Lovers. Betrayal, sex story

Author: Phillip
Description of sex story: Porn stories about female and male betrayals

She entered, opening the door with her key.

– Hello!

While she climbed the stairs, he had time to think. Any man would like this beautiful woman.

– How do you like me? And opening the fur coat, she spun in heels, so that the floors of reddish mink scattered. Reclining on the sofa of brown skin, in the apartment she rented, he admired his mistress. She was really beautiful: a brunette of thirty with a little years, thin, with a small breast of beautiful shape and extremely slender legs, according to the boy.

Yana always dressed well. Thanks to the owner of the real estate agency, she did not need money, and she never changed her natural taste and sense of style.
Today she was happy to show the new thing – a dark blue suit in the style of Chanel, clearly cold for the bumber of February, supplemented with sharp -skinned, made of embossed skin of almost the same tone, with shoers on an impractical high stilettos.

The outfit completed a silk scarf covering his hair and dark glasses.

– Good girl? And she slowly unbuttoned the buttons of the jacket, under which there was only a black body with the nipples shining through the flickering fabric. He smiled and she slipped to his sofa.

– Most of all I was afraid that he caught me in this form. Dissolled like a whore. Dressed and thought – what would happen? Either just filling up in bed and will not let go anywhere today. Either he will understand everything – and then not to get both of us both – I even put on stockings for you, despite the frost.

He ran his hand along the silver knee.

“You’re all cold,” and slipped his palm under a short skirt.

She leaned over and he felt the first gentle kiss.

– I miss you.

Her hand was imported with the lightning of his trousers.

– Yana-

– Silent – and the protruding member pulled him out, reached for him with brightly painted lips. Feeling how he flinched, she cast a crafty gaze from under the dark glasses. Blowjob in her performance was flawless. Either clutching the head, then easily letting it in the back of her mouth, she massaged his member of good about fifteen minutes, allowing his hand to manage under her skirt. A soft fur coat tickled his cheek, while his palms gently stroked her round knees, crushed a tight chest with tense nipples.

Judging by the fact that between her legs it immediately fell, she got no less pleasure. They have long found out what caresses give the greatest pleasure to each other. Reaching the highest point, he arched and ended in her mouth and stretched out relaxed. She, leaning back in the sofa, watched him, slipping her hand under his shirt and stroking his chest.

– It’s good that you are not hairy at all. I hate hairy men.

Hugging her, he pulled to him and kissed his still wet lips. Removing dark glasses from her and pulling off the scarf from her head, he disheveled her neat square and admired her chopped profile.

– You simply charm..

– I’ll make coffee. Let’s go to?

In the kitchen they fell silent coffee. Yana cooked coffee according to the rules and with taste (the eastern roots affected) – she got from the house everything necessary and languished for a long time over a fried sand, filling all the rooms with cinnamon and vanilla smells.

– You will get used to my coffee, and your wife can never. And when I get you right and you leave me, it will make you suffer at least a little. You will never forget my coffee.

She, as always, was slightly sad and her eyes darkened. He leaned over and kissed her at the closed eyelids.

– This will never happen.

And rather, everything will be just the opposite. He did not want to think about it, they carefully avoided this topic.

They met absolutely by chance. After the accident, he was left without a car and did not freeze under the October rain in a stop at seven thirty in the morning. The cars swept past – how much do not vote, no one managed to stop, until Red Toyota slowed down near his feet. I was driving Yana.

Talking, they drove his metro station and she did not hesitate to take him to work.

He was crumbling for a long time gaining courage to offer her his hundred, which Yana naturally refused to take.

And the next morning, she rode past again and, as she herself later admitted, pushed it with her foot on the brake.

Getting out near the metro, he asked her to wait and bought an armful of fresh roses. As a result of all these trips, they first found themselves in a small cafe near the Lubyanka, then in the apartment of friends and finally in this kitchen.

Two marriage of a person, without the future and the prospects to ever be together.

Neither her husband, nor his loving wife did not know anything. And they stole one day of happiness after another, without thinking about the consequences.

– She pulled his room again.

– Let’s dance.

The dance did not work, but the striptease was magnificent. Carrying through the music, Yana threw off his jacket and skirt. Standing in front of him in one body and dressed on top of a stocking of varnished boots, she launched her hand between her legs and caressed herself, wriggling in front of his eyes and openly provoking him.

She threw her hands, hugging his neck and pulled to the sofa.

Sly sparkles flashed in her eyes – Yana clearly enjoyed the situation.

During the time that they were familiar, they managed to study the addictions and weaknesses of each other. And even in the most passionate moments, they were looking for the opportunity to give pleasure to the partner.

– We are attentive, like spouses with experience, – often Jana joked – with the difference that spouses with experience do not cause such a desire-.

He preferred not to joke on this topic – so this miniature woman became dear to him, with whom in ordinary life he would hardly have been destined to cross-

– So he took her, overturning the sofa on his back, widely diluting her legs in varnished boots and frantically imposing her hips on his cock.

Even this shamelessness and greed excited her. Sliding with high heels on the parquet, he carefully waved to the beat of his hasty movements, from his energetic shocks she succumbed forward and resting with tense breasts against the cool skin of the sofa, bended with her whole body.

-Don’t stop, I’ll ask you, yet, yet-

Usually silent, this time Yana did not hide emotions. Her moans and sobs only incurred him. Tearing a moist-beating member, coated with her lubricant, he sharply turned it around and put it on the couch, plunging a member in her lips.

With a sensing sound, Yana pulled him into his mouth and he felt the quick blows of her tongue. But the excitement did not fall the petrified member almost did not give in to Yanina affection.

Then, he again put her on his knees, throwing her sofa over the armrest of the sofa, so that her round ass lifted up and a torn, oozing alpine between the two red, swollen lips and a small, touching and touching hole of the anus opened.

There he directed his monstrously tense, hard cock. Having overcome the resistance of a small muscle ring, he burst inside, feeling like a rapist and conqueror.

Fruiting the joy of the conquistadors who broke into the city of Inca doomed to plunder to the plunder before its ecstasy. He enjoyed a member of Janina Popka with pleasure, feeling it writhes from pleasure and pain.

The answer was a mournful cry, which quickly turned into strangled moans. Yanin’s claws tore the skin of a sofa no worse than cat’s claws-.

It all ended when he splashed a powerful stream of hot sperm into this soft, pliable depth and leaned off on the sofa, next to the exhausted victim-

– A vicious boy – Yana with a groan rolled over on her back, then crawled to the carpet.-You almost torn me.

He raised his head, she smiled.

-You are the first, do not laugh there, I’m serious. My husband tried twice, but I did not succumb-it is very painful at the beginning, and then, then there is nothing very!.. I would not be able to with him anyway – sometimes he is rude.. Well, you understand, but in this case I was very afraid that I could not stop him, you have a cigarette?

He smoked silently, knowing that time was inexorably counting seconds. Evening – it’s time to get together.

– Wow, even stockings are intact. Not a single puff, you were very gallant, dear-

When she left, he found two hundredth papers on the kitchen table. Two hundred dollars. Yana left them. He knew why, upon returning home from a two -day business trip, he will have something to report to his wife. And perhaps there will be some more money left to buy products in the refrigerator by coming to this their conspiracy apartment, Yana loved to eat.

She loved to eat, he loved sex and received pleasure from life and probably loved him in her soul – as one of the components of this life, from which she received so much joy – about her impressions of the story presented by everyone who is worried about the theme of the marital betrayals can send their reviews to the author at: for Phillip.

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