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Author: Seol
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Judging by the smug gross of Edwin and Vikonia’s satisfaction, they spent the last night together. It’s not that Haer’dalis would be against or jealous, but this morning the revelation of one and the lust of the other was especially annoyed by him.

Haer’dalis looked gloomily at the sky. The morning has come, but it did not bring the sun with it. For the fourth day, a small detachment wandered under a protracted black curtain sky. The city in which they went was called underground, and, apparently, was really deep in the thickness of the earth, illuminated only by fire and flickering phosphorus.

The only charm of a constant dusk was that love could be made without hesitation and at any time that two couples with pleasure did the whole last halter. Haer’dalis threw his things into a bag, grabbed a case with a lute from the ground and threw it on his shoulder.
Aeiri waking up later and sang something to herself. Seeing Haer’dalis, she smiled and nodded to him. The bard came up and helped her weave a ribbon into one of the many brown pigtails. His hand gently ran through Aeeri’s hair, the bard half -blooding the girl by the shoulders and kissed his neck. She laughed and answered him with a kiss. "It’s time. Just a little left to go", – Bard took Aeeri by the hand and together they joined the newly assembled Vikonia and Edwin.

They walked in a chain, one by one, slowly making their way through the pile of stones. Edwin walked ahead and was still smiling smug. Behind him, relying on the staff, Aeeri. Following Vikonia, and Haer’dalis has fallen to close the detachment today. Taking advantage of this, Vikonia with all her might attracted the attention of the bard, shamelessly swayed her hips, managing to maintain grace and grace in the most difficult sections of the road, provoked Haer’dalis to admire herself. And he involuntarily admired. Seeing both Vikonia and Aeeri in front of him, he could not help but compare both of his companions. Vikonia was perfect in everything. And in a chisly figure, and in the waterfall of gray hair, falling on the shoulders, and in the manner of holding on, and in the awareness of his beauty. Aeeri next to her seemed thin and slightly awkward, but more alive and sweet. And if you compare the characters, then the naivety and kindness of Aeeri is clearly nicer than cynicism, and bordering the bitchyness of the narcissism of Vikonia.

Haer’dalis sighed, fingering a silver ring in the left ear. This cute girl Aeeri really fell in love with him, as you could fall in love for the first time in her life, and he felt a little guilty for the fact that he could answer her only with carnal love. However, this was also glorious and quite suitable for both.

Vikonia walking in front of him has long noticed this insincerity in Haer’dalis and now thought how to use it to her benefit. There was clearly nothing to demand from Edwin, and she shared last night with him only from boredom. In her opinion, the magician Edwin was stupid, arrogant and completely unattractive. But Aeeri is much more desirable. Vikonia openly admired the figure of a girl walking ahead. Of course, far from the same as herself, but there is something attractive in her. And this naivety in her voice, especially when she stutters with excitement, so excites: Vikonia licked her lips and decided that she would do the first thing she, reaching her native underground city.

* * *

Aeeri poorly remembered the city of eternal darkness. They were immediately met at the gate and took them to the hotel, then the people who came for a long time argued for a long time about something with Haer’dalis, Edwin and Vikonia kept in the conversation every now and then. Then Haer’dalis disappeared somewhere for the whole days, leaving them to miss the hotel. Edwin spent the clock in drunkenness and communicating with local beauties, so Aeeri almost always remained alone with Vikonia. Oddly enough, she found that the behavior of that is not always indecent and not always shocking that you can chat with her on many different topics.

And then one day she saw them together. Haer’dalis and some other, local woman. They just sat at a table in the fenced part of the tavern, but adores and devotion were clearly read in the eyes of Haer’dalis. Aeeri burst into tears and demanded an explanation that evening. And Haer’dalis confirmed her guesses. The woman turned out to be a local crown princess, and they loved each other. Haer’dalis said something about mistakes, errors and high feelings for a long time, but she no longer wanted to listen to his velvety voice.

Vikonia sincerely regretted her, and hugged her when Aeeri rushed to her sobs on her chest. And she offered to live for now, until all the affairs and concerns of Haer’dalis are resolved. Aeiri agreed to stay with her, hoping that time and separation would help her heart. Her soul was empty and dark, like everywhere underground, where the rays of the sun did not penetrate.

* * *

Haer’dalis bowed his head a little to go to the low door "Home of pleasure". By pleasure, local residents understood a fairly wide range of entertainment, from just delicious food to gladiatorial battles and group orgies. It was like always crowded and noisy here. The spacious hall was illuminated by numerous torches, fried and lamps. On the arenas to the right and left of the central hall it was now empty, and the visitors gathered at this hour had fun with conversations and food. The bard went through the hall and went up to the half -born room for special guests. He himself, although he was a guest in this city, did not claim high statuses, he was missed without question and with a degree of respectfulness. He was already seen here in the company with priestess and hereditary princess Fair.

The tables in the room, much cleaner than in the common room, were almost empty. Only in the corner sat a local singer and dullly tormented the lute, and at the opposite table he chatted with the waitress Mage Edwin. Haer’dalis thought for a second – which is better, to wait alone or join the only acquaintance, but in the end the hostility to Edwin prevailed. Haer’dalis sat in the last free corner and listened to the song. He sang a luteist even worse than playing. Haer’dalis himself was considered a very good bard and, if necessary, could easily earn a living by singing, but so far he had other worries. String strings blocked loud "Oh" the waitress that Edwin inadvertently pinched the ass. Bard thought again. He perfectly understood Edwin – a half -naked girl from the tavern, with open breasts and the ideal figure, was a sin to be sin, but here, in this strange underground city, Matriarchy reigned, and in an unsuccessful situation for such jokes, one could lose some parts of the body.

Fortunately, the Magician, the waitress reacted to his harassment quite favorably, playfully winked, and, putting the tray on the table, touched the nipples of the cheek of the magician.

At this very moment, Fair appeared on the veranda. His Fair. Regal and feminine, she came up and held out her hand for a kiss. Haer’dalis rose, touched her hands with his lips and, straightening, looked Fair in the eye. Fair’s eyes were light blue, almost gray, and they reflected in the dark eyes of Haer’dalis. Themselves, imperceptibly, their hands fell apart. For a short moment, which seemed to Barda, in the world, there were only one. But Fair was now primarily a princess, and her words were rather an order – "I’m waiting for you in my chambers in an hour. Your successes in the implementation of my assignment will be rewarded". Having said this, Fair turned sharply and left the tavern, leaving behind only the aroma of spirits and the rustle of the dress. Haer’dalis watched her with a half -smile. And also quickly came out.

In the main hall rustled joyfully. This noise tore the magician Edwin from gloomy thoughts inspired by romantic to the nasty lover of Bard and Princess. Taking a glass with sour local wine (what else could wine in the underground city), Edwin went down to the arenas. And quickly realized that he was not mistaken. Fun was expected to be interesting-one of the regulars sold out and paid for the gladiatorial battle. A very difficult battle.

Two reached a fenced-out steel grid-a slave man and a woman-woman. The slave scraper his feet along the sand and pressed against the column in the center of the arena, and did not attract a draw.

But here is a warrior: Edwin, like many men in the hall, licked his lips. A tall girl was dressed in leather pants, emphasizing the harmony of long legs, and a light adamantine chain mail that did not hide the thinness of the waist at all. The chain mail in front had a deep neckline that opened large strong breasts. For a fight, such an outfit was least suitable, but for the delight of the eyes it was difficult to come up with something more alluring. Valkyrie made several circles in the arena, so that the eyes of the audience devoured alternately either her buttocks or her chest in the neckline. Edwin, looking at this shameless beauty, figured that he would definitely not be enough for this night.

* * *

Fair has already woken up and now stood by the window, looking at the flickering of city lights, there, below. The trembling reflections of the light of torches played shadows on her Nago body. Her skin, pale, like all underground inhabitants, seemed a living fire. Haer’dalis got out of bed and looked at the one with whom he spent this night. What amazing contrast was thick brown hair, falling to the shoulder blades, with marble whiteness of slender legs. Rising from the crumpled sheets, Haer’dalis went to Fair and hugged the waist. His breath touched her cheek, and he felt that the girl smiled, relaxing from the affection of touch. The breeze from the window confused and intertwined their hair, brown and black strands.

The young priestess turned, laid her hands on the shoulders of Haer’dalis, pressed herself against him for a second, so that he felt all the warmth of her body, and immediately pulled away slightly, looked into his eyes. And he admired her. His hand, rising, caressed Fair’s chest. Brown nipples settled in a light skin – another such exciting contrast. She was all created of contrasts and contractions, Fair, his Fair. That harsh priestess who gave him orders during the day was not at all like a fragile girl, whose breath he now felt at his chest. Haer’dalis over the head of the girl who again pressed against him looked out the window. The underground city lived its life. The people who never knew the sun began a new day that carried new problems and cares.

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