The adventures of Olga Bottom in the Premier Palace. Part 2 – Erotic and sex stories for adults

– hanging, faster!

The completely naked Olya was kneeling. Four chairs were moved around it, in which, spreading her legs, her neighbors sat along the block – throat, cow, snowball and tits. Sweaty, with wet hair, covered with sticky odorous discharge, Olya carefully licked the vagina of the throat.

With two hands, she threw the pussies of the boobs and snowballs to the right and left of her, and Larisa, who fell apart in an armchair behind Olya, put her feet on Olya, clutching Lizunya’s face to the crotch of the neck. Angela was already beginning to wheeze, feeling an approaching orgasm. Larisa strongly pressed the curd face in her girlfriend’s pussy and at that moment the throat began to end, with sharp tremors of the crotch, hitting Olya in the face. Orgasm lasted about a minute. The throat relaxed, and Larisa took off her legs from the olive nape. She, taking the head from the wet and mucus covered with the mucus of the neck, took her breath heavily.

Snezhka grabbed Olya by the hair and pulled to her hairy pussy.

– Come here, bitch, I didn’t wash for two days. You need you to wash me with your mouth! Olya dutifully and doomedly began to moisten the black hair with saliva, laying her tongue on both sides of the vagina to open the pink mean. She licked and swallowed a two -day spice that accumulated in the folds of the tart pussy snowballs. Larisa could not stand it, and half descending from the chair, raised her leg, and rested her crotch on the back of Ole, began to rub her hair on Olina, pressing the face of the cottage cheese on Snezhkin’s pussy. Closed between the two vagina, Olya lowered her hand between her legs and began to caress herself. With the other hand of the cottage cheese caressed the clitoris of boobs.

Everyone came to orgasm almost simultaneously. First, under a diligent tongue and soft mouth, the snowball ended. Seeing this, Larisa hid in the Sudorgs of the orgasm, and after her – and Olya. Their voluptuousness could not leave a boobs indifferent, and that was discharged into the intertwined heated bodies with a trickle from her vagina.

– hanging, make me a pedicure – demanded a throat.

– I do not know how – Olya tried to dissuade.

– You’re lying, look at what beautiful legs you have! Make me like that too, and I will invite you to take a walk with girlfriends tomorrow. I bought myself sandals, I want my legs to look like yours!

A certain exciting feeling swept Olya, and unable to resist him, she nodded her head barely noticeably. There was everything: the desire for new humiliations, and the awareness of the humiliating and at the same time of the sweet feeling of exciting itching at the bottom of the abdomen:

Women locked themselves in a pantry, Olya laid out files, tweezers and scissors from a large leather uninfront on a low table.

The legs of the neck were rude. Short foot, thick square fingers, square heels. Thick, strong nails of the correct shape.

As vulgar and brutal as Angela herself. The legs were not dirty, but some pleasant, light and dry smell came from them. The skin on the heels and on the fingers was orange, rough.

Feeling how quickly the vagina was getting wet and heavy, Olya took a towel and put Angela under the raised legs.

“Dress me sandals – let’s see how they look on the leg,” Angela asked Olya. She bowed over the sticking fingers of the neck and put on a new shiny sandals on the right leg. Smiling slightly, she said: “We need to soak the skin on your legs,” and, opening my mouth, she wrapped her thumb with her wet fingers with her wet lips. – What are you doing! Tickling! – exclaimed the throat, trying to pull out her leg. But Curricova held the full ankle with both hands, passionately kissing her fingers with her wet mouth. “It is necessary to soak the skin,” she said, whipping her throat, and began to moisten her whole leg with saliva.

– Well, you give – the throat was surprised, – although tickling, but very nice!

“Only I will end from my finger now, while your legs are soaked,” Olya cooled, continuing to lick two legs in turn.

Well, you are a pervert – handed her throat in a hoarse voice. – And I don’t want to finish anymore – you licked me so well today. Pressing the rough sole of the right leg to the white delicate chest, the hanging tried to put the heel of the left leg as deeply as possible in her mouth. She finished in this occupation, but the excitement did not pass. For another 10 minutes she caressed herself, licking her fingers, soles, heels, putting her foot deep in her mouth. Finally, the throat is tired: enough, let’s do me a pedicure, time is already passing. Olya reluctantly came off and set to work. After 2 hours, she turned the legs of the neck into a work of art, making her a delightful pedicure. The throat was satisfied. Now she put on sandals and pulled Olya to meet. They also called Snezhana, but she refused at the last moment – she had to go to another area.

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