lips to the groin of Natalia Anatolyevna and again felt this heady, stupefy and such a coveted smell of her clitoris, vagina, the smell of a mature healthy woman. It turned out that Natalya Anatolyevna had only a pubis, and the entire crotch, like the area around the anus, were smooth and cleanly shaved. I moved down to the vagina of Natalia Anatolyevna, and to make it more convenient for me, slightly pressed on her legs, pushing them apart. She obediently pushed the thighs so that the vagina opened, the halves of the priests parted wider, showing the brown ring of the anus. I bloomed the entire crotch, and then, having come to taste, I began to lick it with my tongue. Then he carefully touched the clitoris of the clitoris Natalia Anatolyevna, while squeezing her full breasts with his palm. I did all this intuitively, probably, thereby embodying some of my hidden fantasies that have developed from what I could read somewhere about love affection.

At this time, Natalya Anatolyevna, stroking me over my body, hair, face, began to moan slightly, and from my simultaneous touches to the breasts and clitoris, she flinched, arched and several times cried out quietly. I continued to gently lick and caress her clitoris with her tongue, from which Natalya Anatolyevna groaned louder and quietly told me that she had already lubricated in her bosom and she pulled me over herself.

I, resting my hands on the bed, carefully sank down the lower part of my body on her from above, while trying to penetrate the prepared, already juicy bosom of my beloved dumplings, but in vain (the lack of experience was affected! ). Then Natalya Anatolyevna came to my aid, she tucked a member in the bosom with her fingers and I made several slow movements, trying to get into it as deeply as possible. Suddenly I had the idea to fuck and I took out my tense, hard member, began to tap and stroke it with my head clitoris and labia. In response to this, Natalya Anatolyevna screeched with delight and pleasure. I again introduced a member into the bosom, it seemed to me rather narrow, not stretched and I said about my feelings Natalya Anatolyevna. She laughed and joked, saying that everything was overlined there from long -term downtime and inaction and I would need to try to return the bosom to working condition. I continued to demolish Natalia Anatolyevna, at the same time caressing, kissing her breasts, her lips, face, hair, whispering, that I love her and really want her. The movements of my member in the bosom of Natalia Anatolyevna were at first slow, cautious, then I, excited about the feeling of long -awaited intimacy with the coveted woman, began to make tremors more sharply, trying to penetrate as deep as possible, until the uterus itself.

Natalya Anatolyevna first hugged me and pressed me to her, and then, when the pressure of my member became stronger, laid her hands under her ass so that her vagina and priests were taller, bent her legs at her knees, raised them, wrapped them up with them and tried to press them with themI also whispered to my groin and also excitedly: “Ah, Andryushka, my boy! I want you, I want everything, my dear, my good! Don’t stop, go on! Aaaa! Ah! More! Like this!”, Bending under me to the beat of my movements. This went on in my opinion for quite some time, we even both sweated, breathed heavily and, at some point, I realized that he was about to finish. As if feeling this, Natalya Anatolyevna managed to whisper to me that I could calmly cum in her, which I did, poured into her bosom by a stormy stream of sperm. Natalya Anatolyevna, breathing intermittently, slightly audibly said that she also finished. I lay on her, rested. I did not want to take out a member and feeling the pleasant warmth, I began to move quietly again, straining a member and moving them in the bosom of Natalia Anatolyevna and she really liked it. She, in turn, also began to strain the muscles of the walls of the bosom and squeeze my cock with them. I have never experienced such enthusiastic sensations before!

Meanwhile, my cock was not weakened after the ejaculation and retained elasticity and strength, I again began to demolish Natalia Anatolyevna, which pleasantly surprised her and she offered to try it in another pose, with her back. Natalya Anatolyevna stood on all fours, turned to me a booty, blundered her back, spread her legs so that I, kneeling, was between her legs. I inserted an excited member to the bosom of Natalia Anatolyevna, but several times I poked it below the right hole and she again came to my aid, pushing the labia with her chubby fingers and tucked the penis into the bosom. There were plenty of grease in it, the penis glided with a little friction over its walls and I began to rhythmically drive it as deep as possible. Now the possibility of penetration of the penis in deeper limited only the crotch of Natalia Anatolyevna and the elasticity of the extended halves of her priests, about which my testicles and hips spanked loudly.

I grabbed Natalia Anatolyevna for the weighty breasts, swaying to my shocks, or delicate her palm on her buttocks, appetizing and excitingly shocked from my shocks. Natalya Anatolyevna and I again scored the pace, the tremors became stronger, tougher, the member penetrated the bosom so that he rested on the upper wall with his head, Natalya Anatolyevna switched to crumbs and even slightly shouted. At some point, I noticed that Natalya Anatolyevna’s brown ring of the anus also expands to the beat of her movements. The temptation of the opportunity to penetrate the forbidden hole was too large and I, quickly taking out a member of the bosom, tried to insert it into the anus of Natalia Anatolyevna. Feeling this, Natalya Anatolyevna recoiled from me and turning around, looked reproachfully at me and quite sharply said that I immediately stopped having my attempts to have anal sex with her. I was embarrassed and asked her to forgive me for this trick. Natalya Anatolyevna, seeing my discouraged look, softening, she said that for anal sex she needs to prepare and tune in and, perhaps later, she would provide me with this opportunity, but certainly not now and not that night.

(By the way, Natalya Anatolyevna kept her promise in front of me and later really gave me an unforgettable feeling of anal sex, but this is another story ).

I was sitting on the bed and was completely confused by the sudden drainage, which Natalya Anatolyevna arranged for me. Meanwhile, she again clung to me, pressed me to the breasts, began to kiss me, stroke, caress my cock and said that she again wanted to feel my cock in herself, feel how I will finish her in her. After a few moments, my member strained again, Natalya Anatolyevna turned again to me booty and kneeling, spread her legs wider, curled her back. I enjoyed introducing a member into her bosom, gained an energetic pace of shocks and under the exciting cries of Natalia Anatolyevna, a few minutes later finished into it. Sounds, she whispered that she finished more than once, carefully lay on her stomach, her arms under her chest and tightly reduced her legs and continued to shine and moan from spasm, experiencing the resulting orgasm. I lay on it, rested and, taking my breath, stroked Natalya Anatolyevna on the sides, breasts, shoulders, inhaled the smell of her hair, kissed her in the back of his head and shake and did not want to take out a member from her bosom, but he himself slipped out and turned out to be clamped with elastic halvesThe priests of Natalia Anatolyevna. I quietly began to fidget on her back and forth, tearing a member and trying to advance him deeper, but Natalya Anatolyevna said that I would calm down and rest. Then I lay down next to her, began to stroke her on the back, pope, hips, kiss the armpits near the breasts, folds and flesh. Natalya Anatolyevna chuckled quietly for my affection and jokingly asked where I came from from such an affection of restless.

Having rested a little, we got out of bed and went with her to the bathroom, where we splashed with pleasure under the warm streams of water. I asked Natalia Anatolyevna to let me wash her crotch and all the holes, which she laughed at, agreed. Under the warm streams of water, I stroked my palms with luxurious breasts, back, ass, hips, chubby thighs of Natalia Anatolyevna. She set her legs slightly and sat down a little so that it would be more convenient for me and my palms gently slipped along her crotch, soaping her pubis, lips sticking out from the sperm, and I did not miss the opportunity to stroke, rub the clitoris again, penetrate them into the vagina, and then, then, and then, then,gliding with my palms along the thighs and between the halves of the priests, I, mischievous, slightly pressed a finger on the anus, from which Natalya Anatolyevna banged and twisted me for my playful handles. I could do this endlessly, but Natalya Anatolyevna resolutely took the initiative into her own hands, took off the watering can and began to wash off the shampoo foam from her intimate charms, and then she still managed to thoroughly wash mine. I stood next to her, stroked her body with my palms, and again began a member with a member on her wet hips, a priest, but Natalya Anatolyevna said that she was tired and she already wanted to relax.

Having consulted towels, we returned to the room of Natalia Anatolyevna. Passing through the living room, she looked at her watch and said that it was already the third hour of the night and it was time to go to bed. Having caught on, she asked me whether they would worry about at home for me, but I replied that my parents were not at home either, they left for relatives to the neighboring city and had to return only the next day, for dinner. Natalya Anatolyevna covered the bed with a fresh sheet, changed pillowcases, and we took off before the seasoned sheet, so she was inadvertently flooded with our sperm and decently crumpled from our love. Finally we lay down, naked, covered only to the waist with light sheets. I lay taking Natalia Anatolyevna, staring her breasts with one hand, and she settled next to her, putting her head on my shoulder. Already falling asleep, Natalya Anatolyevna told me that she was very good with me and no one gave her such pleasure before. I inadvertently asked about my husband what Natalya Anatolyevna, grunting vaguely and shrugging her shoulders, replied that he was supposed to eat pear. She said that he had long gone to work in Russia and does not write, does not call and she does not support any relations with him. I felt embarrassed, but Natalya Anatolyevna said that I would not take it to heart and calmly fall asleep. We fell asleep.

I woke up from the fact that the room was already light, because in the summer it lights up early. I quietly got out of bed, went into the living room, looked at the watch, they showed 6 in the morning. I returned to the room, lay down next to Natalya Anatolyevna. She slept on her stomach, her legs slightly tight, sniffing softly in a dream, hiding behind on top in the sheet. I looked around her body, the hips, the hips that seductively tightened the sheet, weighty breasts crushing under his mistress, felt and saw that my penis was tensing and, exposing the foreskin, demonstrates his readiness to penetrate again into the warm, juicy bosom of my beloved woman, Natalia Anatolyevna. Meanwhile, in a dream, she turned over in a dream to one side, to me with her back, the sheet now covered only her breasts and a soft stomach. Her luxurious priest with folds appeared to my gaze, the rear parts of the clasps together with soft folds.

I carefully spent several times a member of the pope and tried to push it between its halves, while gently stroking the flesh of the thighs under the booty and folds on the back with fingers, crossing the chest, crossing the chest. After a few shocks and stroking, Natalya Anatolyevna stretched out, muttered sleepily that I was restless, and without opening her eyes, she sighed, threw back the sheet, turned over on her back and obediently spread the thighs, opening me the limitless access to the crotch and her charms. I quietly lay down on Natalia Anatolyevna and without any problems, independently, immediately introduced the head of the penis into her bosom, but it was still dry, not excited and the whole member could not immediately enter. I began to kiss and gently bite the nipples of the breasts of Natalia Anatolyevna, while trying to push the penis away into the bosom, she smiled at it and, opening her sleepy eyes, asked if she had to go to wash. I shook my head negatively, since my efforts at that moment were crowned with success and the member was already completely entered the bosom, his movements became freer. Natalya Anatolyevna, already waking up, looked at me from below with a smile, stroking my back and leap.

I looked at her eyes that were slaughtered and sparkled with pleasure, unexpectedly for myself, quietly, tenderly told her: “Happy good morning, my beloved!”, To the limit he advanced a member in her bosom and, feeling that he had rested his head against the wall of her uterus, at the same time squeezed one of her breasts with his palm and kissed her on the lips. Natalya Anatolyevna leaned forward, arched towards the movement of my member, pressed me tightly and answered me with a long, protracted kiss, with a tongue. I had a pleasure with pleasure, without making sudden movements, slowly moved a member in the bosom either to the left or the right and this quickly led Natalia Anatolyevna to extreme excitement and she told me that she had already finished. A few moments later finished in it and I. Having still lie down a little and caressing each other, Natalya Anatolyevna and I went up and went to the bathroom, under a warm shower.

We put ourselves in order quite quickly, since Natalya Anatolyevna, unlike night bathing, did everything vigorously, resolutely stopping my attempts to caress her body under warm streams shower.

Wearing and smelling her bathrobe, she also quickly and skillfully prepared breakfast, so while I finished washing and found my swimming trunks, the table was set and Natalya Anatolyevna was already sitting by the table with a cup of aromatic coffee. I also sat down to the table and began to have breakfast. Natalya Anatolyevna looked with a smile how I eat and, having finished my coffee, got up from the table and went into the living room, where she spread the curtains by the window and opened the window. I committed breakfast and also went into the living room, where I saw Natalia Anatolyevna, silently, with a thoughtful look standing by the window. I went up to her from behind and pressed himself to her, missing his arms under the armpits, clasping and squeezing her chest with her palms, breathed the smell of her hair, kissed her on a complete neck, back of his head. My member got up again on her ass. Natalya Anatolyevna, throwing her head back, looked at me with a smile, leaving her palm under my swimming trunks, took my cock into it and pulled it lightly.

“You want to say that you are ready to caress again?”She asked quietly, slightly shaking a member with her hand. I pressed it stronger to her, but Natalya Anatolyevna said that I would stop indulging, that for the first time we had enough.

She pulled away from me, moved away from the window and crouched on the sofa standing the living room. I crouched nearby, laid my head on her knees, while taking her by the ass. Natalya Anatolyevna was silent, stroked my head, looking thoughtfully at me down. “And you know, I am from the very beginning, when I took your class, I really liked it,” Natalya Anatolyevna broke the silence, addressing me. She said that she was very impressed by my restraint, fascination with equipment and sports.

Natalya Anatolyevna admitted to me that all this time I sincerely sympathized with me for treating her with respect that I was her assistant and defender, escorting her to the house on dark, evening streets, but she could not imagine what would happeninterest me like a woman. “And yesterday it turned out that it turned out to be very interested in this shameless Andryushka, so much so that I didn’t let me fall asleep and could not calm down in the morning!”Exclaimed Natalya Anatolyevna and jokingly braked me on her knees. Leaning towards me and looking into my eyes, she said that she was grateful to me over the past night and especially in the morning. “Nobody has ever told me in the morning such wonderful, gentle words and did not deliver such pleasure. Thank you, Andryushka, my good, my affection, my beloved boy!” – Natalya Anatolyevna cooed in her breast voice.

Sweeped by her praise, I unexpectedly for myself, asked her why she undressed in front of me last night, allowed me to caress her, and then intimacy with her. Natalya Anatolyevna puzzled, for a few seconds stared at me silently and, shrugging her shoulders, honestly admitted that she did not know. “Just at that moment I felt the anticipation of some inexplicable pleasure that you would see me naked and I unbearably wanted to show you my charms,” she continued. “As for sex … You know, sometimes women do actions that are difficult to explain logically later,” she finished jokingly. I, having gained courage, asked her whether we still have sex, squeezing her ass quite strongly with her palm. Natalya Anatolyevna gasped in surprise, looked at me in amazement for several seconds and recollected, slightly pulled my ear, shouting at me for my playful pens. Putting me from her knees, she tried to get up from the couch, but I managed to tie her on my back.

For several minutes we fiddled on the couch, jokingly pushing each other, but at the same time I managed to feel all the charms of Natalia Anatolyevna and took possession of her lips. In response, she did not resist very much, but then, kissing me, she was quietly silent, penetrating her tongue into my lips, leaving her hair on her head, tightly clutching her breasts, opened from an open robe.

I, hugging my neck and kissing it, did not stop stroking with my other hand on its hips, a priest, a groin, a pubis and tried to stick my hand between her compressed thighs. Having lost my attempts, finally she pushed them a little and I was able to feel the bosom that begins to moisten under my fingers. But Natalya Anatolyevna, feeling that I began to shook her clitoris and labia with my fingers, at that moment she pulled me away lightly and stood up by the sofa, smelling a bathrobe. I sat on the couch nearby and looked inquiringly at her. Climbing my gaze, Natalya Anatolyevna said that I would not rush the events that she would think and if she decides something, she will tell me about it herself. “And now, Cheshie home, Hero-lover!“Natalya Anatolyevna laughed and added that the time was already the tenth hour of the morning, that her father will return from duty soon and in general, she needs to engage in household chores, and not only with love and left the room. I sighed, quickly got dressed and headed for the exit.

Natalya Anatolyevna, already in the sundress (when she managed?!) I was in the courtyard of the house, I already did something. I stopped at the gate and looked back at her. Natalya Anatolyevna came up to me and, as if guessing my desire, hugged me herself, pressed me to her breasts and stomach, then kissed her lips tightly and gently pushed me to the exit. “Bye bye! Run in, don’t disappear!” – smiling, she said to me by closing the gate. And I went home.

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