Mistress. Heterosexuals, betrayal, sex story

Author: and. Thick
Description of sex story: erotic stories about sexual relationships between a man and a woman

Exactly a year ago, I broke up with Natasha, with my favorite pussy, a long -term mistress and almost the second wife. He parted on the basis of her expanding claims to my life, claims, which have long gone beyond simple sex. It parted hard: with tears, snot and tantrums, with everything that always happens when long -standing connections are torn, with all that I hate most and what I am most afraid of in life. But still parted… I just left Natalia a year ago and gave myself a word not to return anymore. She for a long time, for somewhere for a month, called me to work, called to her, there were long, hour and longer, conversations and conversions, she sobbed, begged to come, at first I patiently listened, stupidly looking at some one The point on the ceiling, then began to throw the phone’s phone, then generally stopped lifting it, the calls still continued, then they began to be heard less often, less and less and finally she called for the last time… She was silent for a long time… Then she asked: "You will come back to me?…" I answered: "No!" and from that moment I have not seen and have never heard her again…

Now I regret on Naty… I really miss her… And it’s not only about sex. Natakh was an excellent conversationalist and with her I could talk about everything. We discussed the smallest details of each other’s family life, discussed our most secret and depraved desires, fantasies, discussed the features of their physiology, psychology and… And, of course, we talked about sex… Although in our relationship there was not one sex, but it was undoubtedly in the first place. Sex, sex and sex tied and united us… Not just sex… And big sex, super sex… Natasha was a first -class mistress. She never got tired and I never got tired next to her. Together we set five world sexual records, though among amateurs and not registered, but absolutely real… The first time of the kiss and once, we kissed 12 hours in a row. The second, for the duration of fucking, how did we get fucked for a whole week, interrupted only for food and sleep. The third for the duration of the blowjob, it was worn by Natalya sucked me for three hours without stopping.

The fourth-in the number of orgasms per day and day of our most remembered meeting, I finished 10 times, and there is nothing to say about Natakhu, she finished constantly. And, finally, the fifth and last record-to the column of sperm, the stack from my end at a time-Natalya could make me such a blowjob that when she spur sperm from her mouth in a glass, he was filled to half, and after the second time he was already full and Natakh drank it to the bottom, as if it were a glass of milk, not sperm… Here she was… And began more and more than ten years ago. Then I got a job at one research institute. I liked the team. Guys: hard workers and on the pickup of women: women for every taste, from young to elderly, from thin to full, from blondes to brunettes. The youngest, most complete and the most brunette was Natalia. I immediately put a fat box on it, that the type should have to be in mind. But I did not have to fuck right away. For a month, I rubbed my colleagues, studied their morals and customs, drank vodka with men, slowly faded women.

Then somehow suddenly and immediately I started a stormy romance with one old, skinny and married blonde. She suddenly inflamed to me some unhealthy passion and did everything to drag me to her bed. Well, I actually didn’t resist much, what can I say, I love when they really want me. About half a year I was intensely fucking this blonde, rode with her to the south, dragged around the apartments of her and my friends, on hotels and fucking, fucking and fucking. Then I was tired of her and this novel was smoothly flowing into another, with Galya, the secretary of the Komsomol organization, a nipple for twenty -three years. It was a novel even as if with a view of marriage. But the Komsomolskaya Pravda did not justify my hopes. She wanted a lot, but she did little, she refused to take into her mouth categorically, she interfered with a party oath. I sent her to a dick, not to mine, but to someone else. Then my future wife turned up, I unwound her, broke the virgin, she got pregnant and had to marry. Family life began, a child was born, I calmed down a little, hid, relaxed, relaxed… So two years have passed.

All this time I did not let in the sight of Natalia. Every day I heard that her loud, loud and very temperamental laughter from the next room. Every day I saw her impressive, and for the heifer is 22 years old, too impressive ass and the same disgrace bust. She was not completely thick, but was complete, on very slender, narrowing to the bottom, her legs and greatly resembled a glass or a glass for champagne, a vessel that must certainly be filled to the edges, and then drink to the bottom. Sometimes she looked like someone drank her to the bottom yesterday. She sat quietly at her table, looking motionlessly in front of her with huge black eyes. It was felt that she had some kind of stormy life, which hits the key and sometimes exclusively on the head. I only knew about this life that in my very young years Natalia was already married for the third time. This is her third marriage already happened to me and I remember very well how "tea party" In the department on this occasion, Natalia promised: "I give the word that this is the last time… God loves trinity! I will not exchange my yurochka for anyone!"

Maybe this was her promise and restrained me somehow from decisive actions, although I always knew and felt that it was my woman, that we were created for each other and that sooner or later we would find ourselves in the same bed. Only a convenient case was needed. And this case happened. It was autumn, September, Babier Summer. The whole department we went to Pirovoi on "Health Day". Who worked at the Research Institute, like ours, he knows and remembers what it is "Health Day". This is such a day in the middle of the working week, when the entire institute continues to work and ruin his health with this, and some department goes to nature, in meaning, it seems to be breathing air and playing sports, but in fact, eat meat, drink vodka and get off with each other, as it turns out. So we arrived, settled down, we applied firewood, they divorced the bonfire, while the meat was frying in football, then they sat down, drank, played football again, volleyball, bouncers, sat down again and did not get up again until the evening. Vodka did its job. The people relaxed more and more, their faces turned red, my eyes sparkled and I looked more and more often at Natalia.

She chirped something free, laughed loudly and at some point, unexpectedly, in a drunken voice, tightened the old Russian song. Then I decided, sat down on her, began to sing along. "Oh yes, not evening, but not vee-sho… I slept little small,… I was sleeping small, oh, oh! Yes, in a dream it dreamed…" We sang and our voices merged into one melody, perfectly complementing each other. I moved closer to Natalia closer and closer, hugged her by the waist, began to rummage her back… She removed my hand, but I, having waited a minute, returned it back. Without stopping the song, Natakh turned and looked at me carefully. Our views first met. Eyes in the eyes, we looked at each other for a very long time and this exchange of views decided everything. My hand remained on her waist. We drank more. Then again. Many men around us were already in the bran. Women also barely kept on their feet. And Natalia was all few. As the mother and her father were alcoholics later turned out to be and her daughters inherited their ability to drink. I supported her as I could, but at the time I stopped and began to quietly drain my vodka into the grass…

Vodka, of course, is a good thing, but if you are going to fuck a woman, it is better not to abuse it. Then there were dances, stamping on the spot under the tape recorder… I naturally danced with Natakhu. She still swayed a little. I pressed tightly against her, grabbed my hands tightly. The dick immediately got up and Natalya could feel him through his pants. My hands under her slave jacket, climbed under her clothes and began to fumble on her bare back. I almost reached the bra, when Natalia suddenly got into, threw up my hands and recoiled from me. "Do not do it this way!"-She said in a strict drunken voice. Our views crossed again. She stood a little like that, swaying and as if thinking, she decided something and we again merged into "dance"… Meanwhile, the people began to gather home. Fees in such situations take a lot of time. Drunk men wanders around the clearing for a long time in search of their things. Less drunken women drive them. In the fall, it gets dark early and the women wanted to have time to dwell home. Finally gathered and the entire department chain unearthly stretched out on the path towards the station. The procession was closed by Natakhu and I.

The longer we walked, the more our column stretched, the stronger we lagged behind Natachus from all. Finally came the moment when the last man disappeared around the bend, I lost his sight, we were left alone. You can act. I stopped, threw my bag from shoulder to ground, clasped my woman with my hands and dug into it with my lips. She answered me the same. For some time we stood on the road. Our languages have intertwined, playing and further and further penetrating in someone else’s mouth. Then I began to push the woman from the path, pressed her to the barrel of the birch, the hand quickly and habitually penetrated her bra, slipped under her, grabbed the tie. Natalia groaned and then seemed to woke up. She twitched again, trying to free herself, waved her hands, pushed me away. "What are you? What are you? You’re what?"-very strictly, almost a cry, she yelled at me. "And what?"-I answered her question with a question.-"What? Well?"-"You are what?"-She screamed again.-"What kind of boobs are you pawing me? What are you completely fucking? What do you think, if I’m drunk, then I will give you?"-"And whatever you give?"-"I’m not giving it! I love my yurochka and I will be faithful to him! I didn’t conquer him for that, so that he would change him like that! And you can not press my cock to me!"

I immediately sobered up from such a turn of events immediately, sobered up and immediately got angry. I am proud in this regard and I never run behind a bitch for a long time to give. Do not want and dick with you. "Yes, you gave me a fuck!"-I snapped so evil.

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