Mother’s love. Execution, sex story

Author: Pool Sad
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

I suddenly wanted to know when the will of my mother and when her own "I" will be finally broken.

The naked slave, standing in front of our sofa on his knees, was waiting for orders of her mistress.

– Today you will see how I will tear the whore: today I will flog her by boobs! This is Olya’s sight, they bounce so cool.

Ada, bypassing the mother behind, ordered him to bend and stick out the ass. For some time, hell wielded her fingers in the crotch of her slave, bringing her mother to rhythmic moans. When she, having stopped, pulled her fingers, they were all in the transparent viscous fluid of mother discharge.

“You see, it has already flowed,” Adamed Ada.

After the mother licked her fingers of Ada with her juices, hell ordered her:

– Now stand the slut and bring me a whip.
Execution happened like this. Mother kneeling and leaned her back on the sofa. She was ordered to stick out her breasts and turn her head to the side. After which hell began. She beat very mile and, apparently, it hurts since the mother’s face after every blow expressed unbearable suffering. She stopped only after the mother’s breasts began to cover many crimson scars, and tears sprayed from her mother’s eyes.

Day after day. Our general meetings continued. During this time, I never dared to cause a physical pain to my mother. The only thing I dared to give my mother to lick her vagina, but of course I did not receive any pleasure because of the feeling of guilt. And so, in fact, I was only a third -party viewer of the presented ideas. I watched how hell is a mother for all parts of the body. I saw how a tied mother beats in tears when Ada poured her on the open labia. I saw how my mother kisses hell, and legs after another flogging.

I saw with what kind of rapture my mother licked the vagina, how she swallowed the urine of Ada, who wrote in her mouth in her bath. Also, hell in the toilet forced her mother to lick and swallow her odorous monthly discharge, wash her tongue. When we remained alone, my mother tried to behave as usual, she seemed to not notice my participation in the perverted productions of ADA. It even began to enrage me.

Gradually, this resulted in my desire, into my obsessive idea as painfully and strongly to humiliate it, so that it could no longer ignore me. Probably, in some kind of delirium I had the idea to mark my mother as it marched her – with a stigma. Without thinking twice, I decided that the most humiliating for the mother would put her two stamps in: breasts! I must say even hell, what a perverted nature was surprised at my proposal. But only first.

Already at our next general meeting, hell started talking about this with her mother. I sat in a chair, and hell and mother, which was still in clothes, on the couch.

-Olya and I decided something about you. In general, Olya does not suit that on your body there is no mention that she also owns you in some way. This is unfair, isn’t it so. And so Olya also wants to mark you. Of course, stigma.

As if not noticing me, my mother asked:

– In what place?

– Olya considers the most suitable in boobs.

Mother, sighing heavily, thought.

– And it will not be ugly?

– No. I will give a tavra just above the nipples. It will be the opposite sexual. Well? You agree?

– I am yours. If you want this, I agree.

If before that I was terribly tormented by conscience, then after her words I wanted to quickly bring the plan. Ada summed up the conversation:

– Actually, this is the idea of your daughter. Well, then it is decided. In a week you will be marked in boobs.

All week, the mother continued to pretend that nothing was happening. This mother’s behavior angered me even more. Finally came the day, and hour x.

Hell had already divorced the fire in a special mine-jar, showing the mother new wire stigma put them in the thick of smoldering coals. Mother, specifically after asking this day from work early, began to lick her lady vagina. When the brands were heated, hell ordered her mother to kneel in the middle of the room and asked in an almost official tone:

– Svetlana you agree to accept two stamps from your daughter, who will be placed in your chest? Or from excitement or why, but the mother could only nod.

“No, you have to answer,” Add had.

“Yes,” the mother whispered barely audible.

After the consent received, hell pushed a gag into the mouth of her slave. Suddenly I came to an awareness of the horror of everything that was happening. I could not believe that the three of us are doing this. I offered my wild idea, my mother agreed, and Adult was happy. My daughters are initially printed on the holy, in fact, place for any person – the breasts of the mother, and hell without much torment, press the red -hot tavra in the chest of another woman. Rave! For what! For what! But I could not stop either hell or myself, the process went. Here Taurus has already villed in Dobel, and hell with a devilish expression on his face brings two stamps to the chest of a frightened woman.

“Turn away,” says Ada. Mother hardly turns her head, knowing that as soon as she turned away, a terrible pain pierces her.

Even through the gag, the stifled cry of the mother probably heard all our neighbors. This scream sounded in my head for a very long time, after it was all over. .

– Sorry: forgive me mom: I didn’t want to, – I say through tears.

Mother’s eyes moistened.

– You are not to blame: after all, I could refuse: – she said tiredly.

– Yes: but you didn’t refuse. Why?!

– This wanted hell:

Ada! Ada!!! Does the mother really do whatever she wants.

– Tell me, is it true that if she wants to kill you, and you will not mind?

– I do not know. Maybe:

From these words I felt uneasy.

Once we flooded the neighbor from below, and it was a very grumpy woman, and of course she came to swear to her mother. I was in the room listened to the course of a quarrel when I was aroused by one thought. In the midst of their skirmishes, I went up to them.

– You are to blame mom. Aunt Zina you are right. You need to be punished. Substitute the cheeks of Aunt Zina, let her give you two slap.

Aunt Zina herself, completely stunned, looked at me and mother. A mother who has never been fulfilled directly directly, not a single order of mine also knew how to react. I looked into her eyes. So the three of us were staring at each other for quite some time. Suddenly, the mother tiredly retreated, looking away and stretching her neck.

– Aunt Zina bolder! Punish this bitch!

But Aunt Zina only clapped her eyes.

– Then I myself.

I gave my mother two strongest slaps, so her tears waned.

– Now kneel down and ask for forgiveness.

Mother, as always, tried to kneel elegantly, after which she said in a quiet voice:

– I’m sorry Zina. I’m very guilty.

– Fine. Now take a bucket with a rag and go to clean Aunt Zina’s apartment.

When her mother came, her eyes were red, it was clear that she was crying. During the time while she was not, I briefly explained the situation to the neighbor. There was no bounds to my delight when Aunt Zina met her mother with the words:

– Ah you, perverted paskuda! So you love pain! Now I will arrange you.

Aunt Zina began to beat her mother in the face with her hand. I stopped her.

– No, aunt Zina, let me give you a belt, and you will break her in the ass.

Aunt Zina was very cruel, she beat her mother until I stopped her herself. In the future, she agreed to visit our apartment in order to flog and humiliate her neighbor.

Ada was also incredibly glad about the emergence of a new player in his games.

Aunt Zina quickly got used to her new role, and Ada and I soon watched as a mother, it seems that with obvious disgust Liza aunt Zina a thick ass and a vagina overgrown with black hair.

Three months later I recognized my mother’s secret, significant changes have been outlined in her fate. I did not know or hell all this was bored or really needed money. One way or another, but she intended to sell her mother. I did not object to this. When Ada asked her mother, she begged her to stay with her. But in the end, Hell, as always, knocked out her consent from her.

I was present during the sale process. It was something! Hell chose a buyer from many applicants. Of course the most perverted man. I know only his name Victor. Ada showed him a mother as a product. He watched her body, genitals. Like a thing. At first they walked through her biography:

– How old is she?

“38-m,” answered Ada.

– What time did you get married?

“At 20,” I prompted.

– What time did you give birth?

“In 21-n,” I prompted again.

Then there was an examination of her body. The mother was naked with her hands fastened over her head in front of the sofa, where the buyer and hell were sitting. Victor with his fingers penetrated her bosom and anus. With pleasure, he already smelled. The man liked the stigma. Hell said that he could also put his initials, for example, between the pubis and the navel, or on the hips of his mother. He stated that he would surely mark her. They discussed the mother in the most dirty expressions and details:

– Like her pussy? – asked Victor, – no spiral? Otherwise I want to fuck her without a pre.

“No, no,” answered Ada, “but there are no problems, set yourself.

– And flows quickly?

– Oh yeah! Just a bitch, some.

– Well, torture. They were fond of needles?

– No. I poured it in a day, perhaps and all.

– I love needles. If I pierce her boobs you do not mind?

– No, of course. But only in moderation and carefully. Although no, everything is at your discretion.

In this dialogue, the mother froze. And I probably gladly anticipated what awaits her with this man.

When the sales process came close to the end. Victor once again decided to voice the condition of the transaction.

– Sale time – forever.

– Right. With the ability to visit it at any time convenient for you.

With these words, the mother’s eyes moistened. She heard it for the first time.

Seeing a compassionate mine on the face of her slave, hell tried to encourage her:

– Don’t worry, I will often visit you. Believe me?

Mother only nodded.

– There are no restrictions. Right? – continued Victor.

– Yes. In addition to causing heavy injuries. And yet it is advisable to do everything on a voluntary basis.

– It will depend on her.

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