Love flew away… Execution, sex story

Author: SCC
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

I start a rather sad page of my life for me. Now, remembering the past, I am amazed at how I could be so blind to make a mistake? Heart pain overflows me when I remember all this: but I will be consistent.

I studied then in the tenth class, with a gymnasium bias. Who does not know what it is, I will explain: this is a class where foreign languages, literature and the Russian language are intensively studied. There was still such a thing: the second foreign language. The one who taught English was also taught by German, and the one who taught German – French. So. We had a German teacher. For manners, habits – pure pedril. Voice, a tune: (what will I tell you, what, you, Pedril did not see?). But however, he had a wife – a French teacher (here is a family, though?). They were young people and they did not have children.
And I was in our class wonderful, as I thought at first, girl. Her name was Ira. Ah, Ira, Ira: When I remember you, tears are breathing me down, and a lump forms in the throat and my heart begins to hurt, beaten up. She seemed to me better than all girls on the planet. Wonderful figure, pleasant voice, good blue eyes, correct facial features. Do not think what I wanted to sleep with her then – on the contrary, I wanted to caress her, protect her from the cold wind and the scorching sun, take care of as a child. I wanted to share food with her, shelter and a lot more: but you will never, hear, I never wanted to have sex with her! She was like a saint for me. She was so similar to my mother: but, apparently, fate revealed her true face to me.

She came to our class when we already learned all the second language. She could not study with us – she did not know the alphabet, nor the rules of pronunciation, and in her school they did not teach this. So made our leadership (head teacher, class teacher) so that she was engaged in the German separately in the second shift, with the same teacher-pederi as we also. We must pay tribute to him, German knew remarkably and, it happened, helped our boys with the translation of the texts of the songs of German-speaking rock groups. We were all obsessed with Rammstein and the like.

It was because of Rammstein that I began to show interest in the German language. I bought dictionaries, began to study the semantics of language, features of modern conversational German speech and much more. Soon I reached certain heights in German and was the best student in the class on this issue. I often allowed classmates to write homework, wrote cool works and always prompted the lessons. Our fagot (his name was, by the way, Dmitry Vladimirovich) could not get enough of me and always set me as an example to the rest.

So, once, at a break, Dmitry Vladimirovich came up to me and said: "Sergey, you won’t help me". I to him: "And what happened, Main Führer (we sometimes finished it)?". He: "Yes, you are a capable guy, you can’t help me teach a new one?". I: "Happy, and when to come?". He: "Yes, in the second shift, at three o’clock". I: "Good, and when we start?". He thought a little and said: "I think from the day after tomorrow". And left.

I was in the seventh heaven with happiness! This is necessary – to help my beloved in mastering the language of Schiller and Goethe! There is a real opportunity to get to know better. Maybe I even find out where she lives. Ah, if I knew how cruel fate was, I would immediately tear out my heart and throw out of my soul all the feelings of love for the one that later deceived me. But, apparently, the evil rock directed me along the path to show where love sometimes leads:

However, I continue: I came at the same time appointed time. Irina was already there. Seeing me, she did, as our historian is expressed, "square eyes" And asked in surprise: "And what are you doing here?". And I answered her: "I will help you in mastering this complex language". A shadow of annoyance slipped in her eyes, she lowered the corners of her lips down and sighed: "But without you it will not work?" I (with humor): "Nope, no way!". She smiled too, the phase flew off her lips: "OK then!" And we went to class.

I’ll tell you frankly: she was rather dumb student. No, when we passed the alphabet, no difficulties were felt, but when it came to grammar (in German it is quite confusing), as they say: it says: "Carcass light, drain water!". Well, she did not have the ability to tongue, no-lo, you understand? I myself have hardly mastered part of the German grammar, and even now I don’t really remember how what is written. But not to teach like that – this must be a rare fool. Or maybe she didn’t want? Who will figure it out?

From the fact that she did not teach German, my feelings for her have not changed, but intensified even more. I met with her twice a week on this German elective and managed to know all her abilities for linguistic perception. Oh, how I wanted it then, so that she was in Russian, at least, she said: "I love you!". But, apparently, it was not given to me.

The German greatly appreciated my help and for each such elective put a five in my magazine. Thus, my firm five in the German language turned into reinforced concrete. Of course, I and my parents rejoiced.

Well, I reached the place when I need to tell the sad part of the narrative. I do not want to, gentlemen are good, write it, well, I don’t want to! But you have to:

Once we have planned another such optional option. I must tell you that for every lesson I took with me a fat German-Russian and Russian-German dictionary. He helped me out more than once in difficult situations. But he was a fairly large volume and size and had to carry it. It is difficult to carry such a load, but in principle, it was easy for me. After all, I went to meet with my love – Irochka, and this, you see, facilitates the burden.

After lunch, I gathered, got dressed and went to school. The road between the school and the house passed through the private sector and I went to school for friendly "Cuckarem!" Petukhov. It was day now and the roosters were silent. But a house was built on the corner of the street. When I passed by, the builders have already built a slate roof. I stopped and involuntarily admired this construction site.

And suddenly, from somewhere above the small box of slate nails flew over me. I barely managed to dodge. The box flew by and flopped to the ground next to me, the nails flew in all directions. From the side of the house was heard a terrible mat and a man. I hastily collected nails in the box and handed it to him. He took, said: "Thank you!" and climbed to finish the slate. I went on. And then suddenly noticed something brilliant in the grass. I bent down to see. It turned out to be slate nails. They flew away quite far and therefore I could not notice them. I bent down and purely mechanically took them and put them in my pocket. I did not know why I had this, it just happened instantly and quickly, I did not even have time to figure out. But one thing was clear: in my pocket a couple of brand new slate cloves, long, with shiny hats.

I reached the school door, climbed to the top floor. There, near the office of a foreign one, Irina was already waiting for me. We greeted and went to class.

This time the German taught her another difficult topic, I don’t even remember what.

A few minutes later Dmitry Vladimirovich looked at me somehow strangely and said: "Sergey, you can go home, you know this topic well, I will deal with it myself".

Naturally, I was delighted and upset. I was delighted because there is no need to sit at school for an extra two hours, but was upset because it will not be possible to sit with Irina at the same desk today.

I went down to the first floor, went to the school cafe, soaked my throat with some muck, proudly called apple compote and directed my feet home.

Already leaving the gate of the school, I suddenly stopped and slapped myself on the forehead. Muddy! How could I forget my faithful assistant – German dictionary?! I ran back to school.

Already habitually ran up the steep stairs to the third floor, stomped with a quick step to the German office, opened the door and dumbfounded.

My heart is doused with blood, I throw a feather, I am not able to write anymore! This memory causes me severe pain. But I will still add.

So, the following picture opened to my eyes: Irina lies on her back, on the desk. Her legs are raised up, the skirt is lifted, the panties are lying somewhere nearby, and the German rises above all this, this fagot, this bastard and drives his member on Irina’s labia lips. My Irina! At the same time, he rolled his eyes, and she looks at him with adoration!

Noticing me, they turned abruptly, the Germans drew the lower jaw, and horror was clearly read in Ira’s eyes. The first dumbfounding passed and was replaced by anger, hatred and devil knows what else!

I sharply jumped towards them, grabbed the Germans by the Kadyk and, from all its scope, moved his head to the board. When hitting a German head, a loud was heard on the board "BOMMMM-mm!". I all suspected that he was an empty -headed personality. Once again I hit him in the stomach, grabbed his hand and put it on the board. I did all this, as in a fog – without hesitation at all. Blood pounded in the temples, and in the ears lounged duck. I took out a nail (that is where the clove was useful!), put him to the German’s hand and shied down his hat with his fist. Wow! The nail passed through the Germans’s palm and stuck into a strong board. Dmitry Vladimirovich opened his eyes wide and sprinkled with stifled. I crashed his jaw from his elbow and he shut up. I did the same and with the second hand. Then he stepped into a few steps, swung and the heel of the boot smashed the teacher his male dignity. He somehow pulled himself up, turned pale and opal.

Blood began to drain from the palms, staining the brown board in a darker color. I would have seen me now my physical! I didn’t really shine in physical education, everything is in two and Troyaki, but I ran – this is generally something. But now I crucified the person on the board with my bare hands. The anger was probably so strong that it awakened the bull power in me. That’s how it happens in life!

I went to Irina. She was lying a semi -finished on the desk. Herror constrained her and she looked at me in all eyes. I took her hair, pulled her to me and asked: "Why did you do that?". She, choking with tears and constantly interrupting, answered: "He: He: promised to put me five: in a quarter!".

It just bore me! I hit Irka with the back of my palm right in the forehead so that she asked on her back.

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