Love from the first click. Romance, sex story

Description of sex story: Romantic Love Stories and Beautiful Sex

– So it bothers us? He asked, inspired by, because he had already prepared himself for the inevitable parting in his soul.

– Grandma will call, will worry. And I’m to work tomorrow. Yes, and you need to get enough sleep, tomorrow you have a long road.

– Sun… – He took her hand and gently forced her to turn to him, – I do not want to part.

“Me too,” she answered almost in a whisper. – But this is such an irony of fate. We are far from each other, and we are not destined to be together.

– You wrote to me that you can come to us? This is true? – He looked at her face, but the thickening darkness did not allow him to see anything but an obscure oval of his face.

– I will try, I do not throw words into the wind, but so far there is no certainty. I will only have a vacation in the summer, maybe only then, and even then if they let me go.
Having discarded all the conventions, he impulsively pressed her to him, feeling how excitedly two charming mounds under the thin fabric of a blouse rose excitedly and fall. She did not pull away, but did not relax, and he, feeling her tension, limited himself to a gentle kiss near the ear and let her go.

Handing hands, they left the park and went to the tram rut. She returned home with another road, he lost his orientation, but conscientiously played the role of the guide. The almost empty tram carried them along the sparkling surface of the river, trees and roadside pillars flashed in the window, and he admired its delicate profile against the background of the window. An elderly conductor slowly walked between the rows of seats, approaching them. "The conductor is in no hurry, the conductor understands that I say goodbye to the girl forever" – the half -forgotten lines of an old romance helped helpfully in memory and he lowered his head to hide the tears, treacherously climbed eyes. They were silent. The words were already superfluous, they seemed to add pain to their exhausted souls. Both were waiting for this meeting, both could not help themselves, both knew that this moment would come and both were afraid of this. And now the moment came, and they were completely not ready for this.

“Buy tickets, young people,” a peppy voice returned him to reality. He counted the right number of coins and received two pre -broken pieces of paper, which he put in his pocket without looking. But the gray -haired old man did not leave. Looking cunningly at him unnaturally expanded by his eyes with his eyes, he touched his shoulder and said, shaking his finger:

– You can’t even imagine how lucky you are, young people. You didn’t get on a simple tram. My tram is not such a box on wheels like everyone else. This is a tram. And the tickets are in your pocket also not ordinary. These are tickets of happiness. When I leave, look at them more carefully. Happily! – and jokingly putting his hand to the visor of a battered cap, he went out into the opened doors and moved to the next carriage.

– He is drunk, or something? She answered, looking at him.

“Something is not like,” he took out tickets and began to carefully study them, but there was not enough scattered light. Then he took out a lighter, which he always carried with him, despite the fact that he did not smoke, and in the incorrect hesitant light of a thin tongue of flame began to carefully examine the slightly crushed pieces of paper. It seems that everything is fine, a color strip that is beautifully shimmering in the light of a flame, an advertisement for some Internet cafe on the back, a meaningless serial number, article… stop!

– What is the number today? – he asked. – May thirteenth, so?

– That’s right, although soon there will be the fourteenth. And what?

– Nothing, except that the serial number of one ticket is 130501, and the second – 120501. Yesterday and today’s number.

– Wow…

She leaned closer and he was frightened that the flame would touch her lush hair and hastily took his finger from the plastic button of the lighter. But she already examined everything and now looked at him with wide eyes.

“Merry old man,” she said in surprise. – Where is he? – She got up, glancing through the glass into the salon of the second car. But from a cheerful conductor and the trace was caught. But looking around, she was in earnest.

– My God, while we talked with him, the tram drove our stop! – She jumped up in a panic, but immediately sank into place, – and you will not shout to the driver, we are not in the first carriage.

– And when the next? He asked, in his soul only rejoicing in such a turn of events.

“I don’t know,” she almost moaned, and pity and anger at her own egoism immediately moved in him. "But they do not come to her every day from other countries, you can at least once be late for work" – the thought helpfully came from his dark half, which sometimes dominated his desires and actions undividedly.

But the tram was already slowing down, and they slipped out. The night was already sank to the city, the arrows of the clock were exceeded after midnight. In almost complete darkness, they walked along a narrow path along the railway track, he finally overcame his timidity and led her hand, having every right to do so.

Her house somehow suddenly overshrew from the darkness, because they approached him from the other side. The heart was squeezed by an icy hand longing. That’s all. Now they say goodbye, and most likely they will never meet again. After about twelve hours, he should be at the station, and at that time it will already be at work and will not be able to spend it. Yes, this is not necessary, he specifically bought a ticket back so that she did not manage to go to the station with him. Watch the train from the window, how the platform floats back and as if it carries it after him – no, that would be higher than his strength.

– Darling… – He, not letting out one of her hand, tried to catch another, but thin fingers immediately touched his lips.

“Quietly,” she whispered. – Be quiet, don’t say anything. Where you go, now the transport does not go, and you will not have time to run to the metro.

He poorly remembered further events. No matter how hard I tried to recall, it turned out somehow blurred and ghostly. But some details crashed into memory tightly. Loud click of an automatic castle, echoed at the porch… The soft light of the pink lampshade, who flooded her room and in an incomprehensible way left her bed in the shade… Light, slightly hasty hugs, a quiet whisper in the ear, a tear rolled down her cheek and falling on his shoulder… Her fingers on his shoulders… Kiss on the neck… Intermittent breathing… The warmth of her body… obscure outlines under the blanket… Luxurious black hair, puffy halo scattered on a snow -white pillow… and night… the night that absorbed both of them and erased the line between reality and fiction…

In the morning he carefully so as not to wake her up, slipped out of bed. She slept tightly, and judging by the readings of the electronic alarm clock, until the moment of waking up there was another half hour. He wanted to wake her up to say goodbye, but did not dare. Having minimized the morning toilet, he went into the kitchen and wrote to her a note in which he thanked her for everything that she did for him. Took out a gift prepared for her and took it out of the box. In his hands was a small oblong casket, which he, a little hesitation, discovered. There was a small mirror in her cap from the inside, and inside, against the background of the panorama of his hometown, gilded watches quietly ticked.

He returned to her room. She was still sleeping, comfortably curled up and put her hand under the pillow. He attached the casket along with a note in her field of sight, a little hesitated, gently kissed her on a warm cheek, quickly dressed and slipped into the porch, carefully closing the door behind him.

For the second time he leaves the house shelter secretly from his owners, thought flickered. But not without reason, in the popular song, Alla Pugacheva’s parting is compared with death. He could not stand the partings, but if he fell into such situations, he always tried to follow the words of San Sanych from his childhood film’s favorite film "Don’t be afraid, I’m with you" – You need to part as if tomorrow meet again. Well, to meet as if you hadn’t seen ten years. He did not vouch for the accuracy of citation, but the meaning was precisely in this.

He took things from his friends and in full accordance with this rule said goodbye to them, saying that he would not be escorted. Deciding not to risk it, in contacting at a peak with public transport, he caught a taxi. Fortunately, the taxi driver got silent and did not bother with questioning. And now I wanted to be silent now. He said goodbye to the city, giving him so many hopes and justified almost all of them. A piece of his heart and soul will remain here forever.

They drove past the Botanical Garden and the entrance to the park where they walked. Between the multi -storey buildings, gilded domes of churches flashed, and yesterday’s cafe, where they sat in the afternoon and bickering, to whom to pay the account. It was as if specially before his eyes swam places, giving him the joy of meeting with such a close, and now girl who was moving away from him.

The station was piled at the end of the highway of a huge clumsy makhina. The unchanged crowd picked him up, spinned in a whirlpool and spilled over in a spacious lobby. There were still half an hour before the train departure. He twisted near the kiosks, for some reason he bought a detective with a tempting name, although he did not know what kind of author it was and whether he could read at all in the train. To his surprise, he did not feel longing and sorrows of parting. But at the same time, he felt that the most vivid and romantic moment of his boring life was left behind.

Announced the arrival of his train, and he, pushing the crowd, began to make his way to the desired platform. Something made him look back. No, like nothing. He looked around again. All this is strange… And suddenly I saw a flickering of a familiar dress in the crowd.

She did not see him, frantically twisted her head, rose to tiptoe, but looked in the wrong direction. And he could no longer stop, a human stream carried him to the glass doors, behind which the bulk of the train was black. People without a ticket are not missed there…

He sharply took to the side and slipped out of the general stream. Shouted at full power of the lungs, for a moment blocked the rumble of the station. She shuddered, turned, immediately flew at her from behind and almost knocked down, but in the crowd a lumen formed for a moment and she rushed to him.

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