Love is love – sex story

Author: Mikhail Lapshin
Description of sex stories: sex stories and stories of indefinite topics

"There is no love without fucking".

Sasha Blok

Isabella Petrovna works in the second city hospital as a psychiatrist. Despite the young years, she has already protected the doctoral under the name: "The schizophrenic aspect of love". She is a pretty girl, although very strange, which, however, corresponds to her profession. Personally, I really like her. Well, others are not very. She has hungry green eyes and angelic face. It is small, but not very small, in general, a good chick. I, as a man, are very annoyed by Isabella’s extravagance.
She comes to me once a week. At first, she hesitantly stomps in place and looks at me intently, moves her lips (studies). Well, then she starts to flirt with me. I would give it, and the point with the end, and it is easier for me and to me, others too. But no, no, she loves to tease me. Then shows how her tights stretched out in her, then it starts a conversation about her former men, fingering his bra, then asks me to make her massage. In general, she mocks me, you yourself guess why. Every full reader will understand what I’m talking about.

Once the other day, Isabella comes to me, like Aphrodite, born of foam, and tells me that she finally found her life companion-the man of her dreams. Isabella told me this story in a voice trembling with excitement, and it is clear, love is love, and fuck is fucking. So wrote a. Blok to his stranger.

“I’m going in an electric train,” she narrates. – A young man with vague -colored eyes and short crooked legs sat down with me. At first I thought he was from a special service or, at worst, an American film actor:

Isabella interrupted her story for a while, slowly scratched her ass, licked her fingers and said:

– In general, natural Alec Baldwin, Playboy. This thought came to my mind somehow unexpectedly, so I myself was surprised at myself. The train, evenly knocking with wheels, went on its own. There was a spicy smell of tangerines in the car, mixed with the smell of men’s socks. A young man who I liked so much, constantly moved his thick lips and swallowed a saliva flowing down the chin. However, it was not so noticeable. The people around culturally turned their heads.

Isabella again scratched the ass, pinching at the same time behind the left nipple, and said the following:

-I’m talking about a normal full-fledged person, and not about any fucking that I have in my clinic.

At the same time, Isabella flashed with poisonous green fire.

– Such men are only in dreams and in films, and this loud in reality, you see, in reality. He sits in front of me and clips his legs. I froze in sweet expectation. My panties get wet, at least squeeze. And he put his finger to his lips, unbuttoned the fly, and I saw what I dreamed of seeing. He dumped his cock:

At these words, Isabella embarrassedly lowered her long eyelashes and said with a struggle:

-He has such a white-white, and huge, forty centimeters with a hack. He holds it with two handles and gently says this: – Well, what, like?

Isabella Petrovna began to rush around the room, tearing her buttocks into the blood.

“And he, that man,” shouted Isabella, “took out a ballpoint pen from the pocket of Bologna’s jacket and wrote the phone’s address and phone number on his dick, at the same time releasing the gases…

From the story of Isabella my heart was beating in my chest, I already knew what true love is. Meanwhile, Isabella Petrovna, dousing her tears of joy, ran out of my room. Her heaps still sounds in my ears.

P.S. A month later, I received a letter of the following content:

Hello, Mishenka! I have found my happiness, having met my beloved again. We got married in a church. The atmosphere in the temple of the Lord was chaste and trembling. Yes, I almost forgot, my colleagues-doctors, may the Lord keep them, informed me of the very pleasant news that I suffered from him, and we will soon have either a boy or a girl.

Kissing your girlfriend Bella

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