Punishment from the biology (continuation of anal perversions with chemist and biological legs) 2 – Erotic and sex stories for adults

Despite the fact that I really wanted to go on Saturday to Maria Sergeevna, the clan forced me to go to the country and weed beds there. On Monday, there was chemistry and I was interested in how the chemist would react that I never came to her. She herself on this day came in jeans that did not do her sexual. In addition in the lesson, she did not look in my direction at all, although I stared at her almost the whole lesson. I realized that she was offended. The next day she had a day off and she did not appear at school.

But we had biology. Elena Alekseevna for a lesson 2 times forced me to answer her questions on the topic. I seemed to be doing. But at the end of the lesson, she shouted me: “Ololoev here!!!”I went to her. “That would be in my office after the lessons!!!”It seemed to me that something was terrible and I was slowly leaving the class. After lessons, I went to her office, she wrote something. Seeing me, she went up to the door with a quick gallop and closed it with a key.

“What happened,” I said and immediately got a slap in the face. “You, fucking, are still asking!!!”She yelled at me” Masha mt, z waited all Saturday, but you did not pin!! Well, I will teach you a bastard!!! Sepaled quickly!!”I dutifully removed everything. “Become cancer, fucking!!!”I got up completely naked with cancer and Elena Alekseevna immediately began to beat me on the pope with a pointer. At first I yelled, but she lifted my underpants from the floor and stuck in my mouth. Having long enough, she said: “Either you repeat everything that I tell you or I beat you again 200 times?.

“She pulled her underpants from her mouth and began” Repeat: I am nobody!”There was nothing to do the priest burned with fire. “I am nobody” “The only thing for what I need in this life is that they were torn in the ass!”” The only thing for which I need in this life is that I was torn in the ass!”” If they say to drink urine, I will drink. They will say to eat shit – eat “it was too much and I said nothing of which I got a pointer on the ass. “WELL!!!” I was silent. “Okay, be your way”. Biology rowed leaving some tights on itself.

Fastened a member and with all her strength introduced him for the full length of my ass. Shut up my mouth again. She began to fuck me very rude. No petroleum jelly and did not smell. I thought she would tear all the guts with her dick.It seemed to me that she was driving me for an hour, and when she stopped, I just fell to the floor exhausted. But this was not all she put Senya on the karaki sat on me and says “Give me a big turtle” We tidy for another fifteen minutes, we rode in the class and at some point she even spell out on me.

But the glory of the god8u did not force me to slide her urine from the floor. When all this ended, she began to stuff my things into the bag. “Uh, what will I go home?”First, you will not go home today, but you will go to Maria Sergeevna, and secondly, I have something better for you!”She took out a bag in which lay: white women’s lace panties, bra, tights, skirt, blouse, red -heel wig, high -heeled shoes and women’s coat. “Dress.”I dressed all this, and she took out lipstick, shadows and mascara and made up me.

“All, go to Masha” I am ashamed “” Nobody will know you “, walking along the street, I was afraid of every gaze of passers -by.With Tud I reached the apartment of Maria Sergeevna and called the doorbell…

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