Love is evil. Execution, sex story

Author: Nikita Zhuravlev
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond


Consciousness returns again, and again the usual picture… A wife with a sense of bliss on her face sits in a chair in a chair and smokes artistically.

“Woke up, dear,” she said affectionately. – It’s time to continue, the flogging is not finished yet, and you know that I never reduce the announced punishment, and I don’t have to look at me so plaintively, the flogging will continue, no matter how bad you were! You are to blame and must be strictly punished! She summed up sternly.

Another moment and I am again in a pose for flogging, my head is again clamped between my wife’s legs. I am on the verge of insensibility, I almost do not feel pain, but the whipping, cruel blows on the ass are shaking all my bodies, I only pray to the gentlemen about mercy.

Finally the last blow, and the wife is in ecstasy again… This time she falls on the floor and immediately sits on her booty on my face, closing my breath.
She begins to frantically fierce me with her crotch…

– Language, stick out your tongue rather, otherwise – I will strangle, creature… – my wife hisses,

I’m rather obeyed, and now my tongue goes deep into it, it begins to ride and fir, and literally a minute later it has powerfully finally ending, filling my face with moisture.

Everything, this time I was silent, she gets up, I dutifully crawl to her and kiss her legs.

She unties my hands and I, having kneeling dutifully kiss her chic and so my beloved ass. I lick her ass all without a trace. I thank her for strict education. She allows me to get up and go wash.

– For today, enough with you, – she reports cheerfully.

– Today I am going to a party and most likely, I will not come to sleep, and you will please you well to remove the apartment, and wash the linen, and the styled yesterday, do not forget to stroke, especially carefully treat my panties! And remember, if you do badly, I’ll get it again… –

I kiss my wife once again and hasten to execute the order..

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