Mother’s love. Execution, sex story

Author: Pool Sad
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

I never dared to ask my mother about those finds that like every curious child, digging in my mother’s bedroom, found. It was different, as I later found out, objects of Odo-Mazo attributes. Whips, gags, ropes. Until that day, I could only guess why my mother all this.

Once when the mother was not at home, they called the doorbell. It turned out to be a woman. Tall, with a pretty appearance with bright black hair. I saw her at home before. Mother represented her as her work colleague. I remembered her name: hell. So, this woman said that we need to talk with her. What am I going to talk about and could not imagine. Ada almost immediately reported that my mother was her slave. When they tell you that, they say, I’m your mother’s mistress you shock. At first, it was in this state of shock that I was.
– For almost three years, as your mother has become my slave. You ask how? Of course not right away. At first I just seduced her. We began to sleep together. Well, then I just helped to reveal her secret desires. I am 11 years younger than your mother. I am 27 years old . As I see, you are not a stupid girl and should understand that your mother likes when they humiliate her, they cause pain. But today I have already been fed up to many, so I came up with something new. During these three years, I completely trained your mother, I can do everything I want with her. Now she is not just a slave – she is a thing. What would you be, I will understand that I can sell it, I can just kill her.

I know that you often have conflicts with her, so with the right approach, you will be able to extract both moral and physical pleasure because I will offer you. In general: I would like you to be the second lady of my slave.

I physically felt my eyes rounded.

“But she is my mother!

– That’s why I’m here.

– And she knows all this?!

– No, it will be a surprise for her.

– Oh my God! – unable to restrain myself, I whispered.

– Think. If you refuse, I will sell it, no matter what a maniac. And believe me, your mother will not mind. She will do everything to please me.

Well, let’s go so, I will come today, when your mother comes and show you how everything happens, and you will decide to save your mother or not.

After hell I left, I could not do anything except again and again to recreate a recent conversation in my memory. After I found out about my mother, I did not begin to despise her, not to hate. It was her choice, she was an adult.: Analyzing my desires and sensations, I quickly realized that the fact that my mother liked is completely alien.

Yes, hell was right, recently we began to often quarrel with my mother. Hell said that with the right approach, I could make pleasure because I would command her. . In general, my mother was a beautiful woman, she always had many male fans, but for some reason she preferred hell. Regarding the appearance of the mother, one can also say: a tall woman with a great figure, with the right beautiful facial features. Recently, the mother has become a light blonde, dying her natural blond hair.

Hell was supposed to come again at five. At four with her accounting work came mom. And it was from four that I sat on needles. Five five on the doorbell rang. It was hell. Mother was not to recognize. It was both fear and misunderstanding. By how hell, without an invitation, without being exhausted, went into the hall and sat in a chair for sure my mother understood a lot.

– undress! – in complete silence there was a demanding voice of hell.

Mom looked at hell at me.

– Ada I don’t understand: – Mom began to babble. – You told Ole:

Ada abruptly cut off her mother.

– Bitch! Nobody will force you here by force, if you want to leave me, if not, then then for this confirmation of yours today you will receive 5 strokes on your filthy pussy!

At these words, the mother, taking the death expression on her face, began to take off his clothes. I tried not to look at her at that moment.

But it was difficult not to watch. The first thing that crashed to me in consciousness is all the absence of underwear under my mother’s clothes.

Second: absolutely shaved naked pubis and some strange hanging things in the crotch. And the third and, perhaps, the worst thing is that her whole body, and I saw only before, was covered with many old and new fresh scars. In general, I must say, I saw my mother for the first time naked and noted that my mother has a beautiful female body. Why female? Because it is called, it was in the body: wide hips, bulging pubis and full breasts, although the waist was narrow.

Having exposed her body, the mother went to Ada knelt down in front of her, raised her hands over her head fixing the brushes on the back of his head.

It seems that it was a special ritual that the mother undressed every time. Kneeling and raising her hands, she seemed to offer herself. Her gaze blurred, her face acquired a strange expression on her face. Ada with a seafrous smile patted her mother on the cheek:

– Well done Svetik, get up, you haven’t boasted a booty before your daughter.

Buttocks, like the hips from behind and the back of the mother, were very anti -elastic. But not that wanted to show me hell.

A small black letter was visible on each full butt of her mother. "Ar " – That’s what these were the letters.

– And this is on her ass, my stigma, the initials of hell of the Ruhr. The whore is very proud that she is a swording slave. I put them on her a year and a half ago. Now bend.

Two metal rings were inserted into the completely shaved lips of the mother’s vagina. A short chain ending with a medallion was attached to one of the rings. Due to the most likely heavy medallion, the sexual lip of the vagina on which he hung, dragged compared to the second lip quite strongly. Ada grabbed the medallion and brought to me that I would read the inscription.

"Property in the hell of the Ruura" I read.

– Yes, her pussy fully belongs to me, however, slut?

“Yes Ada,” the mother whispered.

Ada rudely divorced her mother’s outer lips and with one free finger began to intensively massage her clitoris. Ada grunted.

– Once you Olya got out of this pussy.

I tried to smile. Seeing my crooked smile, hell said:

– Olya relax, your mother likes such conversations. By the way, as you saw, there were no panties or braid on it.

She has not wearing these things necessary for every woman for a year. Each, but just not whores. Which is your mother. This is the privilege of whores not to wear panties and shave off all the hair from the pussy, so that we would see her there completely naked.

Seeing my murdered expression, Ada took pity.

– Well, Olga is enough for today.

Already in the doorway, hell could not resist the humiliating order of the mother:

– Your punishment for the fault is postponed to the future. And now kiss me goodbye shoe.

Mother, as a clumsy doll, knelt down and, trying to gracefully bend her back, kissed Ade’s shoe, after which she spent several times her tongue.

– Well, all the fellow! So far, Olya!

After the door slammed behind Ada, the mother full of pride, although a moment back was full of slave humility, began to dress. I could not restrain my indignation and protest from what was happening:

– Mom I can’t believe! She branded you!

– You do not understand, Olya: – Mother continued to dress concentrated – I love her: –

– But even if you omit what she is a woman: what kind of love is it when one person puts his other initials on the ass!

– Hell told the truth, I love: M: Unusual relations:

– You, what was good when she stamped you?!

– No. I was very hurt.: But I could not refuse her.

– I could not refuse! What nonsense! – I got acquired more and more – this is how to borrow money or flour or sugar:

Mother made a theatrically offended face:

– What you know, and what you saw does not yet give you the right to talk to me like that, do not forget your mother:

– Mother! Yes, you kissed her legs! Yes hell will order you anything and you will do it, is it not?

– Well, you know little Miss! Enough for me. You don’t understand a lot.

And the mother left.

I stayed with my indignant misunderstanding alone. I thought that my mother fell so low that he did not even have moral rights, to behave as usual. Two sides fought in me. On the one hand, I understood that a person who experiences such humiliations, let him voluntarily, cannot behave with me as before. And on the other, despite everything that happened, I still wanted everything to remain still.

The next day, hell came to our house earlier. As a talented psychologist, she quickly pulled out of me the essence of our skirmishes with my mother yesterday. Of course, I knew that for this she would punish her slave and my mother.

At first everything happened as for the first time. Mother undressed and stood in front of her mistress on her knees. Then Ada sat with me next to the sofa, ordering her mother to approach on all fours to us.

– I know that yesterday you were rude with your daughter, is it so?

– But she is my daughter.

– Olya how you want to punish her? – Addled to me hell passing by her mother’s words.

Yes, I was angry with my mother. At the time of anger, I painted terrible pictures of humiliation of my mother with me. But in reality, to give what kind of humiliating order for my mother, I could not.

– No: nothing.

– Well, Olya she offended you. You must punish your mother. You probably want her to lick your legs on karachi.

– No hell:

But she no longer listened to me by ordering my mother to do this. It was visible to the mother’s powerlessness before ADA. After giving her the order, she began to stupidly look at the floor. She did not dare to meet with me apparently, because she knew that she would execute the order. I remembered what feeling the mother licked the shoe for the last time Ada. With what kind of rapture she did it! Is it really that time she will do it the same!

And now my mother falls into my knees and rounds her lips. I could not believe! She will really do it!

After my legs were literally wet with her tongue, Ada stopped her.

Of course, I was sorry for my mother, but at the same time I felt an extraordinary euphoria from the triumph.

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