Mistress. Heterosexuals, betrayal, sex story

Author: and. Thick
Description of sex story: erotic stories about sexual relationships between a man and a woman

You don’t have a cigarette?" I didn’t have it, I haven’t smoked then, but since the woman asks… I went to the car and shot a cigarette at those very teenagers-differently examined me again, and I just winked at them in response… Five minutes later there was our stop, we went out, and went on foot, Natasha lived nearby. First we walked along the street, then by courtyards. At one of the houses, Natalya sat on a bench. "Wait!" – she said.-"Let’s smoke again!" I shot again at the passing man. "You know,"-Natalia said in some dull voice,-"I don’t know how to go home now. I am so ashamed before Yurochka that I cheated on him. You probably think that I’m fucking and I don’t care who to fuck with. Yes, I’m fucking, and I know this, I know that the pussy is weak… but I love my yura very much… If only he would not recognize anything… He is so jealous… You won’t tell anyone about me? True, you can’t tell? You are good… I really like you too!"

Again she is for the old, again about her husband… I regularly shook my head for all her questions "Yes"-upside down, then "No" – From right to left, and he himself wrapped heavily, which suddenly became such a native body, with his hands. I wanted her again… I will not give anyone, no husband… Mine, only mine… When she documented, I grabbed her head with his hands and kissed her, then lifted it from the bench and dragged the court’s hand by the hand, to the garages standing there. I put her face to the wall of the garage, bent, pulled off her pants to the bottom, she spread her legs and set up her ass. I planted her on my dick and began to fuck behind. I had to fuck her. Let! Let him relate to his beloved husband… Let… Let it come back, but with my sperm in the pussy. Let him return to him, only before we instruct him here. By how Natalya waved how she grabbed me under her ass and how she pressed me to her ass, I realized that she supports my desire, that she did not want to stay not finished… She began to subtly, falseton, vote… Poor residents of those houses! What they thought!

No one has caused the police well! Nearby I heard someone’s whispering. He looked around. Five steps from me stood an East European shepherd, and a little further, apparently, the owner of the shepherd. Both of them, both the man and the dog looked at us. What is it today, forever someone climbs by the arm, interferes! But now no one can stop me. If you want, look! Look! Watch how a man is a woman fucks! I am someone else’s wife fuck! How good she is with me… On my dick! How will I fuck her right now… I will fuck and… Then I’ll take it to my husband… Let her love him… And he is her… Her gag pussy!… her gagged pussy!… I fucked by my pussy… I finished. Finally I finished in it… Now, by any law, she is my mistress… And I have the right to her… I also have the right! I turned her to me and forced her to take it in my mouth, let it lick, let… I also have a wife and I have to return to her with a pure dick, and not like you with sperm in a pussy. I protruded a member forward and watched how diligently glides with her mouth on my trunk.

Sometimes I turned my head to the side and looked at that man with a shepherd. I looked mockingly and with superiority: " That brother! And you can? Isn’t your wife fuck your wife? Isn’t your wife a dick sucks me? Or your own roots have! Look, don’t really…" The man stood, opening his mouth… Funny… Natalia finished the procedure and we moved to her house. To go was already not far from… Here he is her house, over there on the third floor the window burns, her window, her husband probably sits there, sits and waits, waits waited. We entered the entrance, climbed the site between the second and third floor. We got up by the window. "Well, that’s it! That’s all!"-said Natalia.-"Let’s say goodbye!" We hugged, sticking together with our lips… Fucking! Well, I don’t want to let her go! Don’t want! I want to fuck more! Still fuck! At least once! And I fucked her… Right in front of the doors of her apartment. In front of the doors is behind which the husband. Fucked, holding his mouth with his hand, so as not to yell. And finished again, ending cool… There, in the inside, in her sperm -collar… "You are some kind of frantic!"-Having caught her breath, she said and showed on her fingers.-"Seven times! Seven times I finished from you today! See how I like you! I don’t even want to even part with you!"-"Naty! You will give me yet?"-I asked.-"I don’t know! I really don’t know! I like you a lot! But I am married and love my husband, my yurochka!"-"But can I at least look at this yurochka?"-I asked,-"What kind of miracle is there?"-"And let’s go! Let’s go, I will introduce you to him!" And she called the door. There were steps.

The dark staircase was illuminated by light from the apartment. On the threshold stood a tall, thin, nice man, with glasses and with a luxurious mustache. "Kotyars!"-I thought,-"Another kitty! Well, now you will be a goat!" He looked at me carefully, held out his hand: "Yura!"-"Sergey!"-"You will come to us, drink a seagull!"-"No, thanks, another time! I need to go home! It’s too late!"-"Well then, goodbye!"-"Goodbye!"-"Goodbye, Seryoga!"-I waved a hand from behind her husband Natakh. Bye bye! The door closed. So our first knitting with NATU ended. And how many more there will be ahead… And do not count!… In the meantime… The next morning I came to work, Natakhi was not! The colleagues grinning looked at me, like they say, well, how did you cherish there, fucked a woman. At lunch, unable to stand it, I went to her house. She was alone and really hurt. Angina. You need to suck smaller dicks. We talked. She held on like a stranger. Everything was repeated about her husband and about how she loves him. I climbed to her, but she was cold. I still tensed and fucked it through force, without her response and without pleasure. There is no rapist, I have never been in love and always appreciated reciprocity, and without this reciprocity and nothing is needed. "Well, God is golden fish with you! Live as you know!" We broke up. The country was at the end of the perestroika-renegade. All the research institutes, including ours, breathed in the incense, slowly dying. I took six months at my own expense, then I got away at all. A year has passed, then for some time.

Somehow in the spring I remembered Natalya, I thought, but suddenly and went to her. But our long -standing conversation was repeated. She was cold again, continued to love her husband and I was not shining. I fed me a stunned borsch and on this we parted again. For another two years. Two long years… It was summer. I sat in my office and enjoyed from the heat. I did not want to work, but there were no thoughts about where to start skiing… The phone rang disgustingly-again some client is lining. I languidly picked up the phone and exhaled into it: "Hu?"-"Hello!"-I heard in response after a short silence. "Hello!"-Just in case, I repulsed the professional, meanwhile, stressfully scanning my memory to identify my voice. "You will not know? This is Natasha!"-The tube purred. The scanner immediately jumped into the desired cell of the brain, opened the Zip file and drove information to the terminal. At the same time, the synapses of the additional channel were activated and the excitement of the high -voltage signal passed through the spinal brain, hesitating the eggs. Natasha! This is something so big and white, round and soft, loud and temperamental, groaning, groaning, which is so pleasant to keep on dick, pouring from the inside with sperm… Natasha! Natasha! Natasha! My dove ripen, you remembered about me!… Half an hour later I was with her. She opened the door, we met. I immediately hugged, hugged her, she did not push her away, I dragged her to the sunbed, undressing and undressing her… "Nobody fucked me for a month,"-She only managed to say,… We fell together, and together we twitched, and crashed, and in general… Gone…

I don’t remember that day… So something vaguely emerges from memory… Her face at a distance of exhalation with black and white eyes wide open in me… Her body under me, white, like a wheat roll, soft, like a downy feather bed, hot, like a baking sheet in a furnace… Her legs with pink-pink heels, thrown to the pillow on the level of the head-despite the fullness, Natasha was endlessly flexible and supple, almost plasticine… And this pussy of her, open, always wet, insatiable calling… It seemed that we were patience of each other, there was a competition of someone, but there were no defeated and there were no, no one wanted to get tired and yield… We were both winners… From time to time we came off from each other, smoked along a cigarette and again, irresistible power pulled us into one whole… "Do you like me?"-Natasha asked. "Like!!!" – I answered and planted her on the very eggs. "O-Hoo-Hoyo!" – the woman sobbed and the grimace of unearthly pleasure distorted her face. "Do you love me?" -asked Natka through tears after some time. "I love!!!" – I swore and tore her pussy with my dick. "O-Hoo-Hoyo!" -Again, with gratitude, it spread around and we together flew together on the planet of some unimaginable pink dandelions… I remember nothing more… Only around… These pink-pink pink pink pink-pink dandelions… In the official language of the cop protocol, Natakh and I committed several, unidentified by the number, sexual intercourse in the usual and perverted ways… And this is without lunch.

Only Natashkin is a cat, an animal, with which she never parted anywhere, fat and castrated, returned us from heaven to earth. He brazenly jumped on my back and, not paying attention to the fact that people were engaged in business, began to yell heart -rendingly in his cat’s tongue. "Fluff! My boy came!" – I heard the cat Natasha, – "There is… Mom forgot to eat the boy… Poor, I completely forgot about him… I didn’t give me a cat to eat…" She got out of me, threw a bathrobe and went to the kitchen. The cat jumped after her, and I stretched out on the bed, straightening the strained organs and stroking a member grated with a pussy. This is fucking! Wow! This is a woman! You can fuck!… "My mothers!!!" – suddenly burst into the room of Natalia,-"Gray! You know how much time?! Six o’clock!!! Evening already!" – "So what, that evening?" – I did not understand frivolously,-"And in the evening that? Do not fuck something?" – "No, don’t fuck!" – "Why is it?" – "Because in the evening husbands return from work! That’s why.

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