Lover. Humorous, betrayal, sex story

Author: Chulym
Description of sex story: Humor on sex

Before the White village of thirty kilometers of an amazingly disgusting road..

When the attendant announced the urgent exit of the ambulance brigade to the patient with acute abdominal pain, I cursed. Firstly, far and shaking. Secondly, the planned fuck with the trainee Julia breaks down. If you want, you don’t want, but I had to knock my teeth in a finished van in evening twilight. Julia was shaking nearby and I supported her young flexible body by the waist on the bends. If not for this stupid challenge, she would already writhe in an orgasic oblivion under me… Would… But he does not writhe, but shakes in the UAZ ruin and also regrets the lost opportunity.
The patient had a gray face with pain, but he almost did not moan. Only bit his thin dry lips and stroked his stomach. He was seventy -two years old. Dry, sinewy village grandfather. Nearby, with wet eyes, was a thirty -year -old woman murdered grief… either a daughter, or a daughter-in-law. Sweet such a woman with a magnificent strong back and a huge shift of the title. And on the face, wow like a useful…

Julia jealously scalded me with a breakdown, noticing me how I looked at a woman.

I spend the usual inspection procedure… questions, measuring temperature, pressure, pulse. I can’t understand the cause of the disease. I feel insincerity in answers by wandering views and omissions and sick and busty. She called Nina.

Please leave me alone with the patient. I ask my grandfather (Peter Mikhailovich), the question is… – Either he tells everything frankly, or we are leaving.

-It’s a shame like, son! But do not blame the old man. Nina – not relative to me. And this house is a house. I live on the other edge of the village… The old woman is waiting there, granddaughters… And Nina’s husband in the dispersion, in Moscow at the construction sites is steamed.. For eight years. Only for a month is declared for a month. He gets up, he will beat his wife and backward. Twisted Ninka without a man… Oh, how muffled… Take firewood or a garden plow. And at night at least a beluga howl! I need a woman man…

I helped her with the housework, because my husband has a cousin of her cousin. And I have a horse, I will put the garden in order, I will throw the shock, I will correct the fence…

Yes it turned out, something like that … -Grandfather frowns with pain and something else.

They were silent.

– In the first year of departure of Mitka, the husband of Ninkin, I stayed visiting her… Whether he went through the vodka, or from the toll… And stayed overnight… I wake up, but next to it! Naked! Hot! And there was a between us that the man and the woman happening. I was younger for thirty years… And Ninka calmed down. Then the eyes were greedy, but became full, satisfied. Where did I get the male force! Another night of the eyes did not close, played and more than once fought for me young, almost losing consciousness from female happiness. After a couple of months, Ninka suffered from me, and in order to hide the shame, I went to my husband on a date. The son was born. Ivashka. Five years already to him.. Balbes Ninkin for his own, hehe…, He thinks… So they lived, but sinned for today. But the parties run and do not add strength. Recently, the young man began to satisfy more and less. The displeased became. But what can you do if nature does not hold elasticity… And I thought I thought to strengthen Elda with something firm from the inside. I became … e…, This means all sorts of twigs into the member through the head to bring… It was painful, but the canal expanded. And one day in the church, forgive me, my lord of the sinful, drew attention to thin candles and took a couple of things with him. The candle came up exactly!

Ninka, it seems starting me, and then, imperceptibly, I pushed the candle inside and the Christmas tree did not bent! Ninka was satisfied. And I, for the fact that she is satisfied. And today the embarrassment happened… A woman started up very, it is burning. And to her cursed from above. I succumbed… Ninka in greed, as I fell upon me, and missed, heart… The pubis was aimed… And pressed the candle in the stomach. I, like an unreasonable boron, yoke from pain! I think the guts pierced! And she races even more… My scream was considered to be a pleasure… Barely retired, shameless.. And my gut burns with fire and cuts a knife… I am not tolerated… I hit her that the hernia probably became inflamed, or the penidicite was adoption… You really do not betray me and save me from hellish pain.

Half an hour later, Yulka and I turned the rural bedroom into an operating room. Old "Casanova" used a paraffin candle to reinforce a member through the uretcher. The end of the candle rested against the wall of the bladder and created fierce inconvenience to his lover. With grief-poles, I extracted paraffin reinforcement and handed it to Mikhalych…

– Only do not bring to the church, not the Lord is being angry, learning why the church attribute was used.

While we were going, the cheerful busty dexterity gathered the hotels on the road, putting the liter bottle of Pervak in the end. I could not resist, emipping fire sivuhu from the throat. Nina brought Stopariki and the four of us drank for the health of the cheerful sufferer.

Already in the late night, in the residential, without the usual brutality, somehow affectionately and gently penetrated Julia, carefully pressing the elastic hot buttocks with his palms. She rubbed the cat’s wool with her lovely Persians and biting her lower sponge, covering her eyes, covering her eyes, unless she purred with pleasure. Member tired of scurrying lace of love in the bowels of the girl and we finished at the same time and passionately. Gratefully overturning me, Yulka said that a month later she was getting married. And the future husband works her… At construction sites in Moscow!

We cried with laughter, and the word-"candle"-gave birth to a new explosion of laughter.

“I’ll go to the priests,” I barely squeeze through laughter, “so that the candles are under my arms..

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