Love with crime. Part 3 – sex story

Author: Alex Meatyedov
Description of sex stories: sex stories and stories of indefinite topics

And let’s go through it with an iron, ”Verzila suggested, shifting the iron from his hand to his hand to his hand. Wait for Vitalik, do not fuss, – continued Natasha, I think Alexander was ripe for a subject conversation. Natasha sat down closer to Sasha. She gently took out a gag from her mouth. I see that you have suffered a lot, sorry, it happened. Sasha, you are not a stupid person and you yourself understand that there is no road back for me and my assistants. We cannot leave you alive, and believe me very much sorry for you. But life is life, I chose not the best side of it. The question is that if our plan breaks me, like you will be killed only a little later. I want to thank you for the unforgettable minutes that we spent together, I will always remember you. Natasha, ”Alexander with difficulty squeezed out of himself, even if I tell you the administrator’s password, you will not get into the bilingual system of electronic calculations. There is your own password, which I don’t know. Calm down Sasha, and I foresaw, – taking out of my pocket a neatly folded piece of paper, Natalya answered. Iraid Antonovna is already an old person and it was difficult for her to remember an eight -digit access code to the electronic payments system. She showed a discouraged young man a note with the neatly written handwriting of Iiraida Antonovna with the code. In our language, this is called a classic masquerade, ”continued Natasha. A morally killed captive said the necessary password in a hearing. Having kissed the exhausted young man on the forehead, Natasha sat down at the computer and quickly introduced the necessary sequence of characters, then she called the mobile phone: " Misha I have a password, you have prepared everything on your part? Begin"

Fifteen kilometers from the city, near the birch grove, the minibus of the Volkswagen conveyor is dark blue. Two pumped up a guy came out of it. One of them opened a sliding door, and together with the second, they pulled out a person tied hand and feet. This man was Sasha. The gag was still stuck in his mouth. It was put near a pre -dug pit. Sasha opened his eyes. Dark May Night caressed his body mutilated by torture with a cool breeze. Moonlight illuminated the tops of slender birches with an uneven, silver light. The tall baby unleashed Sasha’s legs and pulled out the gag from his mouth, throwing the ropes and a rag into the pit.

The one who is lower, put Sasha on his knees in front of the darkening yawn grave. Vitalik, and let’s finish it with a strangle, – suggested, holding the shoulders of Sasha Kidin. No, another answered him, – Natalie punished him to send him to another world quickly, without torment. Sasha raised his gaze up. Far stars shone with cold not earthly light. How all are – they are far away, – Alexander thought to himself. It’s a pity that in my short life I did nothing significant. University, I dreamed of big discoveries in the field of studying the universe, and now, in a matter of seconds, I stand on my knees before these bastards before my death. Gorky lump rolled up to the throat. Well, a guy, nothing personal, ”the tall muttered to himself, putting a pistol barrel in his mouth in his mouth. Sasha for the last time elevated her exhausted look at the sky. I go to you stars, ”Sasha only managed to say to himself, how a deaf shot rang out. The light in Alexander’s eyes faded forever. His dead body with a torn head, steadily fell into the dark abyss of the grave.

After this incident in the city N, they only talked about the impudent, one million dollars, robbery of the bank. The bank was not large, and the loss of such an amount affected its liquidity and a month later it closed. All employees, including Natasha, were fired, and she calmly paid attention to herself from the city. As the attackers suggested, the investigation went along the false Sashkin track. They never found him. Sasha’s photographs, as a particularly dangerous criminal, were sent to all departments of the police of our vast Motherland and even in Interpol. And he now lies in the damp earth at the edge of the birch grove. His grave was overgrown with grass and wildflowers, and no longer gives anything in this deserted place the last refuge of the unfortunate young man.

A year later, on the Sunny Coast of Antalya, in a luxurious hotel, a young couple of French subjects registered. Their name was Michelle and Natalie. And although in French they spoke tolerably, but their documents were in perfect order.

But what is the salt? A patient reader will ask me who read my story until the end. After all, such a story is typical in the era of the reconstructive period. I answer:

By this, I just wanted to warn that if suddenly some glamorous beauty will show such interest to you, for no reason, then do not rush to tie a serious relationship with her. Perhaps they just want to use you, and in this matter, as in other matters, you must first think with your own head, and not your causal place.

Alex Myasoedov

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