Love and winter. Teenagers, romance, sex story

Author: Vladislav Valerievich
Description of sex story: porn stories with the participation of young guys and girls

The evening was boring.

The city seemed asleep.

Winter felt great. Only now it was hard from this.

The city cannot be felt in the city.

This can only be done in the suburbs or in a small town, preferably next to some resort… Or a lake.

Baikal just suited for this.


I had an armful in my hands…

No matter where I got them in the middle of winter.

At least I could get them.

Julia came on time. As always.

Red leather jacket, tight -fitting jeans and cool knitted cap.

My dear!!!…-I almost shouted.

Darling!!!-You echoed me.

And then a long gentle kiss…. Although I barely know what it is.
Yulenok!! My sun, how happy I am, that I see you in reality, I said.

Vladislavka… Or what is it better for me to call you…-You asked.

– Yes, call what you want… at least a glory, at least any derivative of my behalf…

I threw a hat with Yulkina’s head, and began to kiss her in the ear. By Yulkina’s reaction, one could understand that she liked it terribly.

Her hands began to undress me… If a randomly falling jacket can interfere with something.

I suddenly realized that I was doing it in vain. After all, it would be better at home…

Yulenka is at home…

Having reached the apartment without difficulty, we began to unpack ourselves… Or I began to do it.

Leaving me with things, Julia went to the kitchen. Still, something needs to be eaten… Prepare a seagull-coffee house.

After decomposing everything in its place, I began to get what I could bring from St. Petersburg.

Excluding easily flashing and bulky objects, I could bring something edible and easy.

For example, delicious St. Petersburg sweets (you must please her mother with something, except with her grinning face),

For Julia, I brought, first of all, my beloved.

Your photo album…. Well, how could it be without him… without friends.

Although now I didn’t need friends anymore.

An unequivocally hinting at the presence of a good mood, Julia went to the bathroom.

Respectively there was me and I. True, realizing that we still have a lot of time, I refused some "threats", which Julia promised to fulfill.

Leaving the bathroom, I heard that Yulenka called me:

– Vladislavka!!!! Or maybe you will stay???

– Yulenok, thanks, but I’ll better see your pictures!!!!

The offended cry of a bit of me flew after me:

– But on the network you wrote that you would be with me every minute…

The noise of water drowned all other phrases.

I, going into the room and finding a photo album, began to consider photos.

I came across a very amazing girl!!! She is so different in all pictures… And so beautiful.

Looking at the pictures, I came one thought, of course crazy, but correct… And I went to the bathroom.

I decided to build my strategy in such a way that Julia either opens up new facets in me, or just saw.

The faces are different.

Pulling the door handle, I slowly began to open the door… It’s strange that it was open.

Sticking my head into the gap, I saw an angel… No, of course I saw Julia… But how beautiful she was…

The water flowed softly through her young, delicate body.

Elastic jets fought about her body…

Her hands slowly caressed her chest and hips……

– Julia… Yulenok!-I whispered in surprise.

– Yeah…!!-I heard a quiet cry.

– Oops… I’m probably the wrong way…-I asked.

You looked out from behind the curtain, and said:

Nothing, you are almost on time…

And quickly pushing the curtain, you let me see your beautiful body for a second.

– Hey, Shalunishka!! Climb here, we will warm together!!!!

I quickly undressed and climbed under the shower… More precisely, Julia dragged me under him.

Water was elastic, hot jets beat on top, covering us both…

Yulenok!!-I asked in a questioning tone.

What!?-You asked, slowly hugging me for the torso.

Can I…. I am caressing you myself…-I continued the phrase, feeling that I was slowly blushing.

Why are you always guessing my thoughts???… Of course you can, Vladislavka!!!!!-You answered you at all embarrassed.

Because I love you!!!!-I said joyfully, slowly dropping to my knees.

Yulenka grabbed my head.

My tongue caressed its mezhnoje, quickly moving down from top to bottom.

I felt that her whole creature was shrinking, and her soul wanted to fly out of her body…

I heard Julia moaned sweetly…

I knew that her hands now also helped me, while directing and caressing the pussy…

Yulenkin Polukrick-half-outsed pulled me out of the sweet non-existence in which I was….

I got up and hugged Yulenka…

She looked at me, full of tenderness.

I knew that she loves me.

Hot water beat both of us…

Each other’s desire was so great that when we crawled out of the bathroom, without even dried on.


More precisely, I suffered Yulenka…

Having lowered her gently on the bed, I began to slowly undress her.

First a belt, then the robe itself flew to the floor.

Julia began to kiss me…

She did not care where this would happen…

My hands began to draw patterns first on her neck, then going down, on the chest, and even lower, to the pubis.

With the index and middle finger I gently touch her lips.

Judging by the cries, I realized that Yulenka stopped restraining herself…

She had to relax.


Gently touching the tops of her chest, I caressed them with my tongue.

Knowing that Julia will not stand it later and he would ask me to take it, I decided to move slowly further.

I heard a quiet sigh and a gentle whisper:

Come on, Nuu… Take changing!!!! All!!!!!

I started gently entering Julia.

A little forgetting, from passion, I realized that Yulenka could feel pain.

And I became slowly, whispering affectionate words, make Yulenka feel pain.

At the same time, so that Yulenka relaxed, I began to caress her hips and kiss her lips.

At the same time, he began to penetrate into her deeper.

Suddenly I realized that it was done.

I stumbled upon something elastic.

Now the main thing was right "damage it", without making Yulenka pain.

A little bit to the pleu, I broke through it.

Now the matter remains small.

Looking at Julina’s eyes, I saw in them that drop of pain that was in the subconscious.

But it was only in the subconscious, physically she did not feel pain.

It was a victory… The victory of both of us.

Julia grabbed me…

Her cheeks were a punters rose… her breath was frequent…. In her eyes, it was clear that she was not here, but somewhere higher.. Under the clouds…

Two tears flowed symmetrically from her beautiful eyes…

I knew that now she is very, even very, very good.

Yulenka…-I whispered softly.

Yes…-You also answered quietly.

I, without answering anything, began to cover her face with kisses.

My soul began to slowly rise from being to a height, where there was already Yulenka.

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