Love with crime. Part 2 – sex story

Author: Alex Meatyedov
Description of sex stories: sex stories and stories of indefinite topics

Small one -room Sashkin’s apartment met them with warmth and comfort. Natasha drew attention to the computer standing on the desk. Sasha, do you really miss computers at work, you also started this semiconductor monster at home, Natasha asked with genuine interest. Nata, affectionately with warmth and love in his voice, Sasha answered, you won’t believe it, but this is the same element of my work in the bank. Imagine such a situation, an accident has occurred on the server, and I am already at home, and to return to my work, I will at least spend at least half an hour on the road. During this time, our bank can lose a lot of money. Or I got sick, caught a cold, and the situation requires my surgical intervention. And now I sit down at my computer, I turn it on and I, as if I had not gone anywhere! Remotely, I can control the server from my apartment as in a bank. What a well done you are, ”Natasha said with admiration. Their lips were connected in a long and passionate kiss, their hands were intertwined in a delicate languor and they, like two fighters, fell onto the bed, tearing from themselves jealous clothes. Alexander lost control of himself for a moment, and his heavily excited member rested on a gentle Natashino Lono. Natalia carefully pulled away from him and said quietly and embarrassedly: " Sasha, not now I’m not ready yet". Of course, forgive me my beloved, I lost control of myself, – Sasha answered with a feeling of guilt in her voice. I will wait for this moment as much as you want.

A week later in the server, Natasha whispered to Shurik’s ear that she was ready and she wants to spend this night with him. With happiness, Sasha felt in the seventh heaven. How long these languid minutes lasted for him before their meeting, so desired and exciting. And then the arrows of the watch showed eighteen zero – zero and Sashka from a low start rushed from his working imprisonment, overturning everything in his path. On the way home, they jumped into the store, where they bought a bottle of red wine and a little snack.

And now the coveted hour has come: Natasha remained in her silk shirt and tights. Sasha frantically covered his whole body to his beloved kisses through pink silk and elastic nylon. Natasha suggested a little drink, they clung to the fuher? And cool ruby moisture orxed the dry mouth and throat of the youth. Sasha, at some point felt that the earth was leaving under his feet, and he completely turned off.

Consciousness to Alexander came painfully painful. The head broke out of unbearable pain, as if thousands of hammers beat Sasha through the temples, it was difficult for him to breathe. He vaguely began to recall the last moments before his disconnect. And then a bright bunch of light hit him in the eyes. Sasha felt that he was sitting on a chair, but for some reason he could not move his hand not with his hand. Consciousness cleared up completely, and he saw that his hands were leading behind his back, and tightly, to the pain in the joints are connected in the wrists and elbows. The legs are widely divorced and tightly fastened to the legs of the chair. All the body, as a web is wrapped in a rope, which reliably nailed him to the back of the chair. The mouth did not close from the tight gag consisting of silk, with a smell to pain to the pain of well -known perfumes.

You don’t even have normal rags, as if from a distance, Natashin’s voice was heard, I had to shine my shirt and pantyhose in your mouth. Well, still it’s not a pity, you made up them with your nasty snot. Sasha turned his head in the direction of Natasha, and two more gangster -like bugy with shaved heads appeared to his gaze. Guys, – continued Natasha, bring him in proper form, I need it fresh and vigorous. A heavy hairy hand slapped Sasha with a weighty slap in the face.

It seems that Klafelina added a little, and he turned off for four hours, – Natasha continued with concern. One bugi, who was higher, came close to Shurik, and with an intonation that does not suffer objections, squeezed out of himself: "Rise me a gap here. Now Natalie will ask you questions, I convincingly advise her to answer her at once and without piz… Zha. If everything happens, then I will kill you easily and quickly, you will not even feel. But if you sculpt a hunchbacked and be silent, then I will make you regret that you were born and you will die slowly in severe torment. " At this time, Natasha was talking to someone on a mobile phone: "Yes, he has already recovered, we begin to work with him. " The network control is implemented on the technology of the server of remote terminals, he has a static icon on his gateway and he from the client on his home computer enters under the admin to the servak, and there is everything he wants, – Natalya continued confidently. Only now Sasha has finally celebrated. Under the guise of passionately in love with a beautiful girl, a hacker sophisticated in technical matters was hidden. The powerless anger filled Alexandra, he gained strength twitched in a chair stretching the ropes, and silent that there was strength, as far as he allowed him a tight gag, while trying to push him out his tongue. It wasn’t there! He was packed with knowledge of the matter, and he did not have a single chance of independent liberation. I won’t tell them anything anyway, ”Sasha decided to himself. Verzila’s heavy fist fell on his chin, and in the eyes darkened at once, as if they were turned off the light. The head of the unfortunate young man hung lifelessly on his chest. His childhood began to swim in front of the Sashin eyes, he reflected in his memory how he was friends with one girl from his class in the fourth grade. Her name was Katya, and he came to her birthday. As a gift, Sasha gave her his favorite book "Alice in Wonderland". The gift did not impress Katya, since others gave her a pocket game Tetris, a blouse and something else of fashionable things. Only her girlfriends came to his birthday, and they giggled in the corners, pointing in his direction with their views. After a festive dinner, the girls decided to play racketeers and using their numerical superiority dropped Sasha on the bed, and piled on all a sap. They held his hands and legs, and Katka sat on his face. He remembered how he was very scared when he began to choke. Before his eyes, so far, like in reality, these dark brown Katykins are faced with tights into the rush and part of the ceiling not closed by them.

The tart smell of ammonia returned Sasha to reality. Natasha scolded Verzilu because he hit Sasha on the head. She expressed him that Sashkin’s head is now worth its weight in gold, and if he forgets something, then she believed to choose a password for the input. Sasha! – Natasha turned to the young man, not by Tom’s public, and nashepchi to me in the ear of the Adminovsky password. Verzila pulled out for some time a gag from the mouth of a martyr. You are a vile deceiver, I won’t tell you anything, ”Sasha was able to answer, as he was immediately scored in his mouth with a hated gag of even the same. Boys, ”Natasha said with a metal note in her voice, take care of them, I need a password as quickly as possible, as they say – money. Verzil and his assistant began to skillfully drive Sasha under the nails of the needle. From severe pain, the unfortunate young man yelled, but Natashkina’s hand clasped his mouth over the gag, drowning his weak mooing to a barely noticeable squeak. Tears appeared on the Sashin cheeks, and Natasha was still calm, looking into his eyes, hissed: " Password come on a bastard". Lord, where are you, – Sasha prayed to himself. If you eat help me. The pain did not subside and flared up with even greater force. No!, You are not, – Alexander thought to himself. If you were, then you stopped my terrible torment, I do not believe in you, you are a myth that people invented for your self -deception. Consciousness left him. And here before his eyes, graduation at school. He stands in a group of graduates, a slow dance began to play on the dance floor. Girls graduates in elegant dresses invite guys. He does not lose hope that Alesya would invite him to dance, because they were friends from the seventh grade. Sasha helped her in her studies, often allowed her to write off control and homework. Alesya invited Vadim, handsome from a parallel class, and Sasha was left alone, smiling ridiculously. They circled merrily in the whirlwind of the graduation waltz, and then, having retired in the locker room, kissed. Sasha did not wait for the end of the graduation evening and quietly went home. Mom said that his head was very ill and he would go to bed early. Mom understood everything without explanation and tried to console her son, and he, having buried in the pillow, roared like a little.

The stench smell of ammonia once again returned Sasha to consciousness. When it all ends? They would have killed faster, I was just tired of this unbearable pain, Sashkin’s bleeding soul screamed. Sasha looked at his tormentors fussing around him. His mood began to change and he was seized by indifference to everything around him. Tuk tuk, ”Natasha said jokingly, we are here about a password.

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