Love from the first click. Romance, sex story

Description of sex story: Romantic Love Stories and Beautiful Sex

“Of course,” she answered, “because you drove such a distance not at all in order to part after six hours of communication?

The heart was glying and beating rapidly. He covered her hand and looked more carefully into her eyes. Something moved in their bottomless depths and immediately disappeared.

Despite not quite later, she was getting home. He volunteered to conduct her, and they went to the nearest bus stop. Judging by the fact that there was almost no one on it, the bus only left and they had to spend a little more time together than he thought. They stood near the spreading poplar and were silent, completely without experiencing discomfort and awkwardness, and the sky begins to pour black, finally freed from the clouds, already flashed flickering stars.
The half -empty bus allowed them to enjoy relative solitude on the shabby seats of the rear platform. The light of night lamps and passing cars fired glare laid on her face, then grabbing him from the half, then as if moving back. He admired this bizarre game of light and shadow.

From the stop to her house was very close, but they walked, slowly. Nobody wanted to bring the inevitable moment of parting. She raised her head and looked at the windows of her house.

“They are already waiting for me,” she said, “you have to go, otherwise they will worry. Maybe you’ll come in?

He hesitated for several seconds, but then shook his head:

– Late already, I can’t. While getting to my friends… What time do you call tomorrow?

“The earlier, the better,” she answered somehow a little hastily, and suddenly moved closer. He felt her warm breath on his cheek and then a light kiss burned her pleasantly. Having shuddering with surprise, he managed to notice playful sparkles in her eyes, which he had repeatedly noticed during the day.

She made movement towards the entrance, but he caught her hand. As if waiting for this, she stopped and turned to him again.

“I have to tell you something,” he said quietly, gently clutching a warm hand in his hand, “I wrote it in letters, spoke in the chat, I never dared to say it by phone and today, but I want to say now.

She was silent, looking over his shoulder into the distance.

– I love you sweetheart. Even if we never meet again, no matter how yours your and my life, I will remember you…

The kiss turned out by itself. They were at the same time led to each other, and time stopped its rapid run. Her tender touches spun his head in a crazy whirlpool, and he instinctively hugged her fragile figure, pressing him a little stronger.

“Until tomorrow, kitten,” she moved, freeing herself from his hands and fluttered into the brightly lit door door. I turned for a moment and waved my hand. He raised his hand in a response gesture. Then he turned and wandered to the bus atmosphere, but he stopped halfway and looked up at her windows. One of the three windows was covered by one thing, but another rectangle flashed brightly – it entered her room. He stood a little in the hope of seeing her silhouette against the backdrop of light curtains, but she never went to the window.

From his thoughts, the soft rustle of the tire of a busy bus drove him out. He went into him and settled at the window. The luminous arrows of the watch showed half of the eleventh evening. Only now he felt fatigue – he was already after midnight.

“And we thought you won’t come to spend the night today,” his classmate told him cheerfully, winking and letting him into the corridor, “like a girl, pretty at least?

– Is it important, pretty or not? He answered, slightly crumpled with these words. – She has a beautiful soul and a good heart. This is the main thing.

“Well, well, the conqueror of hearts,” a friend laughed, who in his student years firmly strengthened the reputation of first-class womanizers. – Then my hands and I ask to the table. I see you, no one else called for dinner. We wash, so to speak, a meeting, at the same time and tell me everything, preferably in detail.

-This is at the twelfth hour? – He was horrified, – You know, I’m not about these matters. And what will your wife say?

– Yes, she sleeps without hind legs! – a friend laughed, – I am a hopeless midnight, and after ten in the evening she answers the questions out of place. Come on, don’t delay the process!


He dreamed of a huge field of bright yellow flowers. They walked together on him, holding hands. There were no traces behind them, he looked around, noticed this, but it did not seem strange to him. The yellow carpet spread in all directions to the very horizon, and it was frightened by this infinity. But immediately calmed down, because she was nearby…

Awakening was like a push. He jumped on the bed and his eyes swept over the unfamiliar atmosphere of the room allotted to him. Brought the clock to the eyes – almost half of the seventh. He never woke up at such a time without an alarm clock. But there was no sleep in any eye.

The owners slept peacefully in the next room. Trying not to make noise, he did the usual complex of physical exercises, regretting that he could not complete the morning run, and went into the shower. There was nowhere to hurry, out of politeness, he would call the phone a familiar phone only after an hour and a half after, but for now he allowed himself to relax under the hot jets of water, feeling how pleasant warmth spreads through his body.

There were seven on the clock when he left the bathroom. The apartment was still quiet. Stupid situation, and time was leaving. He hastily drank tea, threw a short note to the owners, quickly dressed, putting a gift prepared for her in the inner pocket of the vest and carefully slammed the door behind him.

The early May sun has already risen high above the horizon, but the air was still filled with the night cool. The city was still sleeping, tired of the work week, and only the wipers worked with might and main, sweeping the bridge. He could not stand it and ran along the street, deftly dodging the shot of a water-jet car, insidiously leaving him to meet him from around the corner. Fresh morning breeze pleasantly refreshed his face and fluttered the hair that had not yet had time to dry after the shower.

Just running away from the house for three kilometers, he crossed a step and suddenly remembered that he had no telephone card. The fact that on Sunday all stores are closed, he thought only now. What to do? We’ll have to go to the station or to the city center. A cursory glance at the clock – time still allowed.

But he was lucky. Passing by a ticket kiosk, he saw among travel tickets a bright rectangle of the card he needed. Short search for a telephone booth, and now he is dialing a treasured number.

She answered almost immediately and asked to call after her. Grandmother and sister gathered at the cottage, and she helped them gather, so she lingered. After listening to her explanations how it was better for him to get to her, he hung up and for a moment leaned against the window glass, refusing to believe in the reality of what was happening again. Seeing his reflection, he hastily combed and strode towards the stop of the tram.

The distance was quite large, and he called her apartment only an hour later. She opened the door and allowed herself to be gently hugged, but immediately flew into the kitchen, from where she was drawn by something unimaginably appetizing.

– You have breakfast? – came from there while he took off his shoes, – although in any case I won’t go anywhere with you until you try my apple pie.

– She cooked herself? He answered. – Then of course, I’ll try.

What could be more pleasant than sitting opposite a sweet person, to watch how the lively rays of the rising sun play gold in her hair and gobble up a stupevisingly smelling pie with a crispy crust, made with love made by her hands. Then she drove him with delicious floral tea, in which the aromas of the herbs of mountain Crimea and forest flowers mixed, and went to change into her room.

– Where will we go today? – her voice came.

“Your city, you decide what to show me today,” he shouted in response, catching himself thinking that he doesn’t care where to go, just not to part with her.

She went out in a light summer blouse intercepted by a black silk belt, favorably emphasizing her slender figure, and he once again involuntarily admired her. The day promised to be hot, and he already regretted that he was too warmly dressed. But what to do? Leaving a vest at her house is equivalent to a hint, because she will have to return for her, and there will be no one else at home. Yes, and to wear a gift like, there is nowhere else to put, he did not like to go with a bag and was now light now. We’ll have to hand it over now.

“I have something for you,” he said, making a decision, and taking out a long oblong box. – Here… Just promise to see when I leave.

– But what about female curiosity? She was surprised. – I can’t fall asleep!

“You can,” he reassured her. – Long walks in fresh air contribute to full sleep. Thanks for the treat, you just have golden hands. re going?

Oddly enough, the time as if slowed down. Maybe from the fact that today their route was not as chaotic as yesterday, but to everyone familiar to everyone that time was flying like an arrow. did not have. They visited the ruins of an ancient castle, walked along the caves dug at the dawn at the dawn of Christianity on the territory of the existing monastery, wandered among the magnificent flowering exotic plants of the botanical garden and in the evening reached the highest point of the city located on the territory of a huge landscape park, which was freely spread out with a green carpet on a high The right bank of the river. The immense city lay at their feet. Fire sparks flashed in the air, the thickening blacks were cut at the bottom of the dotted with car headlights, a heady aroma of lilacs hung in the air, and invisible cicadas had already opened their night serenades.

She leaned on the parapet and looked into the distance. He stood a little from behind, looking at the slightly fluctuating ocean of fires on top of her shoulder. Almost a complete moon came out from behind a small cloud, and its ghostly light illuminated the sky, turning it from coal-black into ashen blue. It seemed that the scalp cirrus clouds glow from the inside, sending the trembling rays of light down to the ground.

“Stars will appear soon, and you can wait for them to fall,” he stood quietly.

“I would like to walk all night,” she whispered, but he heard.

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