The real and sensual story of the girl about the first sex with a lesbian is Erotic and sex stories for adults

The appearance of this girl in my life, and as a result, in my bed, was planned and thought out. Feel new sensations, expand the usual framework, and most importantly, go beyond the face of what I wanted. This is what I needed.

This story does not imply to be something artistic, with beautiful turns, lyrical digressions and long reasoning. No. This is a description of the bed scene. Yes Yes. It is her :)) And exactly as it was felt by the author, namely by me. A real event, and for me it is an event, with real people. Without compromises, uncensored … Only one true. I called it “My pornographic essay” ) And so … we sit down more conveniently and I start ..

I am almost 32. She is 20. I am a fundamental hetero. She is a confident lesbian. Sex between us is different. This is an experiment for me. For her experience. We have talked about it more than once. Of course, she knew that I want to try, and I knew that she wanted it. Age difference? For me – it does not matter much. Temperament is more important. From the point of view of aesthetics, we come up perfectly. It is very important for me that everything is also beautiful. She is very beautiful. Young slender body. Eastern facial features: large oblong brown eyes, pointed nose and very sensual lips. White skin. Long wavy black hair. A kind of Scheherazad in the flesh 

About myself, I quote: “Already an adult and self-sufficient lady, with green-gray eyes under a shock of fiery red hair, and still not touched by wrinkles of light Slavic skin. With 400 years ago, the Inquisition would burn her as a witch, rather, from envy to a slender seducer, whose slender and stately figure, every man from the peasant to the highest noble blood, barely escorted his eyes, ”my good friend sees me ).

We did not agree on the upcoming night. I invited her to me. We had dinner, drank a little wine. They chatted a lot … She said something about the past day. I’m something about myself … Sometimes thoughts arose whether it will happen today … and what the beginning will be. I did not want to start the first, firstly, I want naturalness, ease, and secondly, I needed that she herself wanted me so much as to cross the line and constraint. What would she be ready. Therefore, there were no principles in sexual acts. For my back, such long gatherings were painful. My back was sick, I fidgeted in search of a convenient position. She said that she would make a massage. After, it became fundamental. About three in the night we decided to watch the movie and went to the bedroom.

We divided to underwear. They climbed under the blanket. The channels were leaf through for a long time in search of something interesting. Found. And then she remembered my back and reminded of massage. – With pleasure, ”I answered, took off the bra and lay down on the blankets.

She began to massage my shoulders, back, with enthusiasm and professional skills ) then, going down below, massaged my fingers. Hands glided across my body without missing a single centimeter. Her fingers sought a little deep into her buttocks a little in the buttocks, then clutching them and gently stroking slowly returned to their shoulders. I lay on my chest, resting my head on both hands in front of me. She gave me unobtrusive pleasure. I thought about what is happening to me, that I like this. There was not a drop of constraint. It looks like a dream. Periodically, she asked if everything was in order and whether I like.

A little later, asking if she could sit on me and whether it would be hard for me, and naturally, having received my consent, she took off her bra, sat on me in the buttocks and continued massage. The touch of her hands became more tender, reaching her neck, she leaned down, touching her warm chest to my back. She almost went to me. Then she straightened up and barely touching her fingertips spent from the head to the crotch. Her breathing became more frequent and intermittent. I began to feel light excitement. The body began to react brighter to touch.

She descends below to her feet … Is it all? For a fraction of a second flashed in my head. I clearly did not have enough emotions and I wanted to continue. Feeling of annoyance. Again, share of a second. Her tip of her tongue touches my lower back! No, this is not the end. This is the beginning of something new. I shudder and make a loud moan. She slowly draws the tip of her tongue along the spine. Formication. Slowly removes the hair from my neck in the side, spends his tongue, kisses behind the ear. Long Kiss. Soft hot lips. I’m in no hurry to respond to him. She smiled approvingly. She understood. Kissed on the cheek. Repeating several times, her lips are getting closer and closer to my. I understand that it is now appropriate to kiss her, but I deliberately move out the moment. Languid desire enhances excitement! ) We both breathe often … sometimes moaning. Her hands passionately caress my body, part of my chest, buttocks, I feel them on my crotch. She kisses my ass. God, how cute it is. Covers the whole body with kisses.

I did not believe that this is happening to me. A large mirror opposite. I raised my head and looked at him. How beautiful! It looks like a picture painted in the Middle Ages by a Greek artist. Muffled light in the room … Bright bedding … scattered pillows on the bed … Two naked girls … The light from the nightlight emphasizes the beautiful bends of the bodies … My red hair is scattered over the bedspread and back, she tilted slightly, so that her disheveled hair covered her chest, hang on my back ..

Hurrying a hurry to remove the hair from my back of my head and pulls it slightly for it, sticks with my lips in my neck, passes passionately, loud and intermittent breathing … covers with frequent kisses to the ear … I feel her tongue … lips on my cheek … I turn … And I kiss her on the lips myself …))

In a kiss I turn on my back. She is from above. One of her leg between my two, we come into contact with bodies … We continue to kiss. I begin to understand why men like women so much. ) Lips are soft and tender … Very neat in movements … I am sure … her hands are everywhere … as if he was reading me … is in no hurry … Her tongue in my mouth … hmm … I open my eyes … God! How unusual it is to see well -groomed thin eyebrows, long eyelashes, long strands of hair … I’m with a girl! Wow! Not to feel known in my rules. A start. My hands also do not lie immobilized. I caress her … I will rather examine … unusual. She breathes passionately. Hair. In one bed, a pair of long hair is too ) they are everywhere. We remove them from each other’s face … She kisses me passionately … Kiss on the lips is long … Insatiable I would say … kisses my chest … The second … in turn … goes down to the navel. Then again lips … I don’t know how much it continued. Shocks me … There are no thoughts ..

She just does not allow them to enter there … ) She kisses me below … even lower … takes off my panties … oh daaa … Kisses are everywhere … Spends slightly with the tip of the tongue along the inner hips … kisses them … Bends my legs in the knees revealing them … reveals the external labia … And a relaxed language, or rather the entire surface … (I can’t even describe this) licks from the bottom to the top … with a hot soft tongue … slightly with pressure … Slowly … I bend and make a moan. She too. She repeats it several times. How nice … It is impossible to resist … it is impossible to lie down too. She said I am delightful! Language is everywhere. One of my hands in my hair … From pleasure, I think I already pull myself for them.

The second hand is on her neck. I look at her. On the forehead of the vapor. The gaze is blurred. She is wildly excited. Her hand squeezes my buttocks to me, the second caresses me with my tongue … Fingers enter me … my tongue too … She rises to kiss me without stopping caressing … we kiss.. She has a wet face … I feel the taste of myself … mmm … I like me ) the body is also wet. And my. She returns down. I feel her hair on my hips and pope. They are wet … and sticky … and cold … they are stained with me. It excites. I finally surrendered to her. She masturbates, me. Hand movements and pace are growing … periodically I pull it to me for a kiss. I feel an approaching orgasm. The head begins to spin … The groans are louder … She slapped me in the pope … oh ooou … Unexpectedly ) I think that I do not want to reach the climax of one. I like and give pleasure. More precisely, not even “and”, but that the pleasure of me was the highest pleasure. This is of course not a standard option, but still …

… she said to sit on her!… I even hesitated … She asked again and lay on her back … I threw my leg over her. She pushed me higher to face, herself went down a little. With my hands I took up the back of the bed. She spread my legs so that my crotch was completely on her lips. I felt my breath. She pulled me stronger to her. The outer labia extended her fingers. Her tongue immediately entered me. He investigated each fold and a bit. Kissed and slightly bite the external and the inner labels in turn … I feel her tongue in the ass. Divine. Her body wriggled under me … Crazy moans … Sometimes it seemed to me that she would have an orgasm.

I try to remember the sensation with my body, I catch the beacons … I enjoy … I understand that this will not end until I finish. I feel good. And most importantly, everything happens not in frantic passion, we are in no hurry … there is no thought to catch up or catch someone’s orgasm. Everything is passionate and somehow as it should. Erotic. Sometimes I looked at us in the mirror, and everything was flawless … not a single inappropriate post or ugly movement. I do not envy you, yes to you who reads it. Because even what was written can not be compared with what I saw …;)) I collected my hair in a bun, everything is floating … Her possession. (I told her the next day about this, and you won’t believe it, she smiled shyly and thanked me).

Her hands hold me by the hips, as if pulling on themselves, then gently stroking it, then squeezing … She inserts a finger in my ass … gently but assertively … The body and goosebumps … A clouding of consciousness … Feeling my excitement, it moans with me, with force and pressure introduces my tongue into me, is absorbed into the clitoris, the movements of the finger in the priest are faster and stronger. I’m almost ecstasy. Sensation of anal and complete vaginal sex at the same time. For some reason, a male voice in my head whispers “Stop …….” . Everything focused in his stomach, went down below, collecting the particles on the way something else … Grouped into a smaller but dense ball, it twisted a little and spilled in Negia … I finished ..

While I finished, she did not stop. And even after, when she stuck out a finger from my ass, and already gently continued to kiss. Between the inner thigh and her cheek, I felt warm liquid. I got down, lay down next, streaming her knee on her hip. We kissed. I examined her body. Young breasts. Firm nipples. How many men this body would have drove crazy ) I ran my hand from my neck to Truskiks. Then back. We kissed and I gently caressed her. The labia was felt through the panties. Her body moved towards me. Once again, having reached the panties, I began to pull them down. She helped me. I caressed her without touching the hearth. Slightly spread her legs, she obediently pushed them over. Having ran my fingers between the labia, I realized that I needed to linger here … I took a tube with a cream, I poured it on my hand, holding a little to heat. It was always interesting what a man feels, touching me. I lay down next to her head on one hand.

Having smeared the cream on the fingers, I slowly spent four fingers from her pubis to the vagina. The fingers are pleasantly gliding, there is warm and soft. Her body immediately reacted: she threw her head back. Sigh. I looked like enchanted. I wanted to catch every breath, every emotion. My fingers studied her. They slipped inside the vagina … They returned up, slightly touching the clitoris, but not touching it … Her body spoke to every touch! The hips climbed upward, towards my movements … The crotch was revealed and very sensual. I didn’t want to finish this. I catch myself looking at her face and smile. Each of my movement is a new emotion. Amazing! I touch the clitoris slightly – the reaction does not force.

Groans become louder and more often. Infected with what is happening, I also breathe deeply and often, but rather with delight than from excitement. Slowly, I go to the clitoris and the region around. He is a little swollen. I spend my fingers around him … I spend it between the fingers … I press it slightly on him … she is ecstasy. Her both hands are thrown behind the head, the body moves in excitingly, the feet slide down the sheet down and back. I am doing it several times. Her body will rise with force, to meet my fingers, freezes for a second and almost falls back. A little later, with my second hand, I remove her hair from her face and neck, bend down, so that my lips touch her ear and quietly say to her “Continue, girl …”. Literally after a second, she finished. I looked fascinated at her. My breathing even caught. It was some kind of direct sincere orgasm ) as if I had finished with her.

Having come to our senses, we climbed under the blanket, she laid her head on my chest and fell asleep almost immediately. I looked out the window. Almost dawn. The room is light twilight. “How unexpectedly morning” I thought. It was the sixth hour. Scrolling in my head in the last hours, I gently moved to my side of the bed and fell asleep.


P.WITH. In the morning I found a suction on my neck.

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