Love lives forever. Oddities, sex story

Author: Master Blacksmith
Description of sex story: unusual sexual behavior and unpredictable actions

Dedicated to your beloved wife

… When morning comes in the forest, and dew falls on the green grass, then in each drop you can see eternity. One has only to take a closer look, and it will open, as in the palm – the infinity of our being. And I am happy that the right to see this is available only to me, and no one else. Someday I will die, and I will become a part of this forest, fragrance of the aroma of life. I will turn into a beautiful tree, I will powerfully spread my crowns, and rush up, I will grow to the clouds, and at one point I will get to the sky, and I will admire the picturesque landscape of my favorite forest on top. Truly, the creations of God are perfect…
From the moment I remember myself, I had never been drawn to women or men. In my youth, my parents even thought that I was blue, and worried about this, but, having observed after me, and, noticing my equal aversion to both floors, they calmed down.

In this crazy world there was only one thing that could arouse in me any feelings similar to those that a man experiences to a woman. Similar only remotely, for they were much higher and a thousand times more divine than people call love. And what a pity that the joy of testing this is given only to me, and, probably, no one else.

The thing is that I love flowers and trees. But this does not mean that I love them, like a botanist, ecologist or gardener. These latter are not gardeners, but just sadists. It is always painful for me to look at what they do with defenseless living creatures – how they cut their branches, cut the roots, and how they deal with unnecessary shoots that do not fit into the design of their landscape. You just think how, except as a sadist, you can call a person who sawn the limb of a living creature, even if this creature cannot talk, even if this is a young apple tree in its full prime, so similar to a shy bride that decorates itself before the wedding. You don’t even know how painful and wild it is to watch how a young woman is cut off before your eyes.

All my life I loved plants. In my early childhood, when I was very small, I loved to sit in a flowerbed among flowers and engage in masturbation. Already at that time, only the type of these beautiful creatures caused me the strongest excitement. Later, when I grew up a little, I made all the windowsills in my room with clay pots, and planted many different colors in them. There were roses, chamomiles, and decorative ficuses, and even tiny trees. They were all my friends. In the evenings I locked myself in my room and talked with them about life. We talked on different topics. Sometimes I told them fairy tales, sometimes I sang songs, and sometimes I just complained how unpleasant I have cabbage and onions in salads, with what pleasure I would eat meat alone, but my mother does not allow me to do this. We were good friends and loved each other. No, do not think that there was something between us-we just had a bright romantic relationship.

When a flower was dying, I was very worried about the loss of a close friend. I could not eat and did not sleep at night. Parents thought that I was sick and called out of different doctors, but they were powerless, and always stated my complete health.

For many years passed. I grew up and studied at school, and then went to the university. I was a round excellent student in all subjects, and I managed equally well both in history and in mathematics. Teachers considered me a genius, because I was interested in literally everything, but I think that this is because of my phenomenal memory and the ability to instantly grasp the information.

Most of all, of course, I was fond of botany, and I was happy that no one was at all surprised by my pathological interest in the flora. I sat for hours in libraries, studying books about plants, rewriting the moments especially remembered from them. And after that, at night, I climbed with a flashlight under the blanket so that my mother would not see, took out my notes and, reading them, masturbate.

I was expelled from the university – I did not finish my studies for two years before the release. It so happened that I started a fight and beat my classmate to half a death. I will not give his name in my narrative – he is not worthy. I’ll only tell you that once we returned together from studying: I went home, and he was on a date with a girl. What kind of wild tradition in people – give each other flowers! People do not know their torment, do not see how scared and painful they are painful, standing in a vase with muddy water. Stupid human creatures do not understand how terrible it is to see its beauty, but to know that it will die soon and will be thrown into the garbage, like a garbage, worked out material, but in fact – perfection, cut off with a knife under the root and doomed to slow death.

We approached the flower shop, where, as if in the cell of suicide bombers, roses and cloves, lilies and dahlias, irises and chamomiles, and many, many others, waiting for their deaths. I looked at them, and tears flowed down my face – I was sorry to see them. I thought it was cynical-to kill a living creature just in order to give it to someone. For what? For what? For the sake of enjoying the dying of beauty? Anger began to overwhelm me, my fists involuntarily clenched.

My classmate chose three red roses, which merchants slightly tinted with sparkles, like girls of light behavior, as if they were not enough natural beauty. They were casually wrapped in a beautiful wrap and bandaged with a pink ribbon. I really wanted to rescue these flowers from the captivity, I could no longer restrain myself, and sharply hit my companion in the face. The blow was so strong that his nose broke. He raised his eyes in surprise, not understanding what was the matter. He was ridiculous, wiping blood on his face, and he no longer needed these roses more, for which he never paid. I hit him with my foot in the stomach, and when he bent, he began to beat him everywhere where he took it out, not noticing in rage, where he was beaten by beatings. My eyes were tormented by anger, tears flowed down my cheeks, I shouted something, but what exactly is difficult to remember now.

After the fight of that student, I was sent to the hospital, and I was excluded with shame from the university – even the persistent reputation of the excellent student did not save.

After a couple of years, however, I found a stable job that brought me a good earnings that I spent on seeds and seedlings. Over time, I acquired a small land plot, and planted a whole garden of apple trees there, but the plot was far outside the city, and I rarely could appear there.

For many years they flowed measuredly and quietly: from morning to evening, work, and after it, when I had free time, I went into the forest that I was not far from my house, and spent the rest of the day in the society of pines, fir trees, birch and aspen.

Once, when I walked through the forest, admiring the perfection of trees, for some reason I decided to turn off my usual path, and went straight into the thicket. I don’t know what was found on me that day-apparently, I wanted to get acquainted with some new tree. Meters forty from the swamp, I froze. Among the many variety trees, I saw her. She was just a miracle that came from another world – a snow -white birch, slender and beautiful, without flaws and abrasions. I stopped and stupefied, my mouth opened involuntarily. She pulled me to her like a magnet, and for the first time I realized that I really fell in love with. I went to her and stroked her virgin body. At the same moment, I felt, a green birch sheet went on my shoulder smoothly – it was a sign of her attention, which means she noticed me! Oh, how happy I was then! Tears poured from my eyes – you won’t believe it – I burst into tears like a small child, and, clinging to her with my body, hugged her trunk tightly, and kissed him for a long time and gently. I kissed her all,-covering her with kisses wherever I could get it, and rejoiced that I finally found happiness.

All the days all the days I thought only about her, and when the working day ended, I ran headlong to her on a date, and admired the sunset together with her. We were very good together. I wrote to her poems, and read them at a meeting, and I was by no means embarrassed by the fact that other trees were looking at us. I was happy, and I did not care about the fir trees, birches and aspen standing around. We listened to the singing of birds and croaking swamp frogs, and flew in the seventh heaven with happiness.

Time passed. My birch began to reciprocate me: I understood it to the taste of her juice with which she played me. He became incredibly sweet and full of passion. She wanted me!

I did not dare for a long time, but she just begged. She longed for me, and I was afraid to make her hurt: after all, before I had nothing with birches. We were engaged in light caresses and kisses, I rubbed my member on her trunk to give her pleasure, and lowered the abundant streams of the seed on her body. But she clearly wanted more, and finally I decided to do it.

That evening I returned from work earlier than usual, because I needed to jump home for tools. I took the camp bag and threw an electric drill there, a hammer and a chisel. Then, after thinking a little, he took with him a little skins, roulette and hunting knife. An hour and a half later I was already in the forest near the swamp, in front of my lover.

At first, I took out a tape measure and measured my genitals: it was necessary to make a hole so that it exactly corresponded to its size, good, not very large, and at the same time would not violate the life functions of my beloved. Then I put the tags with a knife on the barrel, and cut out a piece of the bark in this place. It was, as if I had taken off her panties, exposing her excited flesh. I decided not to use the drill, because this could disturb everyone else and break the harmony of the forest. I worked with a knife and a hammer, carefully, literally by millimeter, making my way deep into the body of my birch. We both were very excited, and I felt how she was waiting for the moment when everything was ready, and we finally merge into a single whole. I cut a hole for her all night, and all this time I felt an ongoing erection. The full moon shone over us, and helped me in my lesson. I knew that my lover was painful, but she suffered, and her excitement was stronger than pain.

In the morning, when it began to light up, I gently cleaned all the burrs from the inside with a skin, then affectionately hugged a birch and kissed.

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