Tequila (chapter from the novel « the ocean between ») – Erotic and sex stories for adults

The planes again walked on the sung for Haley by Dallas airport to the flight stance for Moscow. Two girls at the Aeroflot sign of something indifferently cooed about something-registration has not yet been announced. Stopping at the rack, Nikita examined the terminal to find a place where it would be possible to sit comfortably and throw off the bag from the shoulder. And here he noticed her. She sat on the windowsill of a huge window facing the parking lot in front of the airport, and hugged a huge, almost human height, plush hare. Two large black plastic suitcases stood nearby. The expression of her eyes was weary-grinding. In this view, Nikita did not hesitate for a second that she was Russian, that she was flying to Moscow with the same plane and that she has some troubles.

Submitting to irresistible magnetic power, he headed for the window stained glass and, casually dropping his bag from his shoulder, sat down two meters from a lonely girl. It seems that they were the only passengers of this flight who ended up at the airport at such an early hour.

The girl calmly turned her head and calmly threw it: « hello!»- As if they were already familiar with a thousand years.

“Hi,” Nikita smiled back.

The girl turned away and, swinging with a hare, also calmly began to inspect the ceiling. Meanwhile, Nikita sneakily began to explore it.

The girl was dressed in European fashion with a Moscow charm: black flared trousers, beautifully harmonizing with blunt-up boots with a highly stopped heeled, and a coquettishly fitted jacket, from under which a gray velvet blouse was visible without a collar.

The girl could not be called a written beauty;Her face was more like the face of a very sweet child, excitingly combining with a thin, but strong figure, long legs and a flexible camp.

Strange, but her left hand was tied with a bloodied bandage and hastily sealed with adhesive plasters.

– You have been sitting for a long time? – Having finished the inspection, Nikita asked.

– Two hours.

– Healthy hare! – nodded at the eared toy Nikita.

“This is a gift,” the girl explained with tenderness.

– And what about the hand?

The girl grimaced, looking at her bandaged hand, as if recalling something unpleasant:

– So …Cut …She grabbed the knife.

“Ah,” said Nikita, slightly intrigued with such an answer. – Hurt?

– No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It will pinch a little.

“It happens,” Nikita concluded, not asking under what circumstances this happened so as not to seem annoying. The road will have to be long, if she wants, he will tell.

“This is my lover, American, I was injured,” the girl suddenly admitted suddenly, “when he kicked me out of the house:

Nikita stared in surprise at the fellow traveler, taken aback from such a message. It was amazing: how easy it is from their homeland, compatriots find contact and trust each other the most intimate details of their life! But if they were in Moscow, such a charming creature would hardly have honored it with attention.

They were silent for a while. Suddenly the girl rose sharply and handed him a hare:

– Hold me, I’m now.

“Of course,” Nikita said, pleased with such trust, taking into the arms of a large, but surprisingly light hare with a brazenly grinning physiognomy. At that very moment, he felt the finest smell of fashionable spirits this season with a jasmine hue.

The girl resolutely went to the registration stance, and Nikita finally appreciated the attractiveness of her figure, to which the cat manner was added to walk slightly raising her head on a thin tanned neck.

Having talked about something with the representatives of Aeroflot, she, slightly annoyed, returned to her suitcases, took out a notebook from a small handbag and began to study it carefully, without taking away from Nikita a hare.

Now they have become like a family with a child, who was waiting for the start of the landing, whose role was played by a rude bunny played. It is amazing how almost nothing, the girl had already received a plane at her full disposal. Nikita now did not have a shadow of doubt who will continue to drag two hefty suitcases.

– What they’re saying? – he asked.

– Now they will start. Although they are late for half an hour, and I am insanely hungry.

– By the way, my name is Nikita, – realizing that the time has come to get to know me, the planes said.

The girl, not looking up from the notebook, calmly replied:

– Friends call me tequila – guess why.

– You love tequila?

– Well done! – finally smiled for the first time the girl not only with her lips, but also with the corners of the narrowing eyes. And then Nikita realized that he was seriously stuck, so this smile was disarming Mila – like a grimace of an unpredictable fate.

Meanwhile, a small queue was already curling to the rack, which with every minute was replenished with new and new concentrated passengers. « Lord, – Nikita thought, – half an hour ago they were all so sweet and friendly people, but as soon as they line up to the stand with the inscription « Aeroflot », where there were two unsmidable aunts, like themIt was as if doused ». However, Nikita felt that he himself became stress-gum, as soon as he dragged his new acquaintance to the tail of the line. He tried to smile at a man standing ahead in an expensive satin suit, which he accidentally touched one of his suitcases, but the smile turned out only on the second attempt, and even then some unnaturally exhausted.

– Sorry, sir! -for some reason he apologized in English.

The man muttered something and inaudibly, after which he took out a jaika ring with a platinum print and a massive gold bracelet from his pocket and began to fit all this on his right hand.

Having registered tickets, Nikita, with a bag over the shoulder and with two suitcases on wheels, together with Tekilia moved to a control and so-so-so-so-service, which was the last instance in front of the waiting room and an airplane. As usual, it consisted exclusively of the Vietnamese, with obvious difficulty expressed in English. In Russia, they would have considered that at the airport this type of activity was bought by the Vietnamese mafia – although it is clear that no benefit can be obtained here. Rather, on the contrary: no one except Asian immigrants wanted to substitute for the scattered rays of X-ray control.

As soon as the aircraft presented the bag for the inspection, he was withdrawn aside by the nimble Vietnamese, who barely gets Nikita to his chest, who then drove for a long time at all the corners of the bag with some kind of device, peering suspiciously at the indicator.

« Well, I have this with the appearance, ”Samrletov thought puzzled,“ that there has never been an occasion on the border that one or the other side of me did not shine? So choose an image for traveling around the world: you will look like a bandit – you will be afraid of normal people, but you will look like a normal one – the robbers will begin to pester «.

– O ’ Kay, – finally, the Vietnamese nodded and waved his hand, showing that everything was in order and you can go on landing.

– Excuse me, what did you look for so carefully? – Torn out by curiosity, asked the customs officer Nikita.

– Yes, nothing special …Dynamite!

“Ah,” Nikita nodded knowingly and, grabbing his bag, looked through Tequila’s eyes, who, with his suitcases in the queue for inspection, was right behind him.

To his surprise, he found her bored and staring at the control rack, while all the narrow-eyed customs officers crowded at the X-ray control screen and, looking at him, argued about something loudly in their native dialect.

– What’s happened? – Nikita asked her with a grin. – You took a couple of kilograms of plastic with you?

“I don’t see anything ridiculous,” Tequila did not respond to his joke and nodded towards the Vietnamese. – These morons claim that I am taking a gun with me.

From amazement, Nikita did not immediately find what to say, but recalling her story about the chisel, he decided that it was too early to be surprised.

Meanwhile, the senior Vietnamese loudly ordered the rest. Those immediately seized the suitcase from the womb of X -ray and carried it to the same table where Nikita was inspected.

“Madame,” the elder turned to a bewildered girl, “could you open your suitcase? We have a suspicion that you are taking a double -barreled gun with you.

“Some kind of nonsense,” Tekila answered her shoulders, went to the table and clicked on the clocks on the suitcase.

Nikita, cherished by curiosity that it was for a double -barreled pistol and why did he need this girl, followed with interest what was happening with the assigned control of compatriots and Americans that gathered at the rack.

Rummaging in the insides of the suitcase, the customs officer removed the rectangular box of pale pink color into the light of God.

– What is this? – pointing to the box, he asked tequila.

The girl seemed to woke up from deep hibernation. Bruding densely, she rudely threw it, ready to cry every second:

– Nothing!

“O ’ Kay,” said the customs officer, flashing with narrow eyes even by Vietnamese standards. The crowd in tense expectation lurked her breath.

Gently opening the box, he felt for something inside. Gruking greedy-like a treasure seeker who hit something hard with a shovel-he dedicated to a public display …Large pink vibrator in the form of a male member.

After a second confusion, the amazed crowd banged sometimes with a hysterical heights with a rolling laughter, which, breaking on the ceiling, fell asleep with numerous fragments, reflecting from the walls and causing universal bewilderment in the entire terminal.

The frightened customs officer frantically tried to put the vibrator back into the box, but he did not succeed in in any way. Then he threw it with a package in a suitcase, like a vile snake, and, as if afraid that it would jump back, quickly slammed him.

“Sorry, Madame,” he turned to tequila in a humiliated bow, which it was a pity to look at and handed her documents, “you can go to land.

Immediately, two Vietnamese grabbed tequila’s suitcases, quickly stuck them with marking coupons and put them on an endless tape that takes things to load into a womb of the plane.

* * *

“Don’t be so upset,” sitting next to Tequila in the liner salon, reassured her aircraft.

– What freaks! -the girl exclaimed for the tenth time, chewing her with Nikita at the Hamburgger Airport and washing his Coca-Cola from a plastic cup with a straw inserted into the lid.- I think they were embarrassed by finger batteries, which, when shining on the screen along with the rest of the farm …- Nikita suppressed a spasm of laughter, – …look like cartridges inserted into a double -barreled gun.

– Well, why isn’t I so lucky? She asked someone upstairs.

– Come on, then you will laugh yourself, remembering this case.

“I’m not talking about that,” she made a sad grimace. – Recently, I have had only troubles.

– You mean this? – Nikita nodded at the cut hand.

“And this, too,” the girl turned away to the porthole, where the airport building was just sailing: the plane rang out into the runway.

They settled at the very end of the aircraft, where almost all places for the smokers were free and it was possible to throw back the backs of the front seats, thus constructing an almost real three -spar bed.

– Better empty « Il », than the full « Boeing »! – Nikita philosophically remarked, borrowing a couple of blankets from the neighboring chairs to put them under the head during a seven -hour flight until an intermediate landing in Shenon.

During his flights to America and back, Nikita noticed a strange pattern: planes usually fly into the states, clogged with passengers to the eyeballs;back they are rarely filled even by two -thirds. He was all the time painfully trying to understand where the rest of the travelers go.

– By the way, you are not going to fasten up before taking off? – asked the girl Nikita, groping his seat belt.

– A …- she dismissed, – I never fasten.

– In vain. If the plane falls, you can hit it hurt.

– I believe in fate. If I die, then not at all from this.

– And from what?

“Probably someone will kill me,” Tekeila answered, straightening the bandage on her hand.

– You mean your friend who cut you?

– Kevin? Hardly. It is too weak. If I myself had not grabbed the knife that he took away from me, there would have been nothing.

– It turns out that you yourself rushed at him with a knife?

– Not on him, but on his girlfriend. Imagine, we lived with him for more than a year, and he brings some kind of impudent girl into the house and demands that I clean.

– scoundrel …

– What else! Claims that I changed him. I found me alone with Yulik, my friend, and there was nothing between us.

– Yulik? – Nikita raised his eyes in surprise at Tequila.

– Yes. What do you know him?

“No,” Nikita made an indifferent face, for some reason deciding not to give out his acquaintance with this Pokhinde. – Just a strange name: like a woman. The first time I hear this.

“Just think, I was without panties,” Tekila continued to lament, “I changed clothes. Is this a reason to blame me the devil knows what?

– Of course, no, – Nikita calmly agreed, – the business of everyday.

– Yes, if he knew how many lovers I had! And I did not cheat on anyone! I know that my betrayal is only a reason. They just found new women for entertainment, and besides our apartment there was nowhere to settle. And I interfered with them.

– Wait, they didn’t quarrel after the incident with you?

– From what ground! They will not quarrel for such trifles. They generally have a strange relationship. Divide everything in half: business, apartment, and women.

Samoletova was very interested in this story;In addition, he wanted to learn as much as possible about the personality of Julik, and he continued to ask leading questions:

– I will never believe that the other girl, it turned out to be better than you.

– In fact of the matter! They pulled out some Russian spinning seats from prison and thought that now they would sleep with them out of gratitude.

-Wait, just some detective story! And who are these girls and how they fell in jail?

– How do I know! It is absolutely indifferent to me. The main thing is that Kevin shamelessly betrayed me.

In the eyes of Tequila, pre -heating redness appeared: it seems that she really experienced a bitter disappointment.

“That’s always like that in my life,” she sighed bitterly. – It seems that, finally, I found a loved one;Life acquires meaning and order. And one fine day you are put on the street, and you are left completely alone, without a roof over your head, and there is even no one to complain about your fate.

She emphasized the word « no one », while looking eloquently at the airplane. A thought in his head immediately flickered in his head, which could not but arise after such a look. Namely: « Lord, how you want to regret and take this girl with a fully shifted head under my custody! Maybe you, Lord, specifically send me a replacement for what I recently lost?»

“Nobody needs me,” the girl continued to complain, as if asking Nikita’s condolences and sympathy, “they drive me away from everywhere. So now I am flying to Moscow, but I don’t have nowhere to live there.

The last phrase somewhat alerted Nikita with a too straightforward hint, which she could.

– Didn’t you have relatives left in Moscow? – he asked.

– Why, I have a lot of them there. Especially in the Novodevichy cemetery.

Nikita cringed.

– And your parents are where? He asked, preparing to hear a sad and, not excluded, invented story.

“Actually, my father lives in Moscow,” Tecyla smiled sadly, “but he has a different family for a long time, so they are not particularly waiting for me there.

– And mother?

– And mother lives in America, she also has another family. Although they call me there, they are also unlikely to be waiting.

-Wait, but in Moscow you are spelled out somewhere?

– I don’t know, I have never been interested in this. Probably, in my own apartment I am registered.

-I don’t understand anything-for some reason Nikita believed the less fellow traveler, the more she talked about herself. – If you have an apartment in Moscow, why can’t you live in it?

– Yes, because my father rents my apartment to other people.

– Like this?

– My dad – a professor of mathematics at the university – sufferingly, as if it were the biggest grief in their family, began to explain Tekila. – But there they pay so little that he can live only with money from my apartment.

– And how are you?

– I can’t doom my own father to a hungry death!

Probably, the words about father and starvation finally upset Tekila: redness from her eyes switched to her nose.

“Yes, of course,” Nikita agreed, feeling that the girl was about to burst out.

– I love him so much …And he loves me …Only we are not lucky with him …

Two large, like God’s cows, tears suddenly crawled out of the girl’s eyes and rolled up on a brazenly grinning hare.

– Well, don’t. Everything will work out, – Nikita tried to reassure her.

But tequila, buried in the hare plush, only finally dismissed the snot, so that her thin shoulders began to tremble, like the wings of the wounded bird unable to take off.

Nikita did not interfere in the stream of feelings that had survived her. The smartest thing he was able to come up with is to lay her with legs on two seats at the porthole and cover with a blanket.

About ten minutes later tequila stopped making squelching sounds. However, her shoulders continued to tremble from time to time, which excited a strange fatherly feeling in Nikita – as if her daughter had entrusted her father to the most secret, and now he was guarding her secret. Under the blanket Nikita, in a friendly manner, stroked the girl on the thigh, and his hand somehow remained there itself.

– Everything will be fine! -once again encouraged tequila of planes, but she did not answer, only somehow she led her hip-either wanting to drop his hand, or just sitting comfortably. His hand was on her stomach, after which the girl froze, as if listening to something.

Nikita, this position of the hand was not very convenient, but it was somehow impolite to remove it, and so that it did not heat up, it moved it from time to time, feeling a warm, toned girlish tummy. From time to time, the girl slightly changed the position of the body, and it turned out that Nikita’s hand, without any intention, slipped lower and lower in a small space between her trousers and a hot body. And the lower the hand descended, the more warmth he felt aircraft.

Looking at tequila lying with her eyes closed, Nikita could not determine whether she sleeps or only pretends to be sleeping, feels his hand or now wakes up and, finding it almost in her groin, will roll up a small scandal to him. This uncertainty circled the head and made the blood pulsate in a frantic rhythm.

Finally he decided to radical turning. With a barely noticeable movement of his fingers, he squeezed out the button of her trousers from the loop, which was why the trousers unfastened and the zipper clasped a little down, freeing his hand to further advance, after which Nikita froze in anticipation of the girl’s reaction.

Tekila, without opening her eyes, stirred, as if weakly protesting, but did not throw her hand away, but even vice versa, turned a little on her back, laying down comfortably in the foreboding of something pleasant, after which she froze, so that Nikita did not even hear herBreath. Now the road to the cherished goal was opened. And slowly, as far as possible, realizing that it would only depend on him, how far he will go, Nikita began to advance his hand inland, first reaching the line covered with panties, and then, diving under them – to the place where he was able to feelStrong fluff of hair on her pubis.

Here he heard the first response from her body. Tequila weakly, almost imperceptibly, shuddered and began to bring the most sensitive place to the tips of his fingers in small tremors.

Nikita has not experienced such excitement for a long time. His body was buzzing with desire and sweet languor. It seemed that the most sensitive centers are now at the tips of his fingers, and from there the waves of pleasure rise to his head in order to spread throughout the body by beating an increasing, but unattainable orgasm.

It seemed that his palm was attached to the source of endless pleasure, and the living energy flowed in a powerful stream from his hand to the bottom of her abdomen and back.

Tequila, it seems, experienced no less excitement. She began to help him more noticeably, making rotational movements with them. At some point, Nikita felt his index finger fell from a hard pubic into a soft crevice filled with hot moisture.

As soon as this happened, the body of tequila was curved in a real cramp, her breathing became intermittent and the first groan of oblivion was ready to break from her lips.Nikita quickly extended his free hand to her face and put two fingers on her lips in a dumb request not to pronounce a sound.

With his other hand, he penetrated further and further into the warm moisture of the pulsating female flesh, stroking a magnificently developed female tubercle with an index finger, with soft massaging movements, holding the girl’s flickering consciousness on the verge of fainting.

There was nothing around: neither the rumble of the plane, nor the passengers sitting ahead – only a single beating of his arms and her legs in the whole space filling the whole space.

« what divine depths lurk in ordinary human touches!»- Nikita thought delighted. – « and everything else that can happen between me and this girl does not matter much, because we can’t still be closer to &#187 closer;.

-You will drink something? – suddenly Nikita heard the voice of a stewardess, which suddenly appeared next to a tray in his hands. The tray was laid out with plastic cups with a transparent liquid.

At the same moment, the body under his hand froze, and a wonderful stream of energy connecting him with a girl disappeared.

“No, thank you,” Nikita answered as calmly as possible, realizing with relief that everything that happens between him and tequila is hidden from the outer observer by the official blanket.

– And the girl? – asked the stewardess with excessive makeup on her face, which, obviously, was called upon to hide her by no henna.

“She is sleeping,” Nikita answered, dreaming that the stewardess fails somewhere.

“Get ready, there will be a dinner soon,” the stewardess warned, looking at Nikita, as if guessing about something. Then, not giving the appearance that it applies to it, she walked further deep into the salon.

* * *

As soon as the aircraft landed in Shenone for refueling and it was attached to the terminal’s receiving pipe, landing coupons were handed out to all passengers and a store for transit passengers was released into a huge dute-free shop. However, at four in the morning, all duty -free shops were closed and the light above them was blown. So, wandering a little to make members, sleepy passengers sat down in uncomfortable airport seats and tried to continue the dream. Of all the service enterprises, only a small kiosk was working, selling all sorts of things on the road, but a bar, where you could buy a real Irish Ginnes in the spill.

Aircraft and his new acquaintance approached the kiosk and began to consider its contents.

– buy me chewing gum and#8230;condom, ”Tekila suddenly asked.

– For what?

– So simple.

Nikita called the saleswoman placing the goods on the shelves, and asked for a packaging of peppermint chewing gum and thin condoms. She did indifferently took the money, knocked out the check and, having made purchases in a signal bag, handed it to Nikita.

“On, hold it,” he said the bag of his strange companion.

Tequila, without taking a package from the hands of Nikita, took a pack of chews from it.

– And condoms? – asked Nikita.

“Then you will give it when we arrive,” Tekiel made a sweet grimace.

“As you want,” said Nikita, took out condoms from the bag and put them in the back pocket of his trousers.

– How I would like to take a shower now! – tequila reached out and yawned sweetly.

– Well, you know, I can’t arrange it with all my desire now …However, wait: when I was in the toilet, I saw the booths with the &#171 badge; shower ». Surely in the women’s toilet there are also such.

“I know,” Tequila smiled. – I’ll go to be freshened up.

– Great idea.

– You will go too?

– If only with you.

“You can’t do it with me,” Tequila again built her peaceful face, “you have your own shower.

-No, one thing I don’t want something.

– Well as you know.

And tequila with her gait of a cat, which walks on its own, headed towards the women’s toilet.

Nikita watched her puzzled after. Still, a strange meeting happened to him. She clearly flirted with him, but at the same time she showed with all her appearance that she did not need anything from him. Risky girl, and she apparently likes such a life. She clearly belongs to the type of adventurers on her pretty pretty ass. Such girls are in a constant search for new impressions, are not able to stop in any place, nor in any lesson, nor on any man. Therefore, do not flatter yourself about her, Nikita thought, you just need to play by her rules, and this is the key to success.

After waiting for ten minutes with a circle of strong dark beer, airplanes, walking, as if by chance went to the door of the women’s toilet. Looking around and making sure that not a single living soul around is interested in his strange behavior, Nikita quickly ducked into ladies’ rooms.

At this hour it was absolutely deserted here. Having passed the front, saturated with freshener aromas, Nikita found himself in a large sparkling purity of the hall, exactly the same as in the male compartment, but with a complete absence of pussy. WC booths stood on one wall, and showers on the other. The noise of murmuring water came from behind the door of one of the booths.

Nikita approached her and checked if the door was locked. As he expected, tequila did not bother with such trifles. Trying not to make noise, Nikita opened the door and looked inside. He saw a little pre -Bank, where Tekila’s clothes were casually hung on a hanger, there was also a chrome holder with a white towel, on which small black women’s panties were thrown from above. The shower itself was separated from the dressing room with an oilcloth curtain, through which Nikita saw the vague outlines of a naked girl. Nikita silently closed the door behind him and approached the translucent curtain.

When he bent the oilcloth canopy, his gaze opened an exciting picture of an amazingly thin, like a tree, the bodies of a girl covered with a smooth tan, on which the hairs burned in the sun stood out in a gold fluff. Tequila stood her back to him and was as if absolutely indifferent to what was happening behind her. This uncertainty-whether she hears that someone broke her peace and if she hears, why doesn’t turn around-brought Nikita to strange excitement. He could no longer restrain himself, and he already did not care how she would react to this. He leaned towards her young muscular backward, through which streams of water flowed every now and then, leaving delightful droplets of dew, and licked one of them with his tongue.

The girl shuddered, but did not turn around, continuing, as if nothing had happened to enjoy a stream of warm water, beating in her face. The story of petting under the blanket was repeated. Nikita, inspired by her first reaction, already without fear, began to lick her smooth wet hips, starting from the bend in the knee, then rising up to the elastic protrusion of the buttocks and ending with the belt.

He had not yet felt the washed sweet-salt taste of her skin, and with each movement of the tongue from the bottom up, he was getting closer and closer to the recess formed by two halves of the buttocks. The structure of her legs was such that there was almost no lumen at the place of their connection, so Nikita had to plow his tongue into this delightful fossa, while feeling the spicy taste of intimate female flesh. At some point in his exercises, he noticed that the girl strained a little and froze, as if listening to new sensations in her body. It even seemed to him that someone had entered the toilet, and therefore she tightened so. However, it was already unimportant. Suddenly tequila cried out weakly and, resting her hands against the wall, curved the cat camp, raising the ass and suddenly opening all her pink flesh for caresses immediately.

It was a turning point when both the woman and the man lose the clarity of reason and with all the movements of the mind and body strive for the only and insanely necessary denouement. Nikita, holding Tekiila’s hips with both hands, with a double energy began to caress the dark pink flesh, penetrating his tongue, and deeper, until he plunged the tip of the nose there, which led the girl into an even greater frantic. Nikita struggled to keep the hips of tequila before him, which the next cramp was now shaking.

He was already wet from head to toe when he felt that his tongue was squeezing the final fight of the female pelvis, after which tequila went limp and, breathing heavily, froze. The planes realized that the time had come for more decisive actions. By the way, here they will come in handy so stupidly purchased condoms.

He rose from his knees, took out a recent acquisition from his back pocket and unbuttoned his trousers. While he was torn by a cardboard box, while he bit a hermetic packaging, while he took out a slimy elastic band and determined where which side, it seemed that everyone, including the culprit of the delay, had already forgotten why, in fact, they gathered here. His male flesh sneaked and looked somehow inappropriately and lonely against the backdrop of passions that had just passed the storm.

Samoletov had to drop a stupid condom and help his hand. Soon everything has returned to normal. Tekila also felt this, still standing under the streams of water, resting his hands against the wall when he pressed his hips to her.

– Oh, know! She suddenly shouted. And it was unclear what she protested against: against the lack of a contraceptive or against the penetration of it as such.

– Yes! – Nikita answered with an exclamation and easily entered the juicy flesh prepared by his tongue.

Tequila made a sobbing sound, and if Nikita had not supported her, then she would have fallen. Then, holding it almost by weight, he waited for the climax and, having an excellent reaction and experience, completed the spine on her wriggling tanned back on her wriggling back, her sharp girlfriends and her dark waves descending with dark waves, which she was so afraid to soaked. When the strongest convulsion released his body, he freed Tekila, who never once turned to face him. In the dressing room, he put himself in order and left the door of the shower.

* * *

Three hours later they landed in Sheremetyevo-2. They hardly spoke after the incident in Shenon, despite the fact that the aircraft took care of Tekila in every possible way, as if feeling in something guilty.

They stood in line for customs control. Nikita pushed a trolley with things in front of him, she walked behind with a mutant hare in an embrace.He realized that he was simply obliged at least out of decency to ask:

– Give me your phone?

– For what? – Simply, as if there really is no need, she said.

“Well then, write mine,” he still hoping to continue further acquaintance, he suggested.

“The handle is far away, to get reluctant to get it,” she answered with great indifference.

– Well, excuse me! – finally exclaimed in despair by Nikita. – What should I do so that you forgive me for my stupid trick?!

– And where did you get the idea that I am offended? – shining with her disarming smile, she asked. – On the contrary, I am very grateful to you for helping me with things and, in general, entertained me during this terrible flight.

“That’s great,” the planes immediately cheated, “then write down my phone, suddenly you will need some other help.

“Okay, come on,” Tekela took out a notebook and pen from her handbag and carefully entered his phone into a long row of existing numbers, opposite which Russian and English names stood.

– Only be sure to call!

“Good,” she said carelessly, after which Nikita realized that in the whole world there was hardly the reason for which she could dial his phone.

At this time, they approached the customs stance.

– Oh, it seems they are meeting me! -Suddenly joyfully shouted tequila, waving someone from the crowd of those who accumulated behind the glass wall at the exit of the terminal.

« Well, thank God! – thought Nikita, putting heavy suitcases of his fellow traveler on a conveyor conveyor conveyor. – At least I don’t have to carry her things anymore ».

He was a little offended by how quickly this funny girl, seeing the horizon of her loved ones, forgot about his existence.

Tekila did not even look in his direction anymore. Having passed the first customs control, she immediately fell into the arms of an elderly man, after which, screeching, she rushed with kisses at the young man gangster appearance. They grabbed her, suitcases of both the hare, and tequila, without even saying goodbye to Nikita, disappeared in the crowd at the exit from the airport building, bringing him his neglect of a strong disorder.

Having finished the formalities in turn with an officer of the customs service, grabbing a bag and headed for the exit, but he suddenly called him:

– Young man, take your time!

« Well, what else! – thought Nikita tiredly. – again they will smon up again: look for weapons, drugs or smuggling. To the doctor or something, go? Maybe I really have something with my face is wrong ».

But the customs officer just handed him a pretty battered red book and said:

– Take it. Your girlfriend forgot.

“This is not my girlfriend,” Nikita said dumbfounded.

– Doesn’t matter. Tell her, she forgot her passport.

Nikita stunned the passport and put it in a badge pocket with his documents, amazing how the circumstances are amusing. He left the airport building and headed for the bus stop.

« Well, then this is fate! Now tequila will certainly call, ”he thought rather with a wandering smile,“ and even meet. Well, then let’s see …

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