Love lives forever. Oddities, sex story

Author: Master Blacksmith
Description of sex story: unusual sexual behavior and unpredictable actions

Now she was ready. The pain she felt recently passed, and now she wanted only one thing – me.

I slowly undressed naked, as if letting her admire my body, and then sharply entered it to the end. Her hole squeezed me tightly, she shook itself, and then began to swing from side to side. I groaned from pleasure: these were the sweetest minutes in my life. I did a few more frictions, and then everything was clouded in my eyes, I began to suffocate a little from overvoltage, and at that moment a strong hot stream, like from the Brandspoite, spanked my beautiful. I felt her pussy also began to contract, and realized that we finished at the same time.
So our first night passed. After that, our relationship became much warmer and sincere. We were engaged in each other under the rustle of trees, and none of the people could disturb us. These were the happiest days of my life. I loved with all my heart and was loved. And in the world there is no longer such happiness that could even get a little closer to what I experienced then. The space and time for me lost their whole meaning, as if I found myself in a fairy tale, where all dreams came true, and there were no troubles or worries. Every day I lived in anticipation of our evening meeting, and after it, when it was time to part, I reluctantly left her in the forest alone-honestly, I was afraid for her that she would love someone else, or something with She will happen. And, as it turned out, my fears were not in vain – my bliss did not last long. There is always a moment when you need to go down from heaven to earth, back to people.

Once, just at the moment when I was going to finish, one old man-Gribonik noticed us together. It was such a ugly humpbacked little freak, who was absolutely nothing to do. He walked through the forest, turning the leaves with a wand, trying to overcome his boredom and find something like mushrooms. And just like me, he decided to turn off the usual path – this happened just at the moment when I was with my beloved alone. At first he did not understand what a naked man with birch is doing in the forest. But when I instinctively turned around and looked at him, droplets of sweat performed on his face – it dawned on him. He screamed, and rushed in horror to run away…

The next day was the saddest day of my life. I remember how headlong I rushed to my beloved after work, and there was a feeling as if my wings had grown. With unearthly trepidation in my chest, I imagined that we would be together soon, and finally we could hug each other. I made my way through other trees, already entangled in voluptuous thoughts, and suddenly I saw that she was not. She was cut down under the root. She lay on the ground a dead, my poor bride, and it was clear that the last minutes of her life were full of suffering – they mocked her for a long time.

I don’t know what happened to me. My legs seemed to be jacket, there was no strength to scream. I only whispered lips silently: "What did you do, scum! Why did you lose your lifeless creature? Why do you cause me such torment? What I did to you? What did my joy make you?" My eyes filled with tears, I leaned over the birch and sobbed. My crying was heard far around. Rather, it was not even crying, but incoherent cries, turning into a howling growl, full of despair and anger. Full thirsty for revenge for your broken love.

I cried over her for a whole day. Periodically, some curious people came to look at me, apparently that the old man told them everything, but I did not notice them at all. They walked around me around, pretending to be walking, and were afraid to come close to me. I didn’t care about them. Life without my beloved has lost any meaning for me, and at first I even wanted to commit suicide. But then I firmly decided that I would not do this, and at first I would kill the villain who broke my heart. I did not want him to live and do this to someone else, and therefore I gave myself the word to find this scum and end it once and for all.

For several days I did not want to eat or drink. I was insomnia at night, and if I fell asleep, I dreamed of wild nightmares. I stopped going to work, and did not answer calls by phone. For others, I seemed to have died, became a ghost, dissolving in their society among the same as they themselves.

I was looking for that mushroom pipe – it was not difficult to track him down. He lived near me with his quiet and boring senile life. Everyone loved and respected him, and only one I understood what a monster it was. I watched him all day, and a month later I knew everything about him: that he eats for lunch, how much he goes to bed, where he spends time, what books he reads. And one day I realized that the hour came when it was necessary to bring my verdict.

I waited for the evening, and when it got dark, I climbed the stairs and called him in his apartment. My hands squeezed the ax tightly. A hoarse senile voice outside the door asked: "Who’s there?". I told the truth that I live in the house opposite, and that I need to talk to him. As soon as this bastard opened the door for me, I waved sharply and hit it with an ax. He immediately fell, a puddle of blood spread under him, and in his eyes the same look froze that was then, in the forest more often. I chopped him into pieces, taking out all my anger, at the same time crying and laughing, as if abnormal. My bride stood in front of my eyes, snow -white and unusually beautiful. She bloomed and had fun, and I was glad that for a moment we were together again, and I was happy from the thought that she was good in heaven, although without me there was a little sad.

Fifteen minutes later, a bloody mess left from the old man. I picked up my ax and shook home slowly. I was not afraid that they would find me and put me in jail – now everything was deeply indifferent to me.

But no one after that has been suspected of me. I sold all my things, and the apartment and land donated to the movement "Greenpeace", And they even wrote an article about me in the newspaper. How long it was all!

Now I live in the forest, in a hut from animal skins. Before my dwelling, I made a large flower bed and put red roses there. I gave each of them the name, and I am not at all bored with them. Each rose has its own special character, but there is one thing in common: they all love me very much. I do not allow jealousy among them, but I feel how they quarrel with each other when I turn away.

People consider me a hermit: with my long beard, I really began to resemble a certain holy. Therefore, local grandmothers often come to me for a blessing. I willingly give it to them, and they sometimes bring me fresh meat.

It’s good with food: sometimes it is possible to fry insects, snails, or kill some woodpecker. I learned to hunt snakes and frogs. I will tell you that they are really delicious, not without reason the French eat them for food. Sometimes I eat them raw, sometimes I fry at a stake of dry branches that the forest gives me.

When I want new impressions, I put on my only, old suit and go to the nearest city. Locals know me as a collector of waste paper, and they constantly prepare thick bandaged packs of papers for my arrival. I gently collect them and hand them over to the reception point, and then return back to the forest, full of pleasant thoughts that there have just saved many lives of trees.

Recently, I have appeared in the city less and less. I, like a tree, grow in roots in the forest land. I am attached to my forest, and this is now my house. Let this house do not look like those miserable cells in which brainless little people live, but it is much more than all of their apartments combined. My house is alive and he loves me. And I will remain in it forever, because among people I am overcome by incredible boredom.

Here I found my world, and besides it I do not need anything else.


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