Love in the water. Erotica, sex story

Author: Katerinka
Description of sex story: Beautiful erotica without unnecessary vulgarity and vulgarity

… The water poured quietly in the shower. The young girl stood under water and drove a washcloth soaped with foam along her velvet delicate skin. From these touches, she enjoyed a pleasant pleasure and at the same time thought about her young man, with whom she also enjoyed this pleasure, but already stronger, incomparable. Relatively long ago she did not see him… After that time…

These thoughts about him, about this did not leave the girl for some time, ……. Suddenly she heard a sound… – Turn the door handle, but it seemed to her that it was heard, and she relaxed again.

… And then the curtain swung open, and she saw her beloved half -naked. At first she screamed with horror, and then with delight! She was not shy about anything, t. K to him was already close to him at that time… And the only thing she whispered from her lips is… " Come to me".
The guy only remains to remove the lower part that he made with easy and speed; And then he ended up with his beloved in the bath.

They, without losing a second, began to hug like small children …, But what happened next is not you can call a childhood occupation! They kissed for a long time and gently under warm soft water. Slowly, hands, drove each other’s bodies. God! How great it was to feel the native smell of a beloved man!

The young man knelt down in front of the girl and began to gently caress her stomach, navel…, and then skillfully set about her pussy. … After some time, she also knelt down. They kissed each other for a long time. And soon it happened, what both wanted. … He entered her, with slow shocks and surprisingly soft and does not hurt. The girl began to moan quietly. …

After the end of the act, both got up. The guy said…

– Well, what will we go…. Otherwise we are already over 2 hours already here. We will continue on the crib, but beloved?

But the girl was in no hurry. She answered…

– Of course, let’s go, but before we leave the bath, I also want to make you pleasant…

At first he did not understand what exactly she intends to do, but soon guessed when she slowly, as if sliding down his body, sank into her knees… She picked up him "friend". He seemed very warm, and quite heavy. But most of all the girl was surprised by his delicate skin on a dick. She spent a couple of times with her hand, and then launched her heated tongue. "The gun" it was medium sizes, and it was not difficult for her to take it in the mouth, absorbing almost to the ground.

The guy was no longer able to, silently endure it… And the first moans began to break off from his mouth, then more and more. The girl, hearing all this, wanted to continue in the same spirit,… But she felt that "things are coming to an end" and pulled out this prankster from her mouth. Then they washed each other in the shower. Well, then they left the bath, wrapped only in large terry towels. The young man took his beloved in his arms and carried it to the already disassembled silk bed, … where they remained again together.

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