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Description of sex story: Romantic Love Stories and Beautiful Sex


The clocks of the watch have long been exceeded after midnight, and he still sat in front of a flickering monitor. The only source of lighting, the screen threw pale blurry shadows on the walls and played on his face with a weak gleam.

A faint click of modem announced the transition to the Off-Line mode. The man behind the screen did not react to this. From the side it might seem that he fell asleep. But now he sighed heavily and resolutely turned off the computer. The room plunged into impenetrable darkness.

II (background)
This story began three months ago. At that time, he first discovered the alluring depth of virtual communication for himself for himself. He had heard about how people can talk to each other on the Internet, but did not see anything attractive in this. He needed something more. Probably he could not say exactly what exactly. Perhaps the usual rhythm of life bored, I wanted something new. At the age of 25, he had few acquaintances and even fewer friends. He did not meet anyone and did not feel a special need for this. But perhaps too late, he was visited by the feeling that life passes by, the same days merged in the same weeks, months, years. Occasionally, a uniform flow of life destroyed small bursts, new hobbies appeared, but he felt that it was temporary, and in the end it turned out, the feelings quickly burned out and faded away, causing pain to other people and leaving behind a bitter feeling of guilt and mistakes. And everything returned to their own. It happened that his phone was silent for weeks, then the silence was broken by a call, and he did not even want to pick up the phone.

He went into different "Boltliks", but nowhere for a long time I was delayed. Everywhere there was the same thing – verbal tinsel and nonsense. But in one chat, everything was different. The upbringing of its participants was immediately evident. No one allowed himself not only obscene expressions, but also any manifestation of disrespect for the interlocutor. Maybe this was due to the fact that the chat was automatically programmed to remove all violators of the discipline, maybe it was at that moment that the planets were favorably grouped, but he, a very conservative and meticulous subject, liked it there. He entered the common room, spoke with someone, someone answered him, and our story joined the initial phase.

Going there almost every evening, he became one of his regulars. Girls often paid attention to him, and this pleasantly flattered his pride – possessing an unremarkable, but rather pretty appearance, he nevertheless never attracted the attention of the female sex. No one was worried about what was happening in his soul, no one tried to get closer to him, and he never wondered why. Although, if he thought, he could find an answer. The whole thing was in his isolation and a secluded lifestyle, where there was simply no place for another person.

He drove away the thoughts that people who pretend to be for those who are not actually were talking to him. I avoided communicating with suspicious personalities. With surprise, he discovered for himself that it was easier to be frank in the chat. After all, it is still little likely that he will meet his interlocutor. In addition, some of them, despite the fact that they were younger than him, managed to recognize life no worse, and sometimes better than him, and often gave him useful tips and reassured him when he shared his problems with them.

Gradually, virtual communication took possession of his thoughts more and more. Correspondence has improved with some girls from other cities. He caught himself thinking that, having come to work, the first thing he wanted to see the mail. He rejoiced for each letter as a child, and wrote answers with no less zeal than articles in the newspaper, where he worked as a correspondent. A month ago, he would only laugh if someone told him about it.

Life seemed to gain a new meaning. Meanwhile, all the people with whom he communicated and corresponded had his own life. Gradually, some of them disappeared from sight, changed the email addresses without telling him about this, or even ceased to live virtual life. He missed them, as for lost friends, tried to write some, but came in complete despair when he saw that his letters were not even watching. But then there were new acquaintances who wanted to chat with him, and it all started first.

He did not want to meet his virtual friends. And they all lived far enough, there was almost no one from his city in the chat. Moreover, he had a little experience of such meetings, and they did not bring anything at all – neither joy nor disappointments.

On one of the late autumn evenings, he quietly turning on romantic music, habitually gained the address learned by heart and entered the chat. At this late hour there was always lively and fun. But glancing at the list of those present, he did not see a single friend of Nick. Yes, and there were few of them. Strange, he thought. In such cases, he always went into the room where there was one person, albeit unfamiliar, and talked with him. Without even suspecting how much his life will change from this moment, he entered the first one that came across, where someone’s name shone lonely.

Girl (he has already learned to almost accurately determine the half of his interlocutors, after all, you will not always break out in the chat who is who is) answered him almost immediately. They led a simple, non -binding conversation, which began with banal phrases about the name, city, place of work, and then exchanged email addresses. But when someone else went to their room, the girl immediately called him to privat so that they would not be interfered.

With her, everything was somehow different, not like with others. From the faceless words scored on the keyboard thousands of kilometers from it, it blew comfortable and spiritual calm. Perhaps, for the first time during all the time of virtual meetings, he no longer wanted to talk to anyone. Only with her. But in the city where she lived was already a deep night, and soon he was forced to wish her good night. Having looked after that his mail, he found a funny picture with a cake, candles and cream hearts that came from her there. Something moved into his heart, some half-forgotten memories surged. He will regret that he did not save this postcard.

The next evening, at the same time, he was again in that chat. The familiar name immediately caught my eye. Something stirred in his soul again, and he hastily rushed into her room, cursing the shifting computer so inappropriately. But he was disappointed – they smashed for only a few minutes. Leaving the open window open, he began to rewrite some information in parallel, intending to leave after that-to communicate with someone except her, he got sick. Having finished after a few minutes and folding all the windows, he suddenly saw that she had returned and spoke to him. Forgetting everything in the world, he again spoke to her until late at night.

Now they appointed virtual dates to each other and tried to warn each other if someone could not appear. He noticed that this girl, being five years younger than him, enters his life more and more. They could not exhaust a single topic for conversation, and inevitable farewells in the middle of the night became a tragedy for both. He stopped sprinkling, came to life only in the evening, and the day passed in his thoughts, how was she doing. They exchanged photographs, she was not the way he imagined, but this did not disappoint him: the appearance of a person for him played far from the most important role. Long letters that he sent to her almost every day became the same norm as the morning run around the array. He grouped all his messages into one text file and added new ones to it as they write, interspersing with its answers. All other virtual acquaintances faded into the background, especially since she really did not like if he spoke with someone in parallel.

Three weeks after their acquaintance, he asked her phone number with bated breath. By this time, both of them already felt that they mean a lot to each other. Having gained impudence, he called her from the office of his boss, taking advantage of his absence. They talked about twenty minutes. Her quiet, slightly sad voice caused him an unprecedented confusion of thoughts and feelings. The dream finally materialized, he heard her voice! The next day he received the longest letter for all the time of their acquaintance. It began with words "Finally I heard your voice"… The next call was already from her. On this day he had a birthday, and her words, which span on telephone wires after a few countries, were the best gift for him. He was happy and unhappy at the same time. Happy because I heard the words that any normal man dreamily dreamed of hearing. Unhappy – because she was so far from him.

Being a fan of psychological studies of human reaction and behavior in non -standard situations, he could not but analyze his own position. It was easy and comfortable for them to communicate, it differed from its peers with the unusual health of judgments and, at the same time, some kind of semi-children’s naivety. She, apparently, felt confidence in him. During one conversation, she said that none of all her friends understand her like him.

He used to trust his secrets and the most secret thoughts, knowing that this would not go further than him. He thought that everything would be different in the chat, but he was mistaken. This girl. Having recognized her better, he began to treat her more tenderly and carefully. He knew very well that in words you could hit much more painfully, and to do it unconsciously. And very soon it seemed to him that finally a languid emptiness in his heart began to fill up.

But from the fact that he began to understand the reasons for his virtual hobby (for some reason, the language did not turn to call this love), it did not become easier. Then the problems with the provider came, he could not leave the Internet from the house, and at work there was not always such an opportunity. She, too, began to disappear more often, and to write long letters, by her own recognition, she did not know how and did not like. He suffered quietly, thinking all the time how she without him became nervous and irritable, then exploded through trifles, then fell into depression.

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