Love you want. Execution, sex story

Author: IRMA
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

The car stops, Alexey comes on on my part and opens the door. Wow, how to aquiringly care for our Majesty! They cherish us, unkind, cherish! Do not worry, you will get everything in full – my word can be believed.

When the door to the apartment closes, Lesha gets in front of me. Over the past month, he had such a bad habit – to pause on the floor as soon as we remain only. There was still not enough for him to also behave on the street. I do not like such gestures, I really do not like.

– Get up! I did not ask you to observe rituals for slaves!

I speak calmly, but strictly.

“Irma, you are a lady for me, you are my mistress,” Alexey answers, still kneeling.

In response, I unlock the just closed lock, open the door:

– Apparently you want to leave?
– No, don’t drive me away! I will do whatever you say! – Alyosha immediately jumps up, intercepts my hand.

Well, what to do with it? Now he behaves like a free person – argues, disobedience shows; but, on the other hand, he is now ready to go through everything (how many canons are there?) Nine circles of hell just because I disobedience my question-order. Eh, Lesha, Lesha…

– Then behave okay.

– As you please, Frau!

No, it’s still difficult with him. I grimace with displeasure. What is the saddest – he does all this sincerely. And maybe get fun, play in full, to be a mistress? Who, in fact, not? Diversity is useful. So, we will solve it: Frau Irma today is a slave owner. Grunting to myself, I go to the kitchen.

– For starters, I’m going to drink tea with lemon. The hint is clear? – I turn to Alexei.

– That’s for sure, Frau! – the guy answers readily. He quickly puts a kettle, prepares welding, looks inquiringly: to serve tea or in the living room? Realizing the dumb question, I say:

– Serving in front of the TV. But with lemon, do not rush. And bring a small towel here.

After the cups, sugar and so on were on a table in the living room, I call Alexei a gesture.

– Stand on all fours. Yes, right here. – I put a folded towel on his head, and put a plate with citrus on top. – Wait and wait.

I’m leaving for a few minutes and returning already in uniform. Tall boots, a short black skirt, a gray shirt with incomprehensible shoulder straps and, of course, stack. Could not help but reward with.3 shit at least something, so a medal glitters on his chest "SC. labor". On the way I smile at my reflection in the mirror. (Yeah, drummer, what a drummer!)

– And now the final stage of serving. Your task: crawl on all fours to the table without dropping plates. Drop – you will regret that you were born to this light. Try not to be too slow. You understood me?

– Yes, Frau! – Alexey answers enthusiastically.

– Then Schrenel!

Lesha creeps slowly, because the design on his head is not particularly comfortable. With an awkward movement, a towel can easily slip. I encourage him with the first stack hit for today:

– You are now just an Estonian messenger. I perfectly fit for hunting wounded snails. Get moving! – A couple of blows, and the kid has to freeze and take a breath so as not to drop the burden.

– I try, Frau… – he answers sadly.

-Uh… You are not a hound, you’re just a greyhound! You also have to amuse me?!

The smile this time turns out completely evil. Ha! And what he wanted? The game entered into such a channel that tenderness should not be expected from me.

– Excuse me… -comes from under the towel.

– Forgiveness is possible only after which? – I ask him unkindly.

– After punishment! – reports Lesha.

No, but in what an enthusiastic tone he pronounces it! Masochists on the earth of St. Petersburg have not yet been transferred…

– Yes, after him himself! So now you will lie very carefully on the carpet and pull off jeans with panties to the knees. Without removing the plate from the head! If I don’t get angry with you, you will get only ten glasses. Fulfill!

Alexei begins to wriggle like a snake – it is not easy to remove the pants in a lying position, with his head raised up: the slightest awkward movement – and the plate will instantly slap on the floor.

– Live, don’t make me wait, sun!

I have fun, looking at his manipulations. Then I come close and consider the resulting picture. Traces of the first stack touches are almost invisible, just pink stripes. Nothing, now the Reds will increase to them!

Stop! Something is clearly missing. Hm… Come on…

I order Alexei to reach out along the body. He performs. He has to lie in a very uncomfortable position: the chin has no support, the neck will soon begin to get rid of, and keep the blow in this position… I don’t envy him!

– Well, I followed the orders tolerably, so you will get only the promised ten stacks. But! If the lemon falls from your skull, the countdown will have to start again!

I smile at one corner of my mouth – to withstand the assigned and not jerk, not to drop the saucer, he will not be able to do under any circumstances. I am making the first of a dozen waves. It is inconvenient to beat, all the power falls on the very tip of the gun, so the blow automatically turns out with. From the second blow, Lesha shudders slightly, his face is not visible under the towel, but you can hear how he briefly mumbles on a high note. Third. Alexey twitches stronger, mooing becomes more loud. I put the fourth immediately after the previous one, so that the guy does not have time to prepare for him. Again mooing, now it sounds like this: mmm!! Lesha shudders too much, and the towel slides off his head.

– Well done! You think I’m going to put in tea what was lying on the floor?

– I don’t think Frau. I cut a new lemon?

– Of course, pepsik. But that’s not all… – I answer him in the tone of a cannibal who was sitting on a vegetarian diet. – First you will have to burn scattered. I’m kind, so there is no need for a towel and family porcelain, but these yellow circles should. Attacking – remove, Mine Liber Kinder. – It’s again with a smile.

– As you order, Frau. I can get up?

– It is forbidden! – I pronounce and begin to watch how Lesha absorbs lemon. Nothing wrong with that. The carpet is clean, and in the indicated product, the power of vitamin "WITH", by the way, contributing to the healing of the wounds, which is very valuable, since the flogging will have to start over again, with the numbers one. After about half the lemon is eaten, I turn to Alexei:

– Don’t get carried away, dear. I understand, tasty, but it’s time and honor to know. Plate in its original position, bitte, but put off the towel. Continue, my sweet.

Lesha is busy for a long time. It is very difficult to fulfill my new requirement. I don’t know what he hopes for, because even in complete immobility the saucer constantly slides, and even during the execution to remain motionless, I will definitely not give Alexei – I use all my skill for this. Mentally grinning, more conveniently shifting the stack in my hand. Finally, Alyosha freezes with his head high.

“Yes, by the way, you still have to count,” I add cute and struck.

– One, – Lesha quietly and very calmly counts.

“Something I don’t hear what you said, dear,” I answer him, making a new swing with a stack.

– Two! – It looks more like a sob. The plate falls again.

– pleasant appetite, Min Herz!

I laugh, standing above Leshka and watching how he eats the rest of the pieces. From one of their species it takes cheekbones. I wait until only a tail remains from the lemon, which I spark Lesha on my forehead with a laugh.

– You know, you are extremely idiotic!

This is really funny: on the carpet lies a guy with down jeans, and such an ridiculous horn sticks out on his head. But now there is a hope that he will withstand all ten glasses without dropping anything on the floor.

“I’m glad that I was able to entertain Frau,” Alexey answers quietly and somehow very sincerely.

No, I don’t like him, no-nra-vit. Too much dedication… Or self -sacrifice… Still fell in love, the fabric, but he warned! Ugh! He spoiled my mood! Nothing, I will bring you to life, but for now if you please get the due. I lower the stack again to Leshkina’s ass.

“One,” he says colorlessly.

– Two, – just as colorless.

Yeah, I decided to play in Stoic. We know such games. Settings, Trans, NLP, Yoga and Master Class Purricons. But I also did not study in a culinary vocational school. I smile slyly.

– The sun, but you are very beautiful from behind, and this combat coloring only adds to you charm. You know what I want now? -I pronounce everything softly, slowly, bewitching, reminding something to Bagira before the jump. I spend a stack on the inside of his hip, from the knee and higher, even higher, gently sliding along "Easter supplies", playing, touching the most sensitive places. – Get down from above, lie on your back, making your feet, press and immobilize. Having taken the wrists, crush your hands to the floor with all the weight! You remember that it is very difficult to break out of this position. Yes, you won’t try, because you feel: now, at that moment, I can twist you as I want!

And you will be absolutely helpless.

Completely in my power!!


And then…


I will pull the collar of your shirt!

And I will be pre -Oooolgo…

Murderily slowly…


Bowing his neck slightly…



Like? Nraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… – These honey intonations are almost impossible to resist. I have a low timbre voice that I have learned to use well. I see how the boy melts, getting used to the words, mentally looking at the pictures, one another is more tempting. Stack touch is added to the action of another fire. Then abruptly, without preparation, I beat the already thoroughly.

– Three! – Leshka moans. Yeah, I felt it! The next pair of stripes is instantly poured with raspberry – the go -ahead was given with all its strength, withdrawing from equilibrium. Alexey groans and begins to twitch. Trance, you say, was, you say? Smile. Dear unicorn, although I’m not a Virgin, but I could subjugate you. Okay, I have won micropobed, I get the remaining blows more for the Promotion. I’m tired of this game, it’s time to move on to the next. I remove "decoration" from Leshina’s forehead and step back a couple of steps.

– Climb! I still have a desire to drink tea! – Alyosha gets up, bashfully and very quickly pulling his clothes. Even after the pain caused, it can be seen that my manipulations with a stack were greatly affected by him.

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