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Author: Not a squirrel yet
Description of sex stories: role-playing games, dominance and submission, bondage and bond

And the boss was not opposed, put the squirrel before in the mouth. He put him to the ass. Took his hand and abruptly inserted.

I love you very much. You are now on a business trip in the city next door. You rent an apartment. I decided to go to visit you. I just wanted to sit next. Of course, I was afraid that I could be subjected to sexual bullying and humiliations, but I thought everything would cost. It seemed to me that your love would not allow you to injure me. How I was mistaken.
It began on the first day. I was waiting for you from work. Just in case, took a shower. You came tired and sat in the corridor on a chair. You were your favorite black business trouser suit. I knelt down and took you boots and socks. I took your feet in your hands and began to massage. You lifted your foot to my face. I kissed my fingers. Then you began to stuff them into my mouth. At first I resisted, but then I opened my mouth and took your fingers. They were dirty after a working day. But I wanted to make you pleasantly and sucked one first, and then the other leg. You felt a strange pleasure. A few minutes later you ordered me to undress. Naked. She took off her trousers and panties. Sat on a chair and spread her legs, inviting me to lick me. I began to lick your pussy, but you lowered my head below. I ran my tongue along the ass and felt an unusual taste. It was the taste of dried sperm. Alien sperm. "What a bitch you are", I thought. Licking someone else’s sperm with his beloved was humiliating, but greatly excited. I processed your ass, and you touched your clitoris and quickly finished. Then I took my cock in my hand and began to jerk off. You looked at me and smiled. I did not take my eyes off your pussy, but you closed the legs. It only excited me and I soon burst out. You put the leg under a hot stream of sperm.

Then, when we had dinner in the kitchen, you suddenly took my plate and put it on the floor. I knelt down and began to eat a fork. But you took my fork from me and poked my head in a plate. I began to eat like a dog. I was ashamed, but the food was delicious and I ate. You came up and lowered me pants and panties. Then she took the camerance and began to photograph me. It greatly excited me and the member stood up. I put my hand under myself to touch it, but you forbade me to do it. Instead, you made me raise one leg like a dog and photographed a standing member. Then you photographed me on my side and on your back. I was afraid that you would post photos on the Internet. I asked to the toilet. I wanted to secretly masturbate. It turned out that the latch was broken. But I still sat down on the toilet and began to masturbate. I was excited by the thought that you made me a dog. When I was ready to finish, I took toilet paper and wrapped it with a member. Suddenly you came in and saw it. I took the paper and began to photograph. I could no longer stop and you took off how I end my hand.

The next day the humiliation continued. You woke me up in the early morning and forced me to go to the balcony naked. There was a cold May on the street. At first I did not understand the danger. Sat on the concrete floor and began to wait for what would happen. An hour passed and the priest froze. I got up and began to walk. I tried the door – closed. Through the window I saw how you have breakfast and are going to work. An hour later, I realized that you went to work and I will have to spend the whole day on the balcony. Time passed, and the cold gradually penetrated me. I was very offended and hurt. It rained. Gradually dark. I thought that the boss detained you at work. Thoughts were confused in my head: "What does he do with my beloved". Then the door opened. I wanted to go out, but you didn’t give. Instead, you opened the bathrobe and I saw that your phalloimitator would be fastened. You knelt me on the concrete floor. It hurt, but soon it became even more painful. Member began to enter my ass. I protested, but you didn’t listen. Member burst out the anus. To relieve pain, I began to masturbate myself. You fucked me in the ass until you finished yourself. Because of the cold or because of fatigue, you could not finish for a long time. And I could not finish at all.

We went in the elevator and you put your hand on my fly. Suddenly the elevator stopped, the doors opened and a young guy entered. He noticed your hand and grinned. But you did not remove your hand, but continued to sort your fingers already a tense member. The guy looked at it and was surprised. You looked at him and put his second hand on his fly. Realizing that he was not against you knelt and, unbuttoning the fly, took his cock. The member was also not opposed. You took it in your mouth and began to suck. "Beloved sucks a stranger guy before my eyes", I thought. To better consider this, I also knelt down. A guy’s member entered your mouth right in front of my face. Suddenly you released a member from your mouth and took it with a hand. But instead of jerking you, you put it in my mouth. I began to resist. Then you took my head with your hands and planted her on a guy’s member. The guy liked it and he decided to help you. He took my hands by the ears and pulled me to him. His cock rested my throat. "I suck at someone else’s guy in front of my beloved", I thought. The elevator has long stood on the ground floor with open doors. Oddly enough, sucking aroused me. I secretly began to rub my member in jeans. You noticed this and took my hand. Then the guy twitched a member and began to lower it into me. Sperm filled my mouth, but I was afraid to swallow. Then you clasped my nose and threw back my head, I sighed, and sperm itself poured into my throat. The thought flashed: "Now I’m a sperm".

I washed your panties. You came up from the back and lowered my pants and panties, then took me off my T -shirt. I wet my hands in the foam and began to wash me. Then she took a towel and blindfolded me. Your hands touched my naked wet body. After a while, I realized that not only your. Someone’s stronger hands began to wash my ass. Picked the finger right on my anus. Male hands fell on my shoulders and I knelt down. I took up the edge of the bath. You began to touch my nipples. I realized that it was you because my hands were tender. I relaxed and felt that something was entering the ass. "They make me a dog again", I thought. The pressure on the anus was very large and it hurt me. I asked to stop. Then you took your wet panties and put them in my mouth. I did not expect this from my beloved. The male member began to pierce my delicate ass. Fucking, the man clearly did not care about me. His blows were very strong, and I fought against the edge of the bath. It was painful and my tears flowed.

A minute later I roared like a girl. You began to reassure me, stroking my head. With the other hand you masturbated yourself, watching how they rape your beloved.

On the last day you ordered me to meet you in one apron and your bra. I got dressed as it was ordered, and waited for you. You entered, but did not close the door behind you. At first it seemed strange to me, but then I understood everything. A man entered you after you. You explained to me that this is your boss. He suggested raising your salary if you surrender to him in front of his beloved. You agreed. The boss came up to me and bent the apron. "How small", – he said. He noticed my bra and took me with his fingers by the cheek: "Come on, dear. I changed my mind to fuck your beloved, I will fuck you". He took off my apron, and left the bra. Put on his back on the bed and bent my legs with his hands. And I recognized these hands! My ass rose and opened to him. He gathered saliva and spat deliciously inside. Then lay down from above and began to look into my eyes. I weakened under his gaze and felt his member smoothly enters my ass. He held me tightly under his knees and gradually inserted me to the end. You came up and sat on my face. I began to lick your pussy and it flowed on me. I drank the juice of your pussy, and your boss fucked me in the ass. "But he became a regular client of my ass", – I thought and felt like a slut. Without ceasing to fuck me, he kissed you. You moved to my lips anus. I began to pour my tongue into it. You masturbated your clitoris with your hand and fidgeted on me. I had nothing to breathe because of your ass, and my ass was easily accepted by a member of your boss. The boss took your nipples and began to squeeze them hurt. You groaned and finished. Looking at this, the boss accelerated the pace of movements in my hole. He fell upon me and began to fill my anus with thick sperm. It hurt me and good. "What a bitch I am", – flashed through my head. Then you went to the restaurant together. I had to get my hand. I imagined that I was lying on the floor in the bathhouse, and many men are suitable and lowered to my face.

The boss offered to take me home. It was flattered to me that he was worried about me. I felt like a woman who cares about. But instead of the house, the boss brought me to an apartment to another employee. There I felt like a woman for real. But that is another story.

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