Love and spring. Teenagers, romance, sex story

Author: Vladislav Valerievich
Description of sex story: porn stories with the participation of young guys and girls

In the city, Spring was already visible, I already wanted to go outside and run through the puddles, observe, by the window, behind the arriving birds.

It was spring that gave people hope for everything that they considered the best in their lives.

In my darling was spring…..

I was hopelessly in love.

In my soul, of course, I understood that it is impossible to love always…

And it is impossible to love the one you know only from photographs.

At the moment, my fate was in the balance.

I waited and hoped, I believed and dreamed, I knew that our meeting was supposed to happen.

Now I was waiting for Julia.

We agreed to meet about one of the parks.

This park was old and trees that were in it were huge.

This corner has evicted romantic feelings.

After all, we can say that such an unusual place can be a place for a meeting of lovers.
And besides, this park really shone some strange images.

Being in it, one could imagine yourself some kind of fabulous hero or heroine…

In fact, trying to figure out our own feelings, we can say that all our childhood that we spent, either grandfather with my grandmother, or mother and father can be divided into two lives, one of which is the part that we lost, Gradually growing up; The other has not yet left us.

It is this other part that makes us live…

Live and love those with whom you live…

Live and love those you love.

We love, which means we live.

It is love that makes us make important decisions.

Involuntarily thinking, I almost missed the tram, in a cat there was Julia.

I’m not late???-She asked inaudibly.

I have shown with my eyes that everything is fine.

Since it would be indecent for me not to give the girl flowers, I prudently bought three flowers called callas.

Hey, what a miracle!!! That’s for me??-She was sincerely surprised by Yulenka.

But when surprise passed, she, not embarrassed, smacked me on the cheek.

– Thank you my dear!!!

Where let’s go for a walk??-Julia asked.

I pointed to the park.

– There…

Ooo, scary??? – And winning cheerfully to me, Yulenok took my hand.

However, there really was nothing terrible…

Having come deep into the park, we found a convenient gazebo closed by trees from annoying eyes.

Yulenok!!-my voice trembled a little with tension.

What?!-You asked.

I love you!!!-I answered,-I love you more than life…

I know it!!-You said, and began to take off the jacket.

For what??-I asked – it’s cold right there…

Will you warm me up…-And without continuing the phrases, you started kissing me.

Your hands quickly wrapped around my neck, I also threw off my cloak, staying in a sweater and jeans.

I suddenly felt that you pressed me not only with my whole body, but also wrapped my foot on my leg…

Yulenok gagged his lips tightly at me.

And began to rub my pussy on my legs…

I pushed you closer to me.

Your hot intermittent breathing warmed my face.

Yulenka was still rubbed about me. Her legs turned my leg tightly.

By her moans and sighs, I realized she almost finished.

Judging by the last, especially loud sigh, I realized that she finished…

Julia went limp and fell on me.

I started kissing her face.

Julia smiled sweetly and looked playfully at me.

I can not yet!!-she said.

And she knocked me on a bench…

This time I decided to act… without thinking about the consequences.

Throwing her jacket on a free bench, I put Julia on myself…

Her face shone with joy…

My dear Yulenka!!! My good, my dear!!!! I love you!!!!-suddenly burst out from me.

You answered me with a long kiss…

Your tongue was released from my mouth and began to gently caress my face and lips.

It was very simple to scurry you.

I began to stroke the lower part of your, who has become my family.

My hands, easily clutching and stroking, caressed your hips.

Julia, biting his lip, began to undress me…

First a sweater flew on a bench, then you unfastened the zipper on jeans…

I looked at you inquiringly.

You, having understood my question, quickly lowered my hand a bit higher than the buttocks, and it began to be pleasant to iron there…

There was already my turn easily to moan. From a suddenly rushing wave of pleasure, I opened my eyes wide.

Vladislavka!!-You said, – if you do not want, you can stop it….

I, quickly realizing the essence of the situation, nodded inconsistently, saying that Jul had to continue.

My hand helped Yulia cope with jeans, the other slowly reached for her crotch.

I got to Yulin panties pretty quickly.

My hand gently walked along the clitoris…

Knowing what feelings are waiting for her, Julia relaxed.

Stroking his hand Yulenkin Clitor, and fingering with my fingers to her sponge, I knew what pleasure I would bring to Julia.

"The next wave of pleasure covered Julia… She was unable to cope with the overwhelming emotions…

Her hands tightly clasped Vlad… And, Julia, hugged him… Hugged like no one else… At the moment it was the most expensive person for her.

Her soul trembled… Her soul flew into the sky -high height…"

After the next orgasm has passed, Julia decided "take" Vlada.

Herself, if possible, without his help.

Carried away by the caressing of Yulenkina’s chest, I, imperceptibly for myself, ended up on another bench.

Julia took off my jeans…

I would not have believed anyone in life if I had not felt…

The feeling of infinite tenderness swept over me.

Having laid Yulenka comfortably, I began slowly, inaudicated, enter it…

Julia grabbed my neck, wrapped me around my waist.

To be honest, the feeling of amazing… Especially if for the first time.

I began to slowly enter her. I don’t want her to hurt.

Each time penetrating deeper, I understood that Julia could experience pain…

Therefore, I began to suck her papillae tenderly…

These actions made Yulenka completely surrender to me.

Her angelic body was submissive to me… It was dutifully dutiful from the first minute.

Yulenka published several lingering sweet sighs…

I felt that she would finish now…

One sweet scream… And endless explanations…

Julia was mine, mine until the end.

I used to love her.. She loved me.

And suddenly she said:

– Vladislavka, thanks… thanks for all.. Thanks for the minutes that we were together…. Thanks for my joyful soul… I love you!!!!

She pressed tightly to me… I felt her body. I felt her soul… we were together.

Together forever…

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