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Author: Seol
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Aeeri skirt fell to the floor, the girls’ bodies merged in a single ecstasy, and everything at once became unimportant. They sank to the bed, eagerly kissing and caressing each other, trying to give a caress every cell of the body of a girlfriend. Aeeri’s fingers stroked the inner thighs of Vikonia, that nails in a cramp drank the girl’s buttocks.

Vikunia rose over her partner, touching her chest with her breasts, ran a palm on Aeeri’s hand, from wrist to shoulder, froze, admiring the beauty of her body. And again she hugged the girl, not wanting to miss a drop of this amazing beauty.

The mixed light of candles and magic fire illuminated their arms.

* * *
Consciousness returned to Edwin sharply, jerking, as if someone pulled it out of the depths of the matte sea of hallucinations. The first thing the magician felt was to be connected. And immediately realized that these ropes, generously endowed with magic, did not unleash him. As far as one could judge, the magician was suspended by the hands of the ceiling, near the wall of some large hall, almost in absolute darkness.

Two or three attempts to free proved that Edwin was right as always – he himself would not be freed himself. It remained to wait for those who tied it to. How he ended up here, interesting? What will it cost him? And then what to do with these cute traitors, because of which he was caught as a stupid rabbit?

I did not have to wait long. The light of the torches introduced hit the eyes, the hall was filled with voices. Opening his eyes, Edwin saw that he had been awarded the audience of Princess Fair himself. More precisely, now she was the priestess Fair – dressed in a long purple mantle, with a crazy hairstyle, with a talisman in the form of a spider on her neck. Yes, the local people are worshiped by the parachiha, Edwin thought mechanically. And he pulled himself – in his position, not the best occupation was to study religions. "Leave us", – ordered Fair, approaching the prisoner. "You drive out?.. Even me?", – the offended voice belonged to a dark girl to the right of the princess. Fair smiled a little and bowed to her to kiss her on the lips. "I don’t drive you cute. I just need to talk with this: a man – alone".

Edwin shuddered when Fair went to him and looked her eyes in his eyes. The priestesses glowed in the half of the eyes, dark-brown, almost red. I wonder how she chased Haer’dalis with such a backlight? Or the eyes of these undergrounds glow at will? It doesn’t matter, in the name of all forces, not about that now you need to think!

Fair slowly, almost affectionately ran a hand over the forehead of the magician. Almost good smiled. "You know, at first I wanted to use you for my plans, not a bard. But I realized that there will be little use from you. I’m going to handle one very, very important thing with Haer’dalis here".

Edwin cursed to himself. Something like this was worth expecting. He slightly averted his eyes from the priestess’s face, and suddenly saw that the shadows from the torches in the corners of the hall became longer, that the statues in the niches came to life and pulling marble hands to him. The magician shook his head, but the illusion did not disappear. Fair again ran a hand over his forehead. Edwin could not do anything with this witchcraft.

"But that I can trust Haer’dalis, I need to know everything about him. Something you hide from me, I feel. And I need the whole truth. All"

Shadows found the forms, in the form of winged demons scattered through the niches, the Cariathids smiled at them and hugged them. The world narrowed to the size of the hall, became smaller and smaller, shadows and statues moved towards it, and only a barely audible hissing voice was heard from somewhere from far away: "Let’s see what you have in your memory that will be interested in me. You are unlikely to survive this process, but I do not think that Haer’dalis will bother with your disappearance.: Do not resist. Useless:"

Before Edwin’s eyes, marble statues copied with shadow demons, completely silently and to a strange elegant. Girls created from stone were bent under kisses, hanging right in the air of teasing and relaxed poses, the shadows wrapped around the whiteness of their bodies, black wings covered the victims of demons, light and dark strokes merged before the eyes of the magician. One of the Cariathid languidly leaned back, so her chest was at Edwin’s eyes, her shadow lover, kneeling, caressed her lower lips with her tongue. The huge wings of the demon trembled, the lips of the marble girl were half -open in an inaudible scream. And then the wings swung forward, wrapping their shadow owner, and the beauty embraced by them. And Edwin. Black haze flashed before his eyes, and he realized with indifferent detachment that his soul is now indifferently breaking out of his body, and that he would die now. Karyatid’s hands caressed his body, poured into him, Sulia eternal bliss, and the eternity in these arms seemed quite a good destiny:

: Fair ordered the ropes to unleash, and the dead body fell on the mosaic floor with a bag. A stupid lustful half -smile froze on the lifeless face of the magician. The priestess easily kicked Edwin under the rib to the sock of the boot, called the servants and briefly ordered: "Burn". The corpse of the magician was dragged to the exit, and Fair thoughtfully crouched at the feet of the marble statue in one of the niches. So, her dear Haer’dalis was far from as simple as we would like. He and his companions were not accidentally wandered into the underground city. However, what does she care about their worries, the main thing is that you can rely on the bard in the assignment that she plans to give him: Fair got up and headed for the exit. We need to talk with one of the companions of Haer’dalis. Vikonia, it seems her name. She probably will have more brains than this lustful magician. Maybe two smart women can even agree. The priestess with a smile wandering on her lips went to her rooms.

And in the basement the body of the Mage of Edwin was thrown into the pit, doused with butter and threw a torch. The magician who died in a world devoid of sunlight went into infinity in the light of fire.

* * *

Aeeri went uneasily from corner to corner in the spacious house of Vikonia. She left more than a day ago, caused by the priestesses of the temple to the audience of Fair itself. What is the spider necessary from her? Why she won’t calm down in any way? Aeeri gathered in spirit and quickly went out into the street. Something happened in the city. In the crowd of residents running out into the streets, something about the coup, Fair and conspiracy shouted. Aeeri pushed through the sea of people, once hit the teeth of a marshmallow, who intended to pursue her in a crush, and finally ended up at the main temple, who also formed the palace of the ruler of the underground city. The guard surprisingly respectfully missed her, she heard that someone was whispering "The concubine of Haer’dalis". Aeeri did not have time to argue with them. She ran into the palace and almost immediately stumbled upon Vikonia.

Vikonia smiled in relief and hugged her. Discarding the girl from a quiet corner, she briefly retold her intrigues of the last days. "Fair and Haer’dalis killed the ruler. Now Fair is trying on the crown, and Haer’dalis commands the male half of the guard. More precisely: orders are given on his behalf, but: Sorry, Aeeri. Haer’dalis is dead. Fair herself killed him when he lifted her to the throne. I did not know, I could not help him:"

Aeeri nodded quite calmly. "I thought so. Spider. They worship spiders. And the spiders devour their males after copulation". In the soul of Aeeri, something broke down with a bang, and now there was neither pity, no anger, nor fear in it.

Vikonia bowed her head a little, watching these changes in the girl. Before her eyes, a naive crybaby turned into a real warrior. "I stay here, Aeeri. I was forgiven for my errors, but in the end it is my house. I will help you get to the sun".

Together they reached the line of the city. There Vikunia said goodbye to Aeeri and hurried back to the palace, where the sweet pie of power was now divided. And Aeeri looked after her for a long time, knowing that she would never see this woman and would not feel her affection. And then turned and the rest of the way did not turn around.

In the darkness behind her, the grave of the lover remained, who – she knew – in the last seconds of life regretted her betrayal. The goal remained in the dark, in the name of which they went to the dungeons from the very beginning, and which now no one needed. The whole past life remained in the dark, and something new was waiting for her with the light of the new dawn.

The dusk was bright, and for the first time in many days the ray of sun played in her hair.

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