Visiting the book: “Godfather” in a new way.Chapter 4 .Sonny Corleone – Erotic and sex stories for adults

…Lina lived in a small mansion with her mother’s grandmother.Linins parents have long been jumping out separately from them, they were all tired of each other.Linin Mama generally had a talent to ruin life to anyone.

However, many creatures are not alien, and gullible, stupid, naive, pure and innocent people have tightly in our world.And Lina was just from such a youth and inexperience of the soul.Maybe that’s why she had such a nickname-moth.But she was a sincere and open, gullible man.And I didn’t even allow thoughts.that someone lives differently.That she will be offended and treated with her disgusting or vile.

And when this story with Enzo happened to her.Her stupid brain did not even realize that it was happening to her.That they simply played and thrown away with her, like an unnecessary thing or toy.Used for fun.We recouped on it.She felt bad, but she did not think about it, and did not even try to understand why.A disregard for yourself and the habit of please the eldest- and soul and body.

She would have to stay with Kevin-, since such love and if she had already begun to meet with him, but the lack of mind and upbringing did their job.Yes, and Kevin was on her side.And the old grandmother not to keep track of her and did not dedicate her to her affairs…Sadly, but many are subject to this in this cruel world.But however everything would be easier, if Lina were careful and be more conscious.(applies not only to them, by the way).But people have always made, make and will make mistakes, no matter how regrettable…

Youth and good health soon made their business-lina came to her senses and again began to spin in front of the mirror.And not for the sake of Kevin, she knew his attitude towards her, and did not want to be imposed on him.Such a convenient girl in all respects…Good or badly, I am judging you to judge…

Chapter 4 .Sonny Corleone

At the wedding of the daughter of Don Corleone, Lina turned out to be accidentally: Don Corleone was the godfather of one of the local girls, and one of the friends of that girl invited Lina with her “for the campaign” so as not to come alone.This time, Lina was dressed in a more partial way, she did not want attention at all at all.

Don Corleone worked all his life to an employee at the Bank-Bank and Accountant.He filled a little, but still he was appreciated for his resourcefulness and knowledge of the matter.Now he was on a well -deserved rest and grown tomatoes.At the wedding, there was a Kevin-snapped poor Lina, she kept watching him.

Then, realizing that he did not need her at all, (he openly looked after one of the local beauties), Lina began to take a vindictive man to look at the guests.Her gaze fell on the brightest and most noticeable guy standing out of the crowd -one of the sons of Don Corleone, whose name was Sonny.Brutal appearance, similar to a ferocious Amur with black curls and athletic addition.Lina began to send him inviting glances, and Sonny soon noticed her.

Lina did all this, of spite Kevin is intuitive, and not understanding her behavior herself.Sonny took everything for a pure coin.He did not care.What people were talking about Lina, at the moment he was free, and Lina is young and pretty…Why not?Judging by rumors, she is a girl of free customs.He too.Why don’t they have fun together?He invited her to the dance, the local kumushki immediately began to discuss the “new passion” of the guy.

-Hide imperceptibly in the crowd of guests, ”Sonnya whispered to her,“ and wait for me in the barn behind the house.I will stay for a look a little more with the guests, and then I will come to you…

Lina nodded quietly in response and did as Sonny told her.

In the barn smelled of mice and fresh hay.Lina hid in one of the corners behind a bunch of hay.After some time, Sonni-Navere appeared, with a bottle of red wine in his hands, from it carried tobacco and a bad onion.Without wasting time on preliminary affection, he fell with his mouth to Lina’s lips.Lina, herself already intrigued by this adventure, hugged him, he was not unpleasant to her and she was drawn to him.She pressed her whole body to him and eagerly kissed him, his tongue and lips, which he readily substituted.They kissed for a long time, he quietly squeezed her body, as if getting acquainted with him, and pressed Lina to him even stronger.

Then he overturned on his back, dragging her behind him a pile of hay.Lina fell on him.Feeling with pleasure.What a healthy and strong body he has, began to shower him with frequent ringing kisses in the face.neck and shoulders will have to.Getting chuckled.He smiled at her too.Sometimes returning her kiss.Then he climbed under her dress, began to pull off her panties, she helped him.Raising the leg and smiling coquettishly at the same time.He lowered his pants and helped the girl “saddle his horse”, which has already played with impatience and reached unprecedented sizes, standing up and swaying from side to side.

He easily slipped into the slippery bosom of Lina, her body was hot from summer heat and drunk wine.With pleasure, she slipped up and down, feeling it inside herself with the walls of the vagina, surprised at what was happening to her..He supported her by the waist and looked at her face, trying to understand whether she was impartial with him.Lina groaned quietly-the exit itself somewhere near the ass began to grow excitement.Sonny understood this and slightly accelerated the pace, increasing the pressure, until she finally finished, violently sitting on him and wriggling her whole body in his reliable, kind hands..

A little later he completed and he, eager for her with a fountain, which slowly flowed down their feet, flowing into hay…Lina collapsed on him, panting and feeling unprecedentedly happy, she fell in love with her again, and she wanted to be with him now forever…A good smile wandered across Sonny’s face, he reassured the girl.stroking her on his wet back and his hands confused in her hair and clothes…(Prod.Sl.)

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