Love in Muslims – Sext story

Author: Luda
Description of sex stories: porn stories with active participation of more than two people

I work in a company owned by Saudi Arabici, as I speak Arabic.
Once I and two other employees of the company were sent on a business trip to Europe for an inspection of the collaborating party. We went: I (I am 32 years old, blonde, generally Ukrainian in one word) and two Muslims, behind whom nothing suspicious was noticed. In ordinary working hours, I got used to seeing them in "Galabeem to the heels and a scarf on the head" So I saw them at the airport. After taking off, they went to the toilet and returned to places in normal European clothing. What actually could be expected from a Muslim girl, but not from a man. I did not particularly pay attention to this, since nothing reprehensible in what would look like I did not see. It all started right on the plane after a transplant in Vienna. On an airplane, my fellow travelers and kalgs offered to drink, and since they never drank (I thought it) I was not worried, I thought 1 beer and that all end.

I myself am not a big fan of drink. We really drank 1 beer and then I remember how in the fog that I still could not understand it there. Was conscious, but did what they told me. At first we took turns going to the toilet with both of them on an airplane, but these are only flowers, the most important thing began after landing. We settled in the hotel and I began to come to my senses and understand what was happening, but Ibrahim is one of them, I was constantly with me and came to my number immediately. When I began to tell him that the fact that they did not enter into any framework, we work together and I would complain (it sounds stupid, but nothing else came to my mind) He told me that who would believe the stupid woman sit and do it what they say, still I will not go anywhere… He was right when I tried to get out of the room, he became a grin at the door and asked if I were still a beer. I took my hand and put it between my legs, I tried to remove my hand and he just hit me in the face. I escaped and ran into the depths of the room, of course I was left there alone.

Ibrahim opened the front door and let in our second colleague. Here – it all started. Something was injected to me good, but apparently something light and stimulating, I wanted everything…. Ibrahim immediately took my hair and put his huge trimmed member into my mouth, and torn the blouse from which there was nothing left, since Ali had already stroked my back and buttocks. I only wanted sex and rude sex, and I got it. I all flowed and moaned, and Ali diluting my buttocks to the stop, I already introduced my cock to my anus (and the Arabs have very large and anal sex from childhood) I was hurt but not long, then I began to like it. Ibrahim planted me on his cock in front and Ali abrasions, while he clapped greatly through my buttocks and pulled her hair to see how I sucking on his friend.

They were soon tired of them and they turned me on their backs on the table, forced me to masturbate in front of them using two candles, nothing came out for me, I was not special in this, they helped me, apparently the action that I was injected and I began to break out. Ali said you will twitch, and tied it. Lessing my legs up, he brazenly inserted his fingers (in my opinion all 4) to my vagina, and Ibrahim began to shoot it on camera, as he said for a visual aid to his son… They did not stop shooting the next three days. Ali entered only my ass very often and for a long time. Ibrahim I had to wake a blowjob every morning and masturbate in front of him before going to bed after he enjoys all the perverted postures with me. But the worst thing was when we went to have dinner, they just chose corner booths and shooting everything on camera, sold me to their Arabs, and then went to the room together and took off their orgies, without participating in them. Favorite friends of friends was to fuck me in Troy at the same time. One while lying on my back, I am alone in an anus and one in front, watching everything and patting my back, grinding my mouth by my mouth.

The most nasty thing, I liked all this to some extent, and we watched the cassette every day, first by duress, and then I myself asked about it. During the views, I was sometimes tied and touched by the three in the four everywhere where it was possible and how could I finish and ended from all these hands, candles, rubber phalluses and everything else. But one evening I just realized that I could no longer live without group sex. It was an evening before the ealno, Ibrahim asked if I would complain, of course "Yes" I answered out of habit, then he just turned away and said that then forget about sex at home. And believe me, I was afraid, began to forgive that he would have fucked me in any pose that he likes and right now, he said that no more you will not get it. I promised anyone not to tell anyone and made a promise to accept them all at home in any quantity and always. Then Ali brought 5 people to visit the same evening and showed how I will have to accept them (naked with a tray of drinks in my hands). Scary, but it started me so much that we carried out reptition. Their friends looked at me like a toy, but I wanted one thing to have everyone for everyone – by force and rude. So so we still live: almost the entire male half of the company comes to visit me and I am satisfied.

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