Love for the sun – oddities, fantasies, sex story

Author: Seol
Description of sex stories: sex stories and stories of indefinite topics

Bard hugged Fair, clutching even more tightly. There is no new day that will turn his beloved into a hereditary princess and priestess. Let the night be eternal. Fair reached for him with his lips, and he bowed his head a little, answering her kiss.

Easily raising her, Haer’dalis took the girl to the bed and gently lowered her to the sheets. She carried him along, and everything and the world exploded with bright colors. There were only he and she. She and he. Covering her breasts with kisses, the bard caressed her back and buttocks, and she bend her whole body, responding to his affection. And she attracted him to her.

Their copulation was frying and quick. Haer’dalis kissed her cheeks, tears that performed in the corners of the eyes at the time of orgasm. Her hands wandered along his back, slightly touching the skin with valley nails.
Then she smiled again, and sighed a little. "You have to go. We have so many things. I believe in you, dear". Haer’dalis did not notice the falsehood in her voice.

Watching how she dresses men with whom she spends the fifth night in a row, Fair thought. She had long been ready to seize power and eliminate her reigning mother, and in the performer of this responsible role she should be completely confident. Yes, the bard is completely and completely fascinated by it and will never resist her will, but the bets are too high even for the shadow of doubt. Fair sighed again and leaned back on the pillows.

A new day began, but, like all the days here, this day was not met with the new sun.

* * *

Edwin was quite pleased with his life. In the underground city, this very life was much easier and more interesting. The absence of the Sun clearly benefited local residents, especially girls, expelling from them shame, prejudice and false modesty. And since he still had a lot of money, Edwin enjoyed as best he could. Three girls – a waitress and two dancers from the tavern, laughed and chirped in the room allotted to him. The eyes of beauties shone with drunk wine and drugs. One of them, to jokes of girlfriends, was already pulling off her shirt. Edwin poorly understood the essence of the game, laid off with shorts taken overnight, but very soon all the beauties were stripped, only one, the dancer, who obviously won, remained in the translucent thin night. It was to her that the magician approached her, setting a glass of wine. The girl’s white hands immediately reached for him, Edwin hugged the beauty and pulled the collar of her without hiding clothes. The other two girls, not wanting to give in all the fun to their friend, ran to the magician and threw him onto the bed.

The magician threw his head blissfully. Girls covered him with kisses, caressed and excited him. His hands wrapped around the waist of the nearest and pulled to him. The dancer pressed against him, their lips merged in a kiss, and then leaned back, sitting on Edwin’s hips. A muffled groan of bliss burst from her chest, Edwin hugged her buttocks, so that to enter the girl even deeper. The other two beauties remaining out of work first had fun with each other, having fallen up even more, and now they decided to take part in the copulation of Edwin and his partner. One of them hugged the dancer, they merged in a kiss, eagerly hugging each other. Another, the same waitress, sat on Edwin’s chest, languidly ran her hands along his neck, along her hips, on her stomach, caressed her breasts with her long -swollen and waiting nipples. Then leaned forward, so that these nipples touched the man’s lips.

Finally, Edwin finished in his dancer, and all four rested blissfully, falling apart on a wide bed and stroked each other. After a brief rest – the presence of such cuties restored Edwin’s strength – everyone again indulged in joys. This time we approached the case more planned. The waiter stretched out on the bed, stretched sweetly, spreading her arms and legs wide. One of the dancers knelt down in front of her face, pulled her head to her crotch and smiled with pleasure, throwing her head back. The second dancer bowed between the feet of the waiter and knew how to work with her tongue, giving her pleasure already to her. Edwin walked around the bed and settled down at the second dancer from behind, slapped her on the ass and entered her. Girls acted extremely harmonious, and for some time only moans of bliss were heard in the room for some time.

After everyone again fell on the sofa, the dancers said that they wanted to drink and, gracefully jumping out of the bed, ran to the bar. The magician, left alone with the waitress, came to his senses. The girl massaged the bottom of his abdomen with light touch of her fingers and lips. Edwin closed his eyes with pleasure.

And I no longer saw how suddenly sobering up the dancers approached him and poured a blue, smoking liquid from the bubble on their face. The magician instantly lost consciousness.

One of the conspirators threw a dark bubble into the corner and pointed the waitress to the door. She understood the hint and, grabbing things, ran out of the room. The second girl at this time made complex magic passes over Edwin’s head. Nothing was dressed on her, and her breasts kept touching the Mage’s face, but he was no longer able to appreciate this affection.

The torch on the wall froze and went out, and the room plunged into the darkness.

* * *

Aeeri timidly followed Viconia. Accustomed to the sun, she could not understand the charms and beauty of underground dwellings, often deprived of windows and always covered only with the light of torches. But in the house of Vikonia it was a little different. The largest room here – the bedroom – was flooded with a white muffled light of a magic ball hanging under the ceiling. A light flame of thin wax candles in the Gothic candlestick on the table was added to this light. From the large window came the poisons of the city, the light of street lamps mixed with lighting the room and painted the walls with orange shadows.

The central place here was occupied by a wide bed with an openwork canopy, covered with purple sheets and littered with pink pillows. Dropping a cloak on the go, Vikonia went to the table in the corner and offered Aeeri to drink. She agreed, just to slightly loosen the tension. She still could not understand why she was invited to these rooms.

Aeeri followed the example of the hostess and threw off her shoulders, pulled off his boots and threw the whole armful to the door, throwing her belt upstairs. Vikunia, who took all the hiking bags by that time, the bandage with a dagger and openwork belt, remained only in a light dress. Filling high glasses, she handed one guest one, sat down on the edge of the bed and sat down with her guest with her. Wine generously diluted with exciting drugs began to act on both. Vikonia looked with curiosity at Aeeri’s groaning eyes. She liked her right away, this naive and proud girl, and a lot of time was taking place that the one who separated from hostility turns into a kind of friendship. A semblance that Vikonia was going to turn into true love now. She already felt a pleasant languor in the lower abdomen, languor, demanding kisses and affection of this shaking girl named Aeeri.

The wine was strangely reassured and relaxed by Aeeri. Vikonia no longer seemed to her neither evil nor cruel. The girl felt a strange attraction to the mistress of this house: this bed.: The same as for Haer’dalis on the day of their first meeting. But Haer’dalis was now with this vile Fair.: And with her now Vikonia, who looks at her with such a good smile.: And so beautiful:

Aeeri spent her blouse and pressed a little to Vikonia. She stroked her hair, touched her neck with her hand, ran her fingers on the shoulder, marked the touch to her chest.

Aeeri timidly answered affection, turned to Vikonia, put her hand on her hips. Vikonia fingers played with a ribbon woven into his hair, playfully tickled the cheek, with the other hand Vikonia covered her guest’s palm. Aeeri met her eyes with the one who now seemed to her the most desired in the world. And she already reached the girl’s waist with tender touches and massaged her stomach with tender movements. Aeeri helped to unfasten the necklace on her neck, then smiled and raised her hands so that Vikonia pulled a blouse from her, and, remaining only in her skirt, laying her back on the bed. Her lover threw her clothes to the side, also exposed her chest, and lay down next. Vikonia admired her guest. She already saw these delicate strong hemispheres when she peeped for Aeeri’s love with Haer’dalis, but now these pink small buds of the nipples, these elegant lines of the body belonged to her, waited for her, Vikonia, affection. And Vikonia did not think for a long time.

She leaned over and kissed the girl on the lips, and read in her eyes love and request to continue. The lips covered his neck with light kisses, shoulders, collarbone, long blond hair of Vikonia scattered over Aeeri’s chest, tickling her nipples.

Aeeri blissfully felt her lover’s breath below, how clever fingers gently took possession.: A long moan escaped from the girl’s chest. Vikunia’s hand, walking down his chest, sank lower, on the ribs, even further, on the lower back, weakened the ties of the dress, cleverly penetrated under the fabric. The nails tickled along Aeeri’s buttocks, while Vikonia’s language left the right nipple and now circled around the left. The girl closed her eyes, reached out towards kisses, bending her whole body.: Suddenly Vikonia stopped caressing her. Aeiri opened her eyes in surprise. Her mistress sat on her knees next to her and laughed merrily. "I need a little break", – she said, slipped with the sheet and headed for the table with the countess. Filling two glasses, she also served one Aeeri, the other drank herself. And completely took off the dress. Of the clothes on it now there was only a thin belt-chain holding on the hips. The hostess once again laughed, gave Aeeri’s hand and raised her from the bed.

Now they stood, hugging, merging in a kiss. Vikunia’s hands hugged his mistress’s neck, in circular movements went below.: And reaching the shoulder blades, Vikonia felt two large uneven healed scars under the palms. In the eyes of Aeeri, a light of wild fear darted, a gleam of long -standing pain and horror that she is ugly with these scars, that these marks on her back will push her lover from her.: But Vikonia did not pull her hands away, only gently ran her fingers along the mutilated skin, went down to her lower back, even lower.

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