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The train swayed softly, and the platform with the escorters slowly swam to the side. The conductor went in, checked the tickets and offered tea, his fellow travelers refused, and he took. Outside the windows, trees and houses flashed faster and faster, then the railway bridge rumbled and endless fields reached out. Putting the cup down on the table, he leaned on the pillow and closed his eyes. Softly swayed and lullified by the melodic rocket of the wheels, he did not notice how he fell asleep.

He had a dream, frightening his reality. He walked along a narrow bridge, frantically clinging his fingers into slippery railing. The flying impulses of the wind strove to tear out an unreliable support from the hands, and small rain with prickly needles dug into the face. Below was a stormy mountain stream noisy, wriggling among sharp rocks. Legs glided over wet boards, knees were bent. A little more – and he will slip down, to certain death…
And suddenly everything around has changed. The wind, the bridge suddenly stopped staggering, the sun appeared because of the shaggy clouds, and the fingers immediately squeezed the railing firmly and reliably. Even the water below stopped bubbling, and he saw that he was just a few steps from the place where the boards were in contact with the ground and the bridge ended. But he stood as if dug, because at the end of the bridge she stood…

She stood and looked intently into his eyes. Despite the distance, he clearly saw his inverted reflection in her pupils. Not making attempts to approach, he nevertheless felt how the distance between them began to decrease. They seemed to swam towards each other. He held out his hand forward and she immediately did the same. A little more, a little more… From somewhere he knew that it was impossible to take his eyes off, otherwise the connection would be interrupted… But his hand passed through her hand, not meeting the slightest resistance. He mechanically looked away to look at his hand, and then a bright flash blinded him. Push to the side-and now he throws him and somewhere unknown power.

– Customs, verification of documents! – a hoarse voice returned him to reality. The hand mechanically slipped into the breast pocket and took out a passport. The bright ray of the flashlight flashed before his eyes and went out – turned on the upper lighting. Squinting, he looked at his watch. It was almost two in the morning. A third of the way behind, there are few, and it will be necessary to transfer the watch first for an hour, and then another one hour ago.

Customs officers rumbled for a long time through their carriage, and then they had fallen and cursed with someone on the platform. The train started only an hour later. But I didn’t want to sleep anymore. His fellow travelers are also spinning below, worried about an unceremonious invasion of their dream. They were rocking only when in front, in the endless surface of the forests and the fields cut by the fast train, the pink strip of dawn dawn. He rode towards the new day, and each twist of the wheels brought him closer to the cherished goal.


At the second customs, the train almost did not stay. A little more than an hour left to go to her city. Nature outside the windows began to change, the plain landscapes were replaced by a mixed forest, mountains appeared on the horizon and even the sky changed the color from blue to lead-gray. Then they drove into the rain lane, and large drops drummed into the glass.

He stood in the vestibule, swaying with the carriage. In the eyes of rippled from flickering telegraph pillars. Looking at the watch almost every minute, he saw that the train was late. She will stand alone on the platform and peer into the distance… He wanted to be outside and run at that moment, to run until his heart stops…

With difficulty picking himself together, he returned to the compartment. It was time to change clothes and prepare for the meeting. Having combined and critically glancing at himself in the mirror, he chewed the pill that "Refreshes breathing facilitates understanding" And again went out into the vestibule. The arrows of the clock have already shown the time of arrival, and the train was all racing in an open field, although the number of railway branches increased – the city, which seized its thoughts, the capital of a small state, was nearby.

And now they flashed houses, a small rivulet flashed and disappeared, people in the car stirred and the indoor building of the station unexpectedly hung up from somewhere. Human whirlpool surged on a stopped train. He grabbed a pre -cooked bag and, looking for the compartment with his last look, resolutely stepped into the corridor.

It was the last station, and all came out. Slowly making his way along the corridor to the exit, almost resting on someone’s back and pushed from behind, he carefully peered out the windows, but could not see anyone in the human whirlpool. Only now it came to his mind that it was all a deception, a dream, an illusion that no one was waiting for him here and no one needs him in this alien city for one and a half thousand kilometers from the house. But then he was doused with fresh air with a slight smack of smoke, he saw the handrails in front of him and, leaning on them, jumped onto the platform.

And then he called out. The gaze immediately focused on a thin figure, standing alone in the middle of people who scurry back and forth. She stood looking at him, and the wind roamed her long hair, then forcing them to lie down with a dark train on her shoulders, then throwing them back, like a sail. The fuss and the noise of the station moved somewhere. He took a step, the second, the bag slipped off his shoulder and fell on the asphalt with a knock, but he did not even notice it, because she also went to meet and was nearby. His hands fell on her shoulders, her hands hugged him and they froze, afraid to pronounce at least one word.

He did not know how much they stood so. No one paid attention to them, nobody cares about them, a crowd of arriving and meeting, contrary to all the laws of physics, formed a small space around them, parting behind him and immediately closing behind the girl’s back. He whispered her name, leaning a little to her ear, feeling the fresh aroma of shampoo and something elusive, good and home. She shuddered a little when he, without copeing with him, kissed her on a warm cheek, but did not pull away. When he looked again in her face, he saw tears rolling down her cheek.

“I already stopped believing that you would come,” she whispered, hiding her head on his chest. – And there was no train for a very long time, I already began to worry if something happened.

“We were checked for a long time at customs,” he answered and hugged her stronger.

When they left the station building, the rain fell on the city, which overtook his train. The land soaked throughout a week of continuous precipitation could no longer absorb all moisture, and the road to the subway in a matter of seconds turned into a seething stream. He, without taking off his bag, resolutely grabbed her in his arms and carried it on. She wrapped his arms around him and gently clung to her head to her neck. He carried her in the middle of foam and whirlpools, completely not feeling her severity. It seemed to him that he could convey it to the edge of the world.

He could not have seemed to his acquaintances in this form, wet through and through, and she invited him to her. I had to go to the other end of the city, and when they finally reached her house, she began to tremble from the cold. Trying to seem like a caring mistress, she immediately rushed to brew tea and feed him dinner, but he resolutely sent her to the bathroom, and, taking advantage of her absence, he took out a change of linen and a towel from his bag, he wiped himself and changed his mind. After that, listening to the noise of the water behind the bathroom door, he went to the window, casting a glance at the cozy courtyard, drowning in rampant flowering apricot trees. I examined a small but compact kitchenette, where the exemplary order reigned, and sat down on the edge of the chair.

She spent quite a long time in the bathroom, but when she left, he did not recognize her. The hairstyle that lost shape was radically converted, dark curls favorably set off her sweet face. Changing clothes with a ceremonial-output to home, she herself became some kind of home.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, smiling. – I have already prepared a towel for you, it lies near the sink. Go, but for now I will cook something to you.

Standing under warm streams of water, he did not believe in the accomplished. The girl, to whom he strove with all his heart, is now a few steps from him, through the wall, is preparing to feed him. The soul sang, her heart was torn to the will, it was quite possible, she experienced the same. But no one dared to the first step.

Sitting opposite her at the table, he could not see her at her. She talked about herself and her life, then showed him her room. He jokingly kissed the computer, thanks to which they met and talked all this time. She apologized again that she could not offer him to stop at her. In a two -room apartment, besides her, her younger sister and grandmother lived. He interrupted her apology, saying that the problem was solved. Having called his friends, he found out how best to get to them, and after half an hour they were already driving a bus to the other end of the city.

They had to spend together a day and a half – the rest of the Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, early in the morning he had to leave. Having barely greeted his friends, newlyweds, his former classmates, and leaving his things from them, he fled down the stairs to the courtyard, where she was waiting for him. Handing hands, they slowly went through the yard, choosing the first direction that came to mind. They spoke and spoke, and could not enjoy communication with each other, jumped from the topic on the topic, discussed common acquaintances on the chat and completely did not pay attention to where their legs were carried.

And their legs carried them to the city center. Bezing, she began to introduce him to local attractions. He regretted that he did not think about taking a camera with him, but it turned out to be more prudent and took out a miniature from her purse "Polaroid". They have longed out almost the entire film, photographing each other against the backdrop of countless fountains, squares and churches.

Gradually began to darken. They sat in a small cozy cafe on the high bank of the river. The magnificent panorama of the city, drowning in a violently flowering greens, spread in front of them. A scattering of evening lights was reflected on the flat surface of the river and swayed slightly due to its course. A light breeze caressed her hair scattered on the shoulders. She drank orange juice and looked at him with her dark eyes, reflecting the light of recently lit lanterns.

– We will see you tomorrow? – finally he asked a question that tormented him all day.

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