Love is evil. Execution, sex story

Author: Nikita Zhuravlev
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

For two hours now I have been standing in the corner on the peas, tied to the battery by the neck.

I’m absolutely naked, my hands are reliably connected behind my back! I am waiting for the execution of the sentence made to me by my wife! Nearby stand in a large bucket and stall long rods.

A wide leather belt with heavy metal buckle hangs on the back of the chair!

I am doomed, I am patiently waiting for a terrible punishment, because my wife decided so.
And the thing is that my wife is a bitch! She’s beautiful… She has a sports figure, beautiful and very strong legs, powerful hips and an amazing ass and shape, high breasts, but bitch, there is a bitch…! I, like an idiot, fell in love with it a year ago and began to seek her hand. Everyone told me that I didn’t go there, even because it is taller than me (she has a height of 175 cm., And I have 165) And physically it is stronger than me, because she has been engaged in athletic gymnastics for quite some time, but, as they say, the love of evil…! And I got my…

As a result, for the first time I was a spalful wife in the morning after the wedding! I, you see, did not give her coffee in bed! And then I just decided until she woke up, calmly smoke in the kitchen, and dream about her failed happiness…

So I spent about twenty minutes. Suddenly my wife opened the door to the kitchen and resolutely jumped to me. She was in a short tunic, without panties, with her hair loose! In her hand, she held my leather belt. folded in two!

– moron – she yelled… – Did you not understand that you should have immediately served me coffee!!!!

– And you dare to sit here and put a fool…, Well, nothing, now you will understand how I will raise you…!!!

With these words, she crashed me in the face, then pulled me off the stool to the floor, and immediately crashed my foot in my side, then again, already in the stomach!

I was shocked by such an attack. I fell to the floor and did not freely beg her to come to his senses!

I tried to get up when I was already on all fours, she deftly jumped to me, and clamped my head between her legs! I clamped tightly, clasping my neck, with my powerful hips! And then he began to tear me with a belt on a bare ass… She poured me for ten minutes, fought skillfully and very cruelly! She paid no attention either to my cries or my prayer for forgiveness! With every blow, she beat me more fiercely, increasing the pace of flogging! Five minutes after the start of the execution, I felt abundant moisture on my neck…, And a few minutes later, when I already thought that I would die from burning intolerant pain, she suddenly shook and so much squeezed my neck and head with thighs that I began to lose consciousness…! I realized that she experienced the strongest orgasm, which lasted fifteen -twenty seconds!!! Then she opened the thighs, and I collapsed to the floor at her beautiful legs! She, with bliss on her face, sat on a stool and taking a cigarette from a pack, she lit a cigarette with pleasure! And I am a trim and roaring, like a kid punished for misconduct, was lying at her feet! I was very painful and ashamed at the same time! I was humiliated and destroyed…! I could not get up, I could not raise my eyes on her! God, I have just brutally wrapped me, my newlywed wife!!!! She wiped me like an obedient boy, and even got a great pleasure from it!!!! I realized that I actually died! I lay and cried frankly…

At this time, she finished smoking and bending down to me calmly nailed the cigarette butt against my wet neck, from surprise I yelled with good obscenities…

– Shut up, creature ! -she cried out,-you still can’t imagine what I will do with you in order to educate, I will either cut you to death someday, or make a person out of you-!!! With these words, she stood over me!!

– immediately turn over on your back – she ordered.

I completed the order. So – as I did not want to experience her anger on himself anymore!

– Now open your filthy mouth wider – she ordered.

I complied with the order.

– Now I will do what I will always do from now, I will write to you in my mouth!

– And if you let at least a drop by a drop, I’ll get you half to death!

I could not believe what I heard … Will she really do this, but at that moment, she quickly crouched her beautiful booty on my face!!! I opened my mouth even wider, so I understood that she was not joking about punishment…. She deftly covered my mouth with her pussy and immediately began to write! I already thought about anything other than a top, how to swallow everything!

I started eagerly drinking her nectar! It lasted all seconds twenty!

When she finished I heard… – Quickly pour me with your tongue, freak !-

I began to live allegiance to her, I felt that she was immediately excited. I began to move my tongue even more actively, it began to fidget my rhythm of movements at my time. After a couple, she shouted again in an orgasm, sitting on my face, and at the same time began to tear my stomach with its rather long nails. I tried to yell again, but my mouth was covered with her crotch. However, she understood my intentions and immediately hit me with the eggs, I twitched like an epileptic.

Soon she got up from me, and immediately put her leg on my face!

– stop twitching, freak, get used to new order – she said strictly.

– You behaved badly and was punished, but that’s not all, now in honor of our wedding you will be pleasure all day… you will lick my ass. Then you will kiss my legs, you will give me food and clean the apartment, and I will strictly punish you for any mistake! – Her voice was strict and instructive.

Part 2.

Half a year has passed since then. I am subjected to cruel punishment for any fault! And on Saturdays I am exposed to execution regardless of my behavior. And today on a Saturday day I will receive my portion of ROZG, but while I stand in the corner on the peas and wait for my wife to return from my lover. She does not hide what she has "Fuck", and that she spends time with him when she wants!

This is also a part of my punishments, usually she, returning after love consolation, makes me lick her pussy, to shine, and then begins to Sick…

Well, that’s all, I hear the front door opened, and I hear the confident approaching steps of my wife. She enters the room, she is beautiful… She is in a short, tight -fitting body, a skirt, she has black high -heeled shoes on her, it is already clear that she is in anticipation, my execution.

– Well, dear, I was waiting for my beloved wife? She said cheerfully.

– Nothing, now we will fix this business, now you will shout at me properly…, Saturday is Saturday… She sang cheerfully, and untied my neck from the battery. Then she quickly took off her panties and sat on the sofa, spread her legs wide, gestured to me at her pussy.

– Place me well after my "Hahel" She ordered strictly.

I quickly crawled to it and began to diligently lick the crotch, realizing that I would be beaten even more painful for sluggishness than expected.

In about five minutes she commands… – Enough, get down! –

I crawl on my knees to the stool and fit my chest on the seat, my ass is slightly raised to the top, and my head hangs above the floor. The wife with a springy gait comes up to me and takes the first rod from the bucket.

“Today there will be a hundred,” she says in a steel voice, “and then fifty belt,” she declares her sentence.

– You had remarks from me several times and brought little money from me, so you will have to answer with your ass – she said in a business tone.

I begin to beg for lenients, but in response she takes my hair and lifts my head, the next instant she stuffs her underpants in my mouth…! I’ve been used to it for a long time that in this way she shuts my mouth so that I didn’t yell so loudly. My mouth will shut up and I hear a characteristic whistle of rods…

It is difficult to describe all my terrible sensations at the time of flogging. I’m trying to yell, I’m trying to confident the ass from the blow, but then, she immediately clamps my head between her legs, and I am completely in her power. After fifty blows, when I pray all the excelled mooing with her underwear with panties in my mouth, she experiences a powerful orgasm and with a light groan falls into a chair opposite, then a smoke break. She pictures in a picture in front of me in a chair and, throwing her foot on her foot, begins to smoke.

– Poster a little, dear, you feel better – she says with a mockery in her voice.

– Today I still spared you, but the next fifty will be much more painful!

Perevo is finished, and she again takes a fresh rod… This time she immediately fixes my head, holding it between her legs. Proceeding continues. She told the truth… This time the blows are much more painful than the previous. On a seventy blow, I lose consciousness…

Consciousness slowly returns from the cotton wool with ammonia, which she always holds on ready during the execution.

– Well, he got old, then we will continue, there are still thirty left, then the belt…!!!

I’m trying to beg with my mooing with panties in my mouth and a crazy imploring look, but everything is useless, it is adamant.

I perceive the latest blows again on the verge of insensibility.

After the hundredth rods, I curl on the floor with a bag. My wife immediately stands at me and noisily pisses on my backstage.

I make me writhe on the floor from pain and humiliation, and she laughs gloatingly!!! After that, she takes out his panties from my mouth and makes me lick her shoes.

“Okay enough,” she says after the shoes are licked to shine,

– Now flogging with a belt, please take a pose – with a business tone she orders.

I dutifully knelt and bow my head. The wife dancing comes up to me, laying a wide belt in the hand so that the buckle hangs at the end of the belt and is in a combat position.

– Well, we will continue to educate, dear… – She muttered in an almost affectionate voice, I again feel in her appearance, that excitement is growing in her and the next orgasm is not "beyond the mountains". True, before that I have to be almost torn to be torn…

Everything is ready, with the usual movement, it bends my head and fixes it, holding it with her thighs. A couple of moments, and it began… This time the powerful orgasm came through fifteen strong strokes… I felt how she shook and at the same time squeezed my neck with her hips so that I was right there "I got out".

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