My first time or as I congratulated a friend (continuation) – Erotic and sex stories for adults

The next day, I put on a dress, bodily tights, made up, put on a wig and came to the dignity. He opened the door and fucked up.

– Seryoga, it’s you? I’ll tell you that the girl turned out to be good from me. And I immediately went on the offensive.

– Sanya, want to continue? I did not wait for an answer went into the apartment and closed the door behind me. And for the first time kissed the guy. We kissed passionately and slowly moved into the room. I put Sanya and knelt before him. Getting his pants began to suck. I liked his cock even more than the last time. I sucked it gently and for a long time. At the end, Sanya put my head on a member and finished very abundantly. I almost choked, but swallowed everything.

– Fuck, how cool you are. I really like you in this way.

– And you tasted to me. I want to feel you from behind. I turned around and became cancer. Sanya got up raised his dress and saw my attractive ass with a small string from thongs. He completely undressed the thread pushed back and planted sharply on the very testicles. I already cried out in pain.

– Hurt? Sorry. I just really want you.

– No no! Continue. He began to fuck me. About five o’clock he had me in different poses. During this time, he finished at me 3-4 times. My anus burned from pain and pleasure. Then we went to the bathroom. In the bathroom we washed each other and once again I sucked him and sat on his cock.

– Well, how do you like today? I asked after the bathroom.

– Cool. I liked it very much.! I started dressing.

– And what are you already leaving?

– Well, it’s too late. Then it was already about 23.40.

– So you can stay.

– But what about the parents?

– Well, my mother is still not there, but you will ask you. Well, I called my mother and she allowed me to stay. We lay in one wide bed and kissed again. Fifteen minutes later, a sleigh with an ostrina:

– We are now with you?

– Well, why immediately fagots? You like girls?

– Yes of course.

– Well, here I am too. I made you such a gift, and you used it.

– if so, a very cool gift. And I can use it again?

– You can more than once, because I am your gift, do what you want with me.

– Well then, you can do the same makeup that and when you came? I went to make his mother make up with cosmetics. Then he asked to put on his mother’s black stockings and thongs. I was not opposed, I even got it. He asked to lie on the bed on his back. And asked:

– I can do anything with you?

– Of course I’m all yours. He took the tape and tied my hands to the bed. It excited me even more, then raised my legs and began to hard and quickly in the ass. A few hours later, when he finished at me 5 times, I asked:

– Maybe I have a sore one.

– No, now I want to put you this. And he took out a huge mother from under the bed, he was three times more than a sleigh.

– Well, do not Sanya, it hurts me.

– Be patient a gift. And smoothly he began to introduce this Christmas. The pain was terrible, but after 3-4 times he introduced me,. After 20 minutes I finished abundantly. Sanya stopped fucking me. Hid the Christmas tree and lay down near me. He kissed and untied. I turned away with a little resentment about him. But then I forgave it and we fell asleep in my arms.

In the morning I woke up from a sharp pain in the priest ..

But this is a completely different story ..

If you liked the highest ball, then there will be a continuation of this story.

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