Deprivation of virginity with your beloved guy and future husband. – Erotic and sex stories for adults

Hello everyone, my name is Oksana and it happened just a month ago.I am 17 years old.I have brown, smooth hair, chest almost 2 sizes with pink nipples, a chic waist and long legs, my height is 1.76 somewhere.And now closer to business.

I have a boyfriend his name is Artyom and he is a year older than me.He is no longer a virgin, he lost her at 15.We have been around with him for 8 months and he offered to me more than once I have sex, but I refused or as a fool ran away from him.He knew that I was a virgin.But once he, as always, invited me to visit him, was Saturday, he said that his parents left and offered to sleep together and promised that he would not state.I agreed

I told my mother that I was going to my friend for a party for the whole night.I took a blow, laid my hair, put on a T -shirt with jeans and went to his house.At his house, we punished on the Internet then he offered me to Purekuita was already 8 pm, I agreed and we went to the kitchen.He poured me tea and prepared a sandwich.

But I am so a fool that I turned the tea over myself, thank God he was not hot, but I still yelled.All my pants were wet.He foreseen me to put on his shirt, I agreed.He gave me a shirt and said that I can change clothes in my parents in the bedroom, and for now he would turn on the film.I turned away from the door and began to remove the T -shirt, then the bra.Then someone touched my shoulders.It was Artyom with his big warm palms.He kissed my neck.I immediately covered myself with a shirt.(He did not see me naked, only on the beach in a swimsuit.)He asked

-You are shy about me?

-No, I’m just cold.-I actually lied to him because I was blown up.

-Well then, go under the blanket.-He said with a grin.

-But I don’t want to sleep yet, you have already turned on the movie?-I asked.Knowing that he did not turn on

-Well, the film can wait, you are very beautiful from the back, I want you, I will not hurt.-He was impudent.

-I can do it?You promised the worse…

-Can you give me?-He asked brazenly

-I threw back the shirt and hugged him with his chest soar.(He is engaged in football and his body is sports) I began to touch him, with one hand I held on his head, dug her fingers into his hair.

-Tyoma, I want you, fuck me right now, don’t wait.-I hastily said and began to grow up his fly.

-Oksan, everything will be ok you just don’t be afraid.-He said and helped me remove his pants from him.

I saw a hill on his blue underpants.He easily filled me on my parental bed and took off my wet pants and asked

-Take off panties too?-He asked

I did not answer. He took off my panties and I was completely naked.I shaved my pussy. He lay down on me and began to kiss my lips, his tongue was very hot and I did not want it to end but when he began to go down below, I was a little worried, he felt it and said

-Don’t be afraid, you can still change your mind. He already kissed my chest.It was simultaneously and pleasant.It excited me.He bite my nipples, squeezed his chest with his hands and kissed my smooth stomach.Then he looked up at me and as if asked to continue whether…

I averted my eyes to the picture.I strained muscles in the pussy because his tongue was already walking along my pussy, then I was pleased and I began to moan, I still fucked the MN and I often squeezed my pussy with my legs, especially when it was my clitoris.I looked at him, then he touched my Kis with his hand.He asked

-Do you like it?

-Artyo…Don’t stop, don’t deprive me of such pleasure.-I moaned.

He grinned. Then he entered my hole with two fingers and massaged the walls of my anal.I was a little ashamed to lie with my legs spread.When he was very entered into me with his fingers,

-You will take off my panties?-Suddenly he stuck.

-I barely got up and took off his underpants.I was a little frightened when I saw his gathered dick.Not, that I have never seen a male member, but the fact that he is right in front of my nose!So big….

He asked, you don’t want an advance…

But I have already pilled his desire in his eyes and already sucked his rose member.There was no sperm yet.I was delighted.He was stuck and moaned. Then he took out his dick from my mouth and lay on his back, filled me up.I fell on him with my back

-Chu, Chu, Chu.-He whispered and entered me lightly. It hurts me so much that I was ready to absorb with resin nails in his ass.But it was not possible.I bite my lips.And he entered me and each time deeper, increasing the pace of the fucking process.

-Aaaaa.-He mumbled.

-AAAI, AU.-I moaned.It was no longer so painful but not so nice.

In this position, he planted me on himself for 6 minutes.Then he put me on the bed and began to jerk off his dick.Then we weaved in a kiss.We both have not finished yet, but he offered to continue in Van.She’s like a big jacuzzi.He took me in his arms and carried me to Vana.Vanya was all strewn with rose petals.I realized that he was preparing for this meeting.He filled Van and poured a bunch of vanilla foam there.We continued he got up and opened the ass and rested his hands on the wall.He entered me was not so painful, but I would say nice

Sometimes I turned to kiss him.I was breathing heavily.Then I again drove his dick and he ended on my chest sperm.We lay down for half an hour in his bath.They spoke kissed, drank champagne with sweets.And went to bed to him on the sofa.In the morning I left.On the trail.The day he called me and said that his mother came home, and he did not even change the laundry from his parental bed and she poured him like that, because she pilled that he fucked with someone.We laughed for a long time)) Right now we are still together and often fucking at each other at home)

) I have turned 18 not long ago and he made me an offer, I agreed and in the summer we have a wedding))

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