Mother’s love. Execution, sex story

Author: Pool Sad
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

But I think we will get along. Then we together with Ada recalculated the money. It was 70 thousand bucks. Payment took place in two parts. Another 50-С Victor must pay in a month. We agreed to divide the money with Ada equally.
After the new owner transferred the mother to live with herself, I saw her over the past year only once. About two months after its move. She already had new stamps. The man decided to put them again on the buttocks, only they were larger, and were set above the first. These were initials – "VC". He also replaced the badge in the crotch, replacing it with a heavier and large naturally with his inscription. Immediately that it was striking is her blue chest. Probably, Victor had a favorite place for his fun in the body of the slave he bought. Hell for all this time visited her passion a little more than me – three times. And after I settled all financial issues, I didn’t see hell.

In the eyes of my mother, I realized: she is unhappy with Victor. She was only happy with Ada. But I’m not very upset. Suddenly, I realized: I have no more feeling for my mother as a native and close person.

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